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bdegier Purchased

I’m running on the AIO SP , no problems so far.

Beautiful theme! Although I can’t get the other skins to display when viewing the demo site using Safari 4.1. It works fine in Firefox though.


If you close the ThemeForest frame it should work (little “x” on top left). It’s some kind of frames/javascript/cookie permissions issue with Safari (webkit).

nickydef Purchased

Parellelus, Great Theme! However, I’m having a problem (bug?). When I create a page using the “Full Page (no sidebar)” Template, the entire page floats to the left of the screen. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?



I received your email. Let’s take a closer look and find out what’s happening. If this is a bug I’d like to get it fixed immediately. Check your email for the details I’ll need. Whatever it is we’ll get you fixed up and ready to go!


Congratulation on such a great theme! Keep up the great work buddy!


Can I say it again…This Theme is on FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! Awesome!


Your comment last night made me laugh. I had 3 comments in a row that went something like this:

Comment #2) “This theme is ICE ”

Comment #3) “This theme is HOT ”

Comment #4) “This theme is on FIRE ”

After I read your “fire” comment my wife asked, “Didn’t someone just call it ‘ice’?” It was almost as if the 3 comments were coordinated being consecutive and showing a progression of the theme’s temperature.

Thanks for the great comments!

In Spanish – en Fuegoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Will buy it soon…thinking about starting my own business to set up wordpress powered themes for clients…Just love the power of wordpress…Maybe this will be the one…:)

Best theme here, by far! Congrats!


WeenRaY Purchased


Really nice theme :) Great job.

I’ve a question, can I switch the articles of the homepage with the portfolio ? I found how to create a portfolio page and how to switch it as homepage but the Slideshow disapears. I would like to have Slideshow + (under) portfolio. Like a business website with 3 columns.

Is it possible ?

Moreover, my logo seems to be too big. It overtakes on the left side but when I reduce it, the logo is croped on the right side…

Take a look :) http://www.vidalae.com Thanks :)



If you want to use a page instead of posts for your front page it’s going to disable the slide show. This is how WordPress works because a page set as the front page will cause the “is_home()” variable to return false. The way to get around this is to change the code in the “header.php”. You’ll see where the slide show conditional calls happen (inside the HEAD tag and also in the page content). Both have a condition written to test “if ( is_home() )”. You could modify this to test for a specific page ID instead of is_home() and that will let you have the slide show on a page as the front page of your site.

The logo problem is two parts. It’s designed to have an embellishment (hang off the edge) like it does, but for your logo it looks like you wouldn’t want that because it would disappear on the black background. You need to use a transparent PNG (24 bit) for this image. Create the logo and add some extra space to the left side. It needs to be transparent empty space. That will allow the logo to appear shifted to the right and on the page.

If you need any additional help try and contact me through my account page contact form.

glad to see this make its debut on WP. Great design. But im to cheap. lol. It’s worth it I guess though. Good luck with sales :)

Hi Parallelus!

is it possible to embed a video in the slider??



btw keep up the fantastic work!


You can technically add almost any HTML content into a the Cycle plugin. In this case not only would it require directly entering the code and plenty of customization, but you would have to rewrite much of the slide show area because of the overlay (it’s what creates the curved bottom and rounded corners). With the overlay in place you couldn’t click the buttons on a video player because they would be under a transparent “window” of sorts.

Thnx for the quick reaction Parallelus,

And what about the gallery slider?? It looks capable….

Thnx again for your quick reaction


I don’t think the Gallery View slide show is as versatile. This sounds like something it would have problems with but I dont’ know for sure. I’ve actually never tried it, whereas I’ve thrown just about everything at Cycle one time or another.

parisian Purchased

I Bought the theme and i like it very much.

But for you how have problem with the image resizer I can give you a gooood tip to fix it if you have php 5.3 for example.

follow the guide easy as damn! http://www.darrenhoyt.com/support/topic.php?id=350&replies=6#post-1148

Have a nice day


Thank you for the rapid turnaround of the WP version. It looks fantastic! Please continue to create these high quality sites and your prompt attentiveness to your customers and you will surely end up a wealthy man! ;-D Also, thank your wife for her patience as I know that you were working on it tirelessly. I’ve ordered my copy and am well on the way to getting y site up and running: http://www.aviewtoathrill.net

Thanks again!



Thank you for the kind words. I’ll be sure to pass your sentiments on to my wife.

Sorry about the repost!

i just downloaded the theme and installed according to the helpme. But after I activate the theme, all the pictures are not shown. Please help.

Also if I open readme.html, the pictures is not shown as well, it points to a images/documentation/ folder which I don’t know where it is.

thank you. Fang



The theme does not come with the demo content. It sounds like that’s what you’re referring to. If it’s something else let me know. Also, the readme (help document) does have 3 photos pointed at the wrong path. I updated this earlier today but the updated files were not yet approved. If you need to see those images in the help file, login to your install of the theme and in one of your theme options pages click the “Theme Help” button on the right. It’s the exact same document but the image path is correct.


Do you know if this will work on WPMU ?


Thanks for the fast reply. Would you be willing to test it? I would hate to buy it and have it not work on WPMU . (If you need a tester I have an install ;) )


If you’ll create a login and email it to me, yeah I will. Send the information through my account page and I’ll test it out later this week.

Parallelus, one more question, when I post a page, and I followed the instruction of adding a post_img to this post, but still no image will show up on the page. But if I just use the image link and paste into browser, it’ll show up. Any idea what’s wrong ? Thank you

I also followed the “Image Resizing” section of the manual, still no luck.


Please email me through my account page with details. If you can include a link to your site and the URL of one of the images that will help. Thanks.

My slideshow don’t works. HELP !!!



There is a javascript conflict/error on your website. It looks like you have a lot of additional scripts included, possibly from a plugin(s). Try disabling the “ribbon” scroll effect option from your “General Options” page. If that doesn’t fix it, try disabling plugins one at a time until the slide show works and you’ll know where the problem is coming from.


I did a little more digging and you have multiple javascript errors, but the one causing the slide show not to work has to do with something called “rotator”, try removing whatever that is.

I’m considering purchasing your theme to update my site as I’d really like a lighter theme that also gives be the ability to possibly offer site-wraps in the future.

So I have a couple of quick questions regarding Unite.

First is it possible for me to easily change out the background image if I wanted to offer a site-wrap option?

Second, Its it possible to use a custom field/category to decide which images are displayed in the gallery on the home page? For instance, if I wanted to display the main image from my “Featured” posts, I could declare that image in a custom tag on that post.



It is easy to change the background, but I don’t know what you mean by “site-wrap” option.

You can select any image and associate it with the posts that show on the home page in the “Featured Content” section. The Feature Content posts are the stick posts you pick. The gallery/portfolio allows you to choose a category to pull posts from to create the images.


Thanks for the quick reply, a site wrap is basically just a full-page ad that acts as your background image behind/to the sides of your site.

I think my terminology was a bit off with regards to gallery. What I meant to ask about was the home page slideshow. Is there a way to populate this via a category/custom field, or do I have to use the special config page for the slider to do this?



Ok, got it. The slide show is built in a way that you create each slide from the theme options. It does not pull from posts/categories.

Just wanted to say that I’ve bought a lot of themes from Themeforest and I think this is probably one of the best.

I’m part way through configuring my site, and I’m finding that not only is it beautiful, but also really easy to skin. The sliced PSD + instructions are brilliant, and the CSS is very well commented.

From the theme options, I can see that the flexibility that has been built into this product is very well thought out indeed.

Fantastic job – well done.


Thanks, I’m really glad you like it.