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Congratulations nice work. GLWS :)


thank you! :)

Great work , good luck


thanks! you too :)

Great Work GLWS !


thank you! :D

Great job!!


thanks man! :D

Great lander! I want to buy this but need help installing it. I notice it is a little slow loading on a land line cable and wonder about mobile access launch times as well.

Will you assist me if I buy this? I have a WP install already up on my url and i want this to be my main placeholder till we are ready to launch the actual site in a few moths. Please advise as This is really what I need.

Are you able to add seconds to the clock?

Are you able to set it for video as well?

Are you able to add more days to the schedule?

Are you able to remove the google location and place an image with venue so i don’t have to add more weight to this as well as eliminate google from my page?

Are you able to add faq’s, i take you can add as many as you like?

Please advise as i am really interested in this excellent buy! Best regards!


Hi, drmedia1 thanks for interested on my template!

for slow loading answer : for the template itself actualli we have optimize it and make it lighter as we can (we try to keep improving to make it faster better), but when the loader finish to load, we added 3 seconds delay, just a purpose for us to make people notice about the logo and event name infront. (its adjustable anyway)

the first thing we need to make it clear enough is, this template is html, not WP. and to answer the questions,

1. yes, later we can add the seconds to the clock, but our reason didnt include the seconds are, - the time ticking quite distracting - its been too many people include the countdown with seconds, just want to make it compact, different.

2. yes there is the video embed example inside you can embed there too 3. sure its easy to add the days to schedule 4. yes you can delete the google and the venue image also. 5. yes faq can be added as many as you can.

as our standard, yes we can provide a private support to get what you want / custom the template, installing it with additional charge. if you interested more, you can send us an email at thegraphicgeeks@gmail.com

any more questions, just let me know. thanks, :)


Just forwarded an email to your addy. Please advise. Cheers


just replied

boteroj Purchased

It does not work well in Firefox.


yes. will feedback you soon.


boteroj, open style.css and find this code at line : 404 #homepage {background:url(’../demo/01_homepage-image@2x.jpg‘);background-size: 200px 100px;background-repeat: no-repeat;}

it is set for retina-ready,why it doesnt show up, cause there is no image for 01_homepage-image@2x.jpg. you can prepare that image which is you need more resolution(for retina), or you just delete this code, that will make the background-image show up.

thanks, hope you take time to rate this template also. that would be great for me :)

boteroj Purchased

Thank you very much. It works perfect.

It’s a beautiful theme, but it doesn’t seem to work too well on the iPhone – my iPhone5 pretty much crashes completely when I visit my site. Thought I might have used some assets that were too heavy, so I tried your demo site on the iPhone. Same result. :depressed:


hi stickyglue, okay let me see whats wrong with the iphone. will let you know soon :) thanks

i have tried to fix this issue, and get the problem that i mistyped for retinafy please delete this line $(‘img’).retinafy(); is not needed. now please try. i was testing from ipod touch 4th gen with safari. test here http://kokobacrew.com/themes/unique/ if you still have that issue let me know

I would like to purchase but there is an issue in Chrome when viewing the site in full screen. http://cl.ly/image/3C3X0N1m3a2o


will check it and feedback to you asap. :)

hi, i have checked it. there is no problem when check it on chrome fullscreen, https://www.dropbox.com/s/6n96ajscfkallcu/uniquechrome.jpg

but yes if you zoom out ( press command – or CTRL – ) the fixed background will go keep go down. for this issue, just put the background-image position on top. currently is on the bottom or you can put an image with more height.

please let me know if you have anymore problems.


djacks13 Purchased

Hi, Thank you for the awesome template. I seem to be having issues with the images. Any size lower than 1024px, the header images do not scale. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hi djacks13, okay let me check first whats goin on there.

thanks, graphicgeeks

Hello there!

I bought your theme, thanks for that!

One question: is there a possibility to delete loader BEFORE entering the site? I would like to make the site very small in order to load faster, what can I disinclude to make it work faster? (some .js maybe?)

Thanks, Cheers!


Oh, i got it, nevermind! :)


hi Chrissailor,

for your question, same like the above question

for slow loading answer : for the template itself actualli we have optimize it and make it lighter as we can (we try to keep improving to make it faster better), but when the loader finish to load, we added 3 seconds delay, just a purpose for us to make people notice about the logo and event name infront. (its adjustable anyway)

thanks Chris!

lldreyer Purchased

I had the same issue as djacks13 with the #homepage image not scaling correctly. Is there a resolution? Thank you,


Thank you for creating such an awesome template, really loved it.

The only thing i wanted to add is a Subscribe Form showing as a Modal window, is ti possible and can you direct me to some resource which will help me do it ?

Please help. I only see wordpress plugins and not sure how to use it.

regards, Karthik


do you have certain programming skill? HTML CSS and JQUERY?


No Problem, I have used aweber lightbox form. Just like to know how can i optimize the loading page time and is it possible to completely remove the loading page and directly land in main page ? Please advice.

You domain went down and you can no longer see the preview page!

piksar Purchased

Hi, How can I disable/remove the preloader functionality? I just want the Event page to display right away without the preloader div.

Interested in this theme but it loads extremely slow. Worried I’d lose subscribers. Is there any way to speed it up?

Does not work on Mobile… Header Pic not show up…

Too bad the preview don’t work – seems like a great template.

When the preview will be ready? Thanks!

hubmate Purchased

Hey, great work on this event theme, best I’ve seen on ThemeForest!

I sent an email to ‘thegraphicgeeks@gmail.com’ but I’m not sure if you still use that email address. I wanted to ask something about your designs but thought would be better by email rather than here.

Would you mind me sending me a hello at ‘steven@hubmate.co.uk’ please? Very much appreciated!!