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Dude this is amazing! I was struggling with my custom design and this themes gives me so much inspiration, awesome!

GShirdan Purchased

@ midwestbonsai could you let me know if it does work with wpmu?


Sure, but if I forget don’t hold it against me! (if you don’t hear back in a couple days send me an email)

Can you easily change the color of the skin? I need to match a pms color. Thanks1


You will have to modify a skin or create your own to change the color. There isn’t a “color pick” or anything like that built into the theme options.

stelee Purchased

Just purchased, great template :)

Hey Great Theme!

Three quick questions…

1. How does the menu manager work, is that all custom or is it a modified plugin?

2. How about the slideshow manager? Does a 3rd party plugin need to be downloaded?

3. What are the options for the sidebars can I see an options page? Can you make as many sidebars as you like and assign them to pages?

Looking forward to hearing from you, this will be a definite buy for me!


1. All custom

2. No plugins necessary, works out of the box.

3. It does not have any built in functionality to add different side bars per page. You have a Posts side bar, Pages side bar and a universal side bar (along with a few other options).

Hi Parallelus

This is the best theme I have seen so Far on Theme Forest(And that is saying alot with all the high quality themes)

Couple of Questions.

1. With the Showcase (The 2 little bits under the gallery) How do you get them to format like the standard ones. I have not had much luck. e.g. http://newyou.co.nz

I am trying to add a Login feature to the right side and a standard one like your to the left.


Also with the featured posts down the bottom of the first page the pagination does not seem to work below? As it is suggesting 2 pages but click on 2 and it is blank.

Any help would be great.

And anyone thinking of buying this theme do it!

Please tell me if the logo is included with the theme and if we can freely use it?



It is, and you can.

HySerure Purchased

Hey, amazing theme… I am loving it!! Just one little issue—In IE 7 & 8, the buttons (ie. Send, Search, etc.) dont line up correctly. Meaning, the right part of the button image is slightly lower than the left/middle image of the button design. And the text is TINY .

but it looks perfect in Safari & Firefox… Any ideas?



You have either a CSS file overriding the primary one, or a javascript error. Turn off plugins and any customizations you did yourself until it starts working and you will know what is causing it.

if i decide to buy this theme, is it possible to get a demo.xml?


is there not any way to offer a scaled down version of the demo.xml file – with maybe some replacements images since you do not own the copyright? i am really looking to buy today if I can get a demo.xml … thanks!


Sorry, I have no current plans to create a demo content file.


I will buy anyway … but it surely helps out in the whole marketing perspective if you could at least provide some sort of demo.xml – even if stripped of images uploaded – to get it quickly up and working as you have in demo

My comments are apparently to weird and too long. Anyways, this work you’ve done is amazing and I very much appreciate your creative efforts. I have one question: Can I add my own .flv files and have them pop up with your same image light box effect. For example, have a video gallery with thumb nails identical to your image gallery so that a video will begin playing instead of showing a static image? Thanks again for the rock star work. Alex


Honestly, I have not tested this so I don’t know. If you do attempt to add videos this way please let me know the results. If for any reason it does not work I’d like to update the theme to allow that functionality.


I purchased by the way.

Hi – Loving this theme.

Just a quick one…

This file seems perfect for a client I have lined up, but is it possible to remove the login/out function as this will not be needed?

Many thanks.



Of course. When you install the theme you can simply skip the help section on adding those links. Also, the “slide open” login at the top of the page is a widget area, so you can add other content there if you like.

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Andy, Thanks for this wordpress template.

I have wordpress installed (2.9.2), and I need to get rid of the the search bar on the home page.

Your documentation says “The theme is widget ready and you can add and configure your own widgets in the side bar, search (header)....”, but the search bar does not appear to be a widget, and all the placeholders for widgets are empty.

I am comfortable editing the css or php, so please let me know what you recommend.



In the Widgets section of your admin you should see a widget area named “Search”. Add any widget there, such as “Text” and it will use that instead of the default search input.

shuaibah Purchased

Excellent, Thanks!

portegno Purchased

Hi There,

This theme is really nice, thanks for your hard work!

I have installed this in my website, I have a dedicated server running php 5, but I can’t get it to work ok…

The images of the thumbnails are not working, I have followed all the instructions, I have set the cache folder to 777 and the includes folder where timthumb.php sits also to 777

In my cache folder I don´t see any files created. And I have installed GD in my server…

What can the problem be?

Please help, my website is:




portegno Purchased

Thanks for your prompt response, I´m using this path http://www.portegno-apps.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/img1.jpg

It works for me…


That might be an image in your cache or something, but it doesn’t show up for me. However… if you change “img1.jpg” to “img11.jpg” it works. Open the folder where this image is located on your server and you’ll see it isn’t there (or is blocked due to permissions).

portegno Purchased

Great it works now :) I guess I have deleted the img1 file and that was causing all the trouble…

Thanks again for such a terrific job!

shuaibah Purchased


In the wordpress “default” page, a quote box shows up.

How do I populate this quote?? – I hope to fill different quotes on different pages from different authors. Let me know if I have to create custom fields, and I did not see anything in the docs for these quote boxes.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


It’s in the “Sidebar” page of your theme options. To have different quotes on every page will require some customization.

otggamer Purchased

I bought the theme yesterday and have been carefully porting my stuff over to the new theme, I just need to to a little bit more tweaking (with the slideshow, I’d like to get the overlay text to display) before cutting my site over.

A couple of questions.

I cannot seem to get lightbox v2 plugin to work with your theme, any recommendations? Known conflict?

How can I get more than 2 articles to display on a page?

Still tweaking some things (lots of missing images, because I’m on my beta wordpress server), but if you want to see what I’ve done so far please feel free…




The lightbox conflict is because of the competing JavaScript code bases. You shouldn’t need it with the theme’s built in lightbox. You can add the class “zoom” to any link tag and it will open using fancybox with the theme styled graphics.

The # of articles on the home page is set in the theme options “Home Page” settings. It’s the last option on that page, “Home Page Posts > Number of Posts”

otggamer Purchased

Ok thanks :(

Darn, The one thing I really liked about lightbox was that I didn’t have to add a class to each link, it just automatically handled every image link for me. It wouldn’t vbe such an issue if there was an easy way to add a class to the [gallery] shortcode. I’ll have to find a new way to quickly add galleries to the end of each of my posts so I ca use the “zoom” class.


You can always edit the “onLoad.js” file to create a new rule for fancybox. Copying the existing call to:


and adding a new one with the following:

$(‘a > img’).fancybox()

That will tell fancybox to target ALL images that are inside links. You might have to do a little editing on the default theme images to make sure it doesn’t target images that are part of the design, such as the blog post “preview” image, otherwise this will cut out the need to add a class.

Andy, I’m trying to get the slideshow to work….I want to place a series of pics there using the gallery view because they are not associated with any post. However, when I select Gallery View in the theme options, then click on the site, the entire slideshow disappears including the navigational buttons. What am I doing wrong?




I’m going to take a look now. Send me a message from my account page so I can get back to you with details of whatever I find.

Ok, I have a couple VERY important questions which decide whether me & my staff decide to buy your theme. They’re relatively small…but big.

1. I have a site @ FinallyAnime! & want to change its layout temporarily. Your design looks wonderful. I am a very hard critic, so I think that means a lot (lol).

2. I pump out content usually once every 2 or 3 days and want each new post to show up in the slider when I do as easily as possible – which leads me to my first 2 questions:

A: - Is there a way to make the slider CLICKABLE ? I would really appreciate that.

B: - I am confused about Tim Thum/image resizing. All of my feature images are rectangular, but I am wondering if there is a way to keep my feature images so I can transition smoothly.

C: - Thumbnails: Does your thumbnails automatically pick up the first image from a post? If not, I would strongly advise you think about that, seeing as many others are doing so. Along with the feature slider.

3. I understand you have a png (I’m guessing) overlay, but that’s not enough to get in the way of being clickable is it..

4. If everything else works out and I go to a regular blog post, will I have to reformat so that the widgets are on the right and the big column on the left?

5. For the “Blog” section, do I use a category or a page…?

6. It’d be nice if you included all of the caps of the admin options because many look at them to base their purchase. I’m sorry if someone else has already said that.

7. For the featured content w/the small rectangles, do I have to define the thumbs or are they automatically taken? And the borders around them (nice btw), are they css/xhtml or did you make that part of the image?

8. When posting posts, can I turn off which categories they are in…? or put them somewhere else? Because many of my posts fit in various categories that don’t fit in that little band/strip.

Well these are all the questions I can think of atm, but I’m sorry they are so many. However, I really want to make sure everything’s perfect. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. If it’s easier to email, my email’s @ finalanimestop(at)gmail.com


1. Thanks!

2. A – Yes, you can link to pages, posts or add your own URL . B – The theme has it’s own fields (not custom fields) that require the image path be entered for the blog post images and preview images. That would take a little upfront work on your part to convert your existing content. C – It does not. Good suggestion I’ll look at that as an update.

3. I’ve written a custom function to detect linked images in the slide show and apply the click command to the overlay. I’ve done it on sites in the past and it works great. I had not done this when I released my HTML version so that theme’s slides are not clickable, but this one they are.

4. The design is already formatted for the content column on the left and side bar and widgets on the right.

5. Neither… The blog is the theme, it’s not setup to make you pick a parent object such as a page or category and display all “blog” posts when accessing that element.

6. There are a few images of the admin area at the end of the main theme info page.

7. These thumbnails will auto generate if you provide a main graphic. If you don’t like the cropping of the main image you can override it by specifying a smaller image also. The borders are CSS , with a little javascript for the fading transition (it’s very subtle and you may not have noticed)

8. You can remove the code that generates the category list for each post, but it requires editing the code. It’s 1 line in 2 or 3 different pages you would need to remove.

I hope that helps.

Oh and btw, nice work ;D I just wanna make sure it works for me haha

Thanks for this great theme!

I have a question, however. In the preview version you have a lock in the menu next to the login page. How can you place it there? (The problem is not about finding the lock icon but how to put it there.)

And how can I link it with the popup/slide login page?


Check the documentation regarding the main menu. It explains both of these and has sample code to copy/paste.