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Couple of questions …

1) Last update 7/29/14 – just curious why no recent update? 2) Is the latest Bootstrap version is 3.3.4 supported? If not why not? Will Bootstrap 4 be supported?


Hello, shamrockoz.

Thank you for the interest to our theme.

1) We usually update our theme with the update of basic oscommerce software. There weren’t any updates for basic default software since this time.

2) Our html is done based on Bootstrap 3.

3) I think not. Bootstrap 4 isn’t stable version yet.

Best regards, support team

Appreciated. I just wanted to make sure I understand. Will you update to Bootstrap 4 when it does become stable?

I think not. I’m not sure that this is necessary update.

best regards, support team

I need a product search by color in my site. there is a way to do this search?

Hello, giranapoli.

Did you already buy our theme? Not sure that this question is related to our theme.

Best regards, support team

i want to buy your theme, but I need a product search (filter) by color in my site

i think this request is out of the measures of our theme’s functionality, it rather related to basic oscommerce software. As far as i remeber they don’t have such option. I any case you can contact them directly on the website – I can advice other cart – magento, opencart, shopify, joomla or prestashop. This carts have required product search (filter) by color.

Best regards, support team

Rubbish template, the documentation is way difficult and vague, these guys can’t even answer the simple questions directly. What a waste of time

Hello, vixsolutions.

I’m really confused. Did you submit ticket on our support forum? –

I don’t see any requests for the user – vixsolutions We will be glad to answer your questions on our support forum.

Best regards, support team