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Clean and very cool theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thank you very much :)

Good luck with your sales :)

thank you!

Very nice!Well done :)

Thank you! :)

Good job! GLWS!

Thanks! :)

Can you tell me if the navigation you used here has a third layer such as when it drops down if I was to hover over one of the options from the drop down it will fold out to right? I’ve got a sample image attached


Hi, navigation has not a third level, only two. But if you are interested, it is possible to add a third layer.

Just purchased the theme but there’s no file or directions how to put my email into the contact form to receive messages?

Hi, I’m working on functional contact form and I will send you info about it soon.

New version is available and there is working contact form. There is configuration file “config.php” – please set up your email here for sending emails via contact form in contact page. This info is also in documentation.

Hi. ?f I buy your template, Can I use your template on my university master project? I’m making a cms. I need a example template.

Hi, Of course you can :)

Hi, good template, but there are too few elements, no pages templates, no accordion, lists, columns, sidebar menu etc. Why?

Hi, there are sidebar menu, list, tables, etc: http://kincel.sk/unistar/blue/content.html

Hello, I bought your template but I have no file to run the contact forms (and newsletter request form on the contact page). Thank you for your help.

Hi, thanks for purchase. Contact form works in PHP version, newsletter don’t work. There is configuration file “config.php” – please set up your email here for sending emails via contact form in contact page. If you need help with setting contact form in HTML version, please send me an email: peter@kincel.sk

Thanks ! I send you an email yesterday.

Hi Klokyn,

As I am trying to upload the theme to wordpress using file zilla it consumes 2 hours to copy the file. After that, it says that it is a broken theme “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.” unistar-template Stylesheet is missing.

Please help, I need to modify the theme for our company before Tuesday (April 1).

Many thanks! Soonest response will be appreciated.

Best regards, MJ

Here’s the error:

“Installing Theme from uploaded file: unistar-template.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Hi, like I wrote you in the email, this template is NOT made for Wordpress. You can find wordpress themes in specific category: http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress. I hope you can use my template in some other project.

I appreciate your immediate response. Thank you for clarifying this concern. :)

Dear klokyn,

Not long ago I`ve bought the ‘Unistar design template’ for my new website. I’m very happy with the template, and the site is doing well. Unfortunately, I can only choose between two templates: a blue one and a green one. Is it possible if more colours are available?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Hello, thank you very much for purchase. Yes, it’s possible to do some new color version. What colors would you want? Please contact me via email (peter@kincel.sk) and we can discuss about it.

Hey…i wrote a Mail but had no response till now so I’m asking here: I use the HTML Theme and have trouble setting up the contact form to forward the mails to my account. Could you please let me know?

Hello, thanks again for purchase, I already send you an answer ;)


I bought your website, my contact form dosnt work fine, when i get message, the website replace my á??úéöüó characters to specal character. I get messages like this:

Felad?? emailc?­me: hello@mywebsite.hu Felad?? neve: orosz ??zenet: ???Š???Š??????????

i think something wrong with encoding, but i dont know whats the problem with utf8

ah now its work in every browser but not in thunderbird mailer

Hello, thank you very much for purchase. I uploaded new version v1.2, where this problem is fixed.

i am interested in buying your theme but i wanted to know if the following problems from the demo can be fixed?

- HOME is always highlighted as black on the navigation bar irrespective of the page you’re on - image slider is static, has to be manually clicked for the next slide, this i feel is not ideal slider behavior - images load with a jerk, when the pages are first accessed (but the jerk is persistent on the contact page)

Hello, Thank you for your comment about these issues. I uploaded new version and these problems are fixed.

Hi Klokyn,

Just wondering if there is a way to disable the images from being black and white . They currently are black and white then change color mouse over – Just want it to be always color.

Thanks for your help :)

Hello, thank you for pruchase! There is jquery BlackAndWhite script which converts colored image into B&W greyscale image. You could simple turn it off by removing class .bwimg on div in blog html or php file, or you could remove initialization of this script in template.js on line 45.

Nice job, very professional!;

Thank you very much!

Hello I am about to purchase your theme. Can you tell me where to buy the stock photo of the highway as I would like to use it on my site.


Hi the contact form is not working for HTML version, I already change the email address at “config.php” but still failed. Can you please advise?

Hi, thanks for purchase. There is new version of Unistar theme, please download it – there is fixed contact form.

I bought this template on html5, Please can you tell me, how can I add tabs to this template?, like in this web http://www.trilhaincasalkantay.com/:


ivankaa Author Team

Hi, you can use Boostrap Togglable tabs (http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#tabs) or search and install an extension with tab functionality.