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Very nice template. How would I go about making the backgound picture for <section id=”homepage”> fit to the size of the div but still have the scroll effect?

Id like the image to be aspect fit to the div in a responsive way (if the user reduces the size of the window, Id like the image to resize with it maintaining the proportions of the image).

For anyone else trying to remove the 3 second delay when the page loads, find this line :


and change it to:


hosting is expired..

I’m loving this template… it works great for our non-profit. My only issue is the parallax background images don’t display correctly in mobile chrome and mobile safari browsers. Looks great on desktop just not on phone.

Really like the template, just need to figure out this mobile piece… anyone have an advice…maybe I’m doing it wrong?


Ok, I was doing it wrong. This theme is awesome and works in mobile chrome and iOS. It is responsive and work well. Seriously can’t beat this for $9.

Hi! Where I can see live preview of this theme? When I click on the button “live preview ” it doesn’t work…