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hi, How r u ?

One of my customers wants a new prestashop web and your template is more or less

what he wants. But he needs some specifics items that I dont know if your

template support.

Possibility to do invoice automatically when your cilents orders something.

Import dates of his products directly from excel.

10 different fields with specific caracterictics to do comparative between

different products.

Suggest other items with similar caracteristics, when customers buy one

Easy traslator to spanish.

Thx you very much. Waiting for your answer

sorry for my english

best regards.


Please explain your requirement properly with examples via mailing me from my profile page.

Do you think that you will solve the incompatibility with IE8 ?



Sorry, this theme won’t be made compatible with IE8 due to its limitations in supporting latest web technologies.

Hi ,

I downloaded Uniqueshop and installed it before configuring my store ( adding products & categories), there seem to have some conflicts with Prestashop default theme. Is this the right way to do it? Or do I have to build my store first and then install UniqueSHop?

If I start from scratch, do I have to pay again?



Hey Jeff,

UniqueShop can be installed at any point after installing Prestashop. It has nothing to do with configuring your store.
For further questions, please mail me from contact form.


Hi, does the theme support this function in prestashop backoffice?

“Automatically redirect to the canonical URL (Recommended, but your theme must be compliant.)”



You need to write this additional code <link rel=”canonical” ..... for canonical URL. For more help on the same, please search on PS forums.

Hi everyone I just bought the UniqueShop template and I am pretty happy with it, it is easy to customize css (and Im not pro-developper), so yes, for now at least, Im advicing this template if you need a sober and clean theme for your website. :)

Hi… nice theme! I’ve a question … is it possible to change the color of the theme based on the selection of the category?

cat = 1 design color GREEN cat = 2 design color RED ...

tnx Mik


Sorry, its not possible to have different colors for individual categories.

Hi, I get the theme already, I want to do few changes, how can I do the pictures of the products bigger in the main page?



Please mail me from my profile page for post-sales support.

Nice work! Good luck!;


Thank you :)