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I love this theme – any future attempts at making it responsive? Thanks

We aren’t planning a responsive version.

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Is this theme compatible with wordpress 3.9?

Hello.. How do I remove the black bar pops up when you put the cursor on the gallery images left and right ARROWS? My site is

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Hello, this theme is really amazing!

I understand this one have less feature than Mingle, but before buy i need to know something:

First: There is a way to have the Blog page like, or similar, the one of Mingle (with the image on the left and the content on the right?)

Second: How many sub-menus are available? i mean child menu like menu I -> Submenu I -> SubSubmenu I

Thnaks for a fast reply and sorry for my bad english.

Please Parallelus, should you answer?

The blog does not have an alternative layout option. You would have to edit the template file to get this style.

Sub-menus are unlimited to whatever depth you need.

Thank you a lot, i purchased it… please continue this way, you are the number ONE.

I purchased this for a client who is now leaving. How can I transfer my license to the client so that she can have access to support? Thank you!

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Would you please clarify below points:

1- Does it support Wordpress Arabic language version ( which is RTL language ?

2- I never used wordpress but I am good at HTML coding, can I completely control the theme – color – fonts – Right to Left language (Arabic) etc like what I normally do in the HTML version?

3- there will be news section, can I make RSS feeds to this news? 4- Can I add Twitter feeds? 5- Can I add image gallery, video gallery?

thank you

1. There is no specific RTL stylesheet for Unite so you may need to add one yourself. Similarly, there is no Arabic translation of Unite so you may need to add one yourself.

2. Yes.

3. These are content issues. The Unite theme does not restrict what content you add to your articles.

Hi, congratulations. It is unlike any other template. Easy to understand and pleasing to the eye. Will it continue to maintain long ?. Could improvements apply ?.

A greeting.

Thanks. We continue to provide support and updates for all our themes.

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Can you tell me how to center my footer?

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I saw that this theme is a little bit old so that’s why I hope that my questions are very normal:

1. do you still support this theme? 2. is it compatible/tested with WordPress 4.1.1? 3. is it mobile friendly? I tested some sites with this theme with Google Mobile-Friendly test and it failed, with a lot of problems related to this. 4. If there is any NO answer on above question is there any newer theme with those very nice styling background from upper menu and from article title background (especially for skin 3). Do you have any similar theme with those background design? Thank you for a fast answer.

Sorry I don’t know exactly the meaning of the expression “you’d have your work cut out to…”. I can imagine but not sure that understood correctly. You meant it is impossible or very hard to emulate the Unite design? As I told you, I can be interested just only in those specific element design not for the whole theme. So “only”those design should be put in other theme. I understood html, css (my background is computer engineering) but I have not to much practice in those specific languages.

I mean it would be very difficult to emulate the Unite design with the Vellum theme. I’m sure it could be done, but it would be a huge challenge. Even emulating just the Unite navigation menu would be a lot of work and, in my opinion, would require professional CSS skills.

Ok, I understood this. In this case there is no solution for me. The Unite theme will not be upgraded to a responsive theme (you wrote somewhere in comments) and there is no other theme which has that very nice designed element for menu. With the proposed theme, Vellum, is hard to emulate those elements, so it doesn’t worth to buy it for this. As you see, I have stuck to them. :)

Am I the only one that think it is unfair to produce a theme that you support and then as the web translates to “responsive” you don’t update the theme for that to work. I paid the money for the theme and the support, I don’t remember the contract saying “This theme will expire on”. If you go out of business, that is one thing but I still see responses in the comments. It may just be me…

Converting a theme to an entirely different format is not part of ongoing theme support. Further, no promise of support is given. We give you FREE support because we value our products and the customers using them. What you are claiming is no different than saying, I paid for this theme on WordPress, but now there’s this thing called Ghost/Drupal/Joomla/etc so I should get it for that too. Maybe you’d expect that every theme in the world now go out and build a custom version for the iWatch. The theme has not stopped “working” just because it was not designed to be responsive, and several years before that term existed. The theme has not expired. It works today just as it did when it was released.

Maybe we should give you a custom built version of it as an adaptive theme, a responsive theme and custom “mobile” version too. Is there anything else we can take a few months to build for you since you paid a one time fee of $48?

For some products we will make updates to include new features over time. This design however is not one that is easy to reproduce as a responsive design. I don’t know if you know much, or anything, about web design but this theme makes uses of quite a few graphic elements for the design structure. That’s real images to make parts of the design, not just images in the content. If you take a look around at responsive themes, you won’t see images in the design. The rounded corners, gradients and other styling in responsive themes is done with CSS (code). That’s because it can “respond” to the changes. An image cannot “respond” to the changes, but only be replaced by another image. That makes it very difficult to do and it would entirely change the structure of the design. It also means we would have to rethink the entire code structure and likely work towards alternatives to the current graphic elements (menu, wrap around graphics, etc) which are not going to be easy things to achieve.

I’m curious what type of business you own. If you develop websites for customers, or produce your own website, is that something you charge your customers for? Do you give them unlimited lifetime access to the product and constant updates entirely for free? If you do, that’s a great way to go out of business over time. By that logic it sounds like Apple should be giving away the latest version of the iPhone to anyone that previously bought one. It’s only a one time charge and then I will get all the new technology, latest updates and future releases free, right?

I’ll make you this offer. If everyone that owns Unite would like to pay for a one time update at $29, we will absolutely produce a responsive version of the theme. That would pay for the development costs. You could create a kickstarter and if you get even 10% of the Unite customers to commit to this it will pay for the cost of development. I’m very open to the idea of an upgrade path that includes a one time fee. I love this design and will jump at any excuse to work on it again.

Non-Responsive now makes this theme worthless with the new Google Algorithm.

Please refer to the reply above your comment.

It was designed in 2010. How many themes made 5+ years ago have been upgraded to be responsive?

the template is aesthetically good but without a fully responsive version is outdated

Please refer to the reply above your comment.

Hello, how do I increase the font size?

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amigo como puedo crear un portafolio con descripcion

Lo lamento. No hablamos español.

Lo lamento. No hablamos español.

Hi, Your theme is great and I am excited to buy and use this, but before installing this theme, I have a question.

can I make a grid layout like ?

Awaiting your reply.

thanks again

In Unite the nearest to a grid layout like that would be a portfolio page:

We are waiting the responsive version, this theme is beautiful, come on!

Would it possible for you to change the current theme for a more functional one? We have put our trust in Parallelus but UNITED turned out to be a handicap for us. Actually, we would rather work with Responsive, this way UNITED has a longer lifespan. If you think about it for a minute, you would realize that the people that invested their money in this theme have wasted it, since it is not compatible with the market’s latests standards. A few days ago I bought GoExplore and, honestly I wasn’t aware that it was made by Parallelus, and now I am quite worried because, as I stated before, it may not work with today’s technological advances. I appreciate your understanding and we hope you reconsider bringing back UNITED into the market once again considering it is very well made and a fantastic tool.

We always keep our themes up to date. Unite was designed and created before responsive was even a thing. It’s design does not support being converted so we cannot. We’ve never abandoned a customer or a product. Even today we keep updating our products. Thanks.

Ok I Understand… Thanks for that…