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Pre purchase question: I won’t be using audio or social links. Can I somehow make that bottom bar have only text on both the left and right side? Also, just wondering, can I make the bottom bar slightly shorter?

you can disable audio and social links but you must edit the theme code in order to replace those elements.

can i make the vertical bar with the icon on it a different color than the rest of the site? and can i make the menu a different color too?

Congratulations for this theme. It’s really awesome!

I am thinking in buying it but I need a portfolio filterer… There are plans to include it in next releases?

I have seen Wildhorn theme too. Its portfolio is awesome too. If this theme merges Wildhorn filterer portfolio would be spectacular!!!

Hello from Spain :-) Thanks for doing such a good and so easily customizable theme. It is fantastic.

But I have a question about a mystery that I can not solve: Posts List’s not always display images. Is it possible that the images are always displayed?

Here is a link to the sample page. This page displays images in tablet and mobile phones … but on the computer, displays only the title and text summary

Sincerely, awaiting reply,


SOLVED. It was a “display: none” in the code. I see the pictures! VIVA!

Hello from Spain for all:) I always write good and beautiful things but…

NOTICE TO FUTURES BUYERS With nearly thirty articles, and 90% satisfaction, I think I’m objectively be fans of Envato Market…

But as I say this, I warn prospective buyers UNIT (a good solution except that it does not work with JectPack, a plugin downloaded 13,254,566 times) that his support is the worst experience I’ve had in Envato Market.

I inform you, after working three weeks in personalizing UNIT simply made a specific question mountainthemes by email, on changing the width of the sidebar (even attach pictures to my needs) as indicated their support site, currently under maintenance.

Mountainthemes’s response was three, terse, generic, useless and surreal lines: Mountainthemes answered my question without giving me a solution!

Answer my question Mountainthemes

“Hi You can resize the width of the sidebar by customizing css rules (please read the documentation for that). You can insert a then a widget for comments”

1. Surly A simple Hi, as a greeting But who writes ?. Without saying goodbye in the email.

2. He treats me like a fool buyer The response was similar to my question. (do not ask them for change in the CSS, I would ask what file can be changed and that rule should be modified. Just … because I do not locate the file to be changed)

3. Absurd and false I refer you to read documentation that does not exist (obviously without access link to it)

That said, if you are interested in buying a good Theme to customize your Web, make sure the support is also good. I did not and now I regret it.

Greetings all, and sorry for my poor English :)


expfit Purchased

Hi,.. question: Is it possible in “Home Template”- Background Setup” ( I.e the start-up moving images) to add a different Text to each background image that comes up. Thanks in advance!

No you can’t sorry

Hi, I cannot get pdf link to work on this theme.

Please help.


add the class “history-ignore” to the link element.

Pre-Purchase-Question: Clicking on Home Video and then back to home messes up the Design of your theme – please find screen capture here: – also the BG music is playing twice then.

(Happening on Most recent Firefox AND safari, OSX 10.10, 4k display)

Is there a chance this will be fixed soon? I need to rebuild my portfolio and I am considering using this theme, but not with such a bug :-)


talzius Purchased


I purchased this theme a while ago and only now I got around to actually play with it. I love how unique your themes look, it really gives a different user experience to visitors.

I was wondering if it’s possible to have a full width page, right now the only way to have content on the entire screen is using the “half page” template, but I don’t want to use half the screen on an image.

could you send an email to ?

Hello, first of all awesome theme, i reallty like it, but i notice a bug in the demo, when i go to a section of the webpage and then i go back to the home the menu gets buggy and duplicates itself. Like this:

I hope this bug gets fixed because i want to buy the theme.

Best regards.

very strange bug, i need to fix it

Is the bug going to be fixed? I need to purchase a theme for my portfolio and blog, i like this theme but i’m a little worried about the bugs, because apart from this theme i bought time ago the theme “Fuji” when mountainthemes had another page in Theme Forest, and my webpage with Fuji turned to a white screen of death because the theme, when Wordpress was updated to the last version. And i hadn’t any option to fix or recover my webpage.

what about home page with full video background? Thank you

Hello, first of all awesome theme, i reallty like it, but i notice a bug in the demo, when i go to a section of the webpage and then i go back to the home the menu gets buggy and duplicates itself. Like this:

I hope this bug gets fixed because i want to buy the theme.

hi, is the latest update fix the bug yet?

not ready yet, sorry.