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Great Theme, good luck with sales ;)

Thanks, much Appreciate!

Awesome Theme ! Good Luck :)

Thank you!!

Excelent Theme! Good luck dear :)

Thank you so much :)

Excelent Theme! Good luck dear :)

Awesome Work :) ! GLWS

tks man :)

Hello i have a question. How i get the Layerslider? I dont see him and i have all the time this mistake in the first line:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/1/d393686994/htdocs/app419968952/wp-content/themes/unique/header.php:43) in /homepages/1/d393686994/htdocs/app419968952/wp-content/themes/unique/header.php on line 49

can yoou help me?

okay thank you! ;) Another question. Where i find the Secret API Key? ;)

Secret Api Key: You can generate on Themeforest.net under Profile-> My Settings-> API Keys once you sign in

oh! Okay! grazie!

I’m having such a hard time with this theme :(. It is really nice and I just want to get it to work. How do I get the slider working like in the template??

Hi, Layerslider is a parallax slider, has lots of things and requires some patience the first time. If you send website link, username and password to info@2mediax.com we can set up the slides for you like the one on the preview.

Hello. I downloaded this theme today and I am still getting this header warning that cylanca spoke of…

Hi. Tks for the purchase. We just release a new upgrade that solves this issue. I think in a few minutes will be available. Let us know.

Can you put videos on it??

We are working on it! But the Dummy data does all the configuration and after that its all about playing around with the visual shortcode manager!.

Plus! We work hard to give excellent support!


I just finishing the 3 steps installation instructions and I’m getting the following at the very top of the page:

“Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/31/10752031/html/wp-content/themes/unique/header.php:43) in /home/content/31/10752031/html/wp-content/themes/unique/header.php on line 49”

Could you pls shed light and instruct me on how to fix it?

Thanks and look forward to working with the theme.


Hi E,

You should download the latest version! If continues send us username and pwd and link of your wordpress site to info@2mediax.com and, if you wish, we’ll take a look.

To get the latest version in this case just download the file from themeforest as its automatically overwritten with latest version.

Let us know!

how do i want to delete dummy data?

You want to remove the submenu voice from under appearance/unique dummy data?? Reply to info@2mediax.com

New FREE UPGRADE AVAILABLE!!... with version 1.1 you can:
- Improved Dummy Data !
- Corrected Header warning !
- Better colors and Styling Options for dummy data!.


help me i want this theme…so plz can any one help me out how to download or can any one give me the link for download…plz plz plz guys send me the link…..

Hi shishir12,
Did you already purchase it?
In a free world we would love to create free themes!.

Just wanted to say that this was one of the most enjoyable themes I have worked with so far. Very intuitive, great documentation, and SUPERB support. Thank you so much, 2Mediax!!! I look forward to more great work from you.

Tmelo74 (under Ella P’s account)

Wow! Thank you! We work very hard to improve!
Good feedbacks are like energy refill!

how to upgrade

Hi!, please read the f.a.q. Its all explained

Hello, the template is great. But it gives me an error trying to load the dummy data. On several different servers. It doesn’t load images and some other items. It leaves the template broken and I have followed the instructions to a “T”.

Please help

Hi hamilake!,
Thanks for the purchase, can you send weblink, username and password so that we might check!. The XML file is light but on many servers it can happen that wont load images because of timeout errors and speed of the provider service.

Hi Hamilake,
in case you are wondering where to send the info…. our email is info@2mediax.com

Hi, I’m trying to get the columns shortcodes to work but when i use the shortcode generator the resulting columns look like they are nested within eachother. Every column to the right is “below” the previous columns like stairs. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the purchase.
Try not to use enter key when using columns otherwise wordpress will use auto <p> </p>for each enter you press. Its a common issue with wordpress. Use html tags like br or shortcodes to brake lines.

You can write at info@2mediax.com

thanks that did the trick!

Hi, for some reason my main menu is aligned left – not center like the demo. How do I align the menu center?

hi olnhausendesign,
Can you send us a weblink to info@2mediax.com so we might see it…also, what browser are you using?

Hi, it looks like this was caused by some customization to the height of the main menu in a child theme. I’ve corrected the issue now. I’ve got a similar issue regarding the large breadcrumb space above the page content. How do I remove this space all together? I’ve tried setting .breadcrumb-menu to height:0 but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Hi olnhausendesign,
Can you send the weblink to info@2mediax.com so we might view the issue, since we can’t replicate it on our servers

I’m having an issue with some customization of the theme. I can’t seem to get rid of the the ‘title’ happening on each page and, second problem, this theme keeps generating a “comments” area under several pages that I can’t override in the settings area or on each page individually. When I try doing it through the quick edit option on each page it gives the error message “Are you sure you want to do this?Please try again.” and it keeps rejecting the change. Please help!

You can change the template layout of each page when editing the content… Right down the publish button theres a metabox called page attributes. By changing the template page layout you can choose a template with no title!.
Possible templates with no TITLE

- Home Page Blank
- Page Blank No Title + Breadcrumb


unfortunately, this didn’t work and I still have titles on every page. Please let me know how to fix this!

I also want to know if in the contact form template, how can I add a field for phone number? I really need that added and it should already be in the contact page template.

Last, my text on each page keeps wrapping itself in an odd manner. The text is cutting off words and hyphenating them so I have had to place cut off words on a new line but it messed up the spacing and it looks weird. How do I fix this?

hi.. can you please open a ticket at: http://twomediaxthemes.ticksy.com/ and provide us user and pass so we can help you faster :) tks allot

Great theme.

The only issue I’m running into is I’m trying to work with an Events plugin (Event Organiser) and I cannot save an event and get the “WordPress Failure Notice” page with the “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” message.

Please advise.

Hi bholcombe,

Can you send weblink, username and password to info@2mediax.com so we might give a look at your issue. We are curious and if we can we like to help.