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vdouros Purchased


I’ve purchased your template, actually both the html and the Wordpress version. The problem is I can’t find anywhere the admin settings to make changes. What is it i’m doing wrong



vdouros Purchased

Never Mind, I loged out of my admin, and logged back in and the menu options “popped” up! Great Theme btw!


Ok, glad you found it. Thanks for the compliment!

Are you kidding me! I just noticed when you scroll down the page…the heading backgrounds change with the angle perspective. What the heck! That’s awesome! I’m buying.

otggamer Purchased

Thanks for the help, I still have a little minor tweaking left to do (to get some rounded boxes on my review pages, but so far everything is working/looking great!

Check it out: http://appaddict.net/

I was able to get the fancy box plugin to play nice, except that I had to comment out the “comment count” link that normally appears in the black wraparound bars since it was not displaying correctly. Not sure if that was a side-effect of the fancybox plugin or what I did to mess that up.

It doesn’t seem to like the “admin bar” plugin, but not too big of a deal.

Nice theme and purchased. I’m needing to add an additional page which is a blog that displays latest posts (not in sidebar, but main content). I have created a page called Blog already, Do I need to to set the Custom field to something to show latest posts? I see that you did this on the home page, but can’t find it in the documentation.



That’s not a function of the theme options. If you want to organize your content this way you’ll need to get the code used in “index.php” and use the appropriate sections for your own template page.

Parallelus…. I finally got it! Oh yeah!!! :) Im buyer 135. :)

I have to say this…. just because its a big deal…

It has been very interesting to watch the race between you and Kriesi since you both have themes released at the same time. At first you were almost matching each other…. then you starting getting ahead in sales with your theme. Then yours sorta took over… yet he is still trailing.

My point is that you are a force to be reckoned with! LOL . When you bring the features to a theme like you did with this one… people cant resist.

I am already twitching, sort of an extreme statement, at what you will deliver next.

Good luck man!! I hope you continue to do well and are able to support your family through such good sales.

What city/state are you from? I’m in Sacramento, CA.

Much love! Thanks again for the Wordpress fire!


Thanks artliq, I’m glad you like the theme.

One major difference between me and Kriesi is that he has proven his ability to deliver outstanding theme’s one after another. If I can achieve even half the success he has had on ThemeForest I will be very happy.

otggamer Purchased

Quick question…any idea what could be causing the delay in displaying the background image in the center section of my site?


In the code you will notice a at the end of each page of content. Because the layout uses floating CSS positioning to create the columns, the main container (which has the background image applied) does not extend with them. At the end of the content, the “clear” tag forces the container to extend the full content length pulling the background with it. Because that is the last thing printed in the HTML code, and is after the content, the background does not show up in that area until all the content is finished loading.

Wonderful theme. I am a happy purchaser! Looking forward to using it with a new site we are building. Is it possible to use the TopReveal effect with another page – like Contact Us. Thanks



You mean, have different content in that area for a specific page? That isn’t possible with the default theme, but you could add that functionality.

Or, are you asking if you can change the content of the top reveal area to be your contact form? The area is widget ready, so you can add anything you would like. If you get a contact form widget you can drag it into that area.

Hey, it’s me, the one with a ba-gillion questions again hahah. Well, I gotta say, I’m a little stubborn to say, but your theme is indeed, “fire.” Let me tell you, I’ve been looking for a LOT of themes lately, and this one’s actually pretty good. Majority of my needs are met, but there are a couple other things I REALLY need help with. I’ll do my best to try not to bother you too much.

(Oh and if you can’t tell, I bought the theme haha)

1. Ok, bring up FinallyAnime!, my site. If you’re looking right now, you’ll see the feature slider isn’t completely full. That’s to say…I don’t think the thumbs are getting resized. And my cmod settings and everything else is ripe for it. I just want TimThumb to work lol and look @ the middle of the image, NOT the top. I did look at your guide (LOVELY guide btw).

2. If we take a gander at the “Unite” theme demo, you’ll see the featured content and posts underneath are different. In short, I have mine laid out the same, but each section display the same content. It’s really great to have 2 different looking sections, but it’s incredibly redundant. Is there a way I can have the bigger thumbnailed posts resume the next ordered post? Look at one of your purchaser’s (AppAddict) site. You see the Assassin’s Creed post in the first section and the following content…...then…you see it again….lol? It’s most wise to reduce excess scrolling as a rule of thumb (you already know), but…why is that there lol? Yeahh….I really need help w/that.

3. (boy sorry for all the questions…_’’) The little side-categories widget for navigation is GREAT . I LOVE IT …..however…I can’t use it without excluding all posts in that category. It so happens many of my posts fall into various categories from the nature of what I blog about. Is there a way to KEEEEEEP the BEAUTIFUL widget..but not exclude the included categories?

Because the main navigation is working WONDERS , but I don’t have room for my categories, which is sooo important, and I REALLLLLY wanna use that widget _’’

4. I know this might seem a little silly but since I have a very visual (anime) site, I need people to be able to view my pictures as much as possible. Is there a way to me the post picture (whichever size) or at least the one in the post go to the pictures URL instead of the post itself? I figure there’s already a “read more” and clickable post title. People will generally get the picture. Thanks, because I don’t want people to only just see part of a pic I worked so hard to find :p

5. The last thing I can think of is this…is there a way to put the really sweet fading frame big rectangular thumbnails on just regular pages? Like the Staff page or my watchlist? It’d be SOOOO great ;D anyways, you’re theme is pretty cool and if you could help me on these problem’s, it’d even be better than the one I made lolll.


Hi, thanks for purchasing the theme. If you can, please contact me through my account page contact form with your questions. It’s much easier to exchange questions and answers through email than the forum.


I had the same problem as FinallyAnime with # 2.

First, go to Post/Edit under WP admin. Select the post that you want to place under the FEATURED CONTENT banner. Click on quick edit underneath the name of the post, you will see the option to make the post a “sticky” on the far right hand corner of the quick edit.

Check the “sticky” box, refresh your site and you will see the selected post. You can choose any post to add to the Featured content. This came in handy because I was able to feature a few of my older, but very useful posts that have been buried in the website due to the passage of time.

I “figured” this out after reading Andy’s documentation under Theme help….which is a fount of great info. Thanks again for this great theme, A!




Renee, that is absolutely right! And yes there are details about this in the documentation.

Thanks again!

shuaibah Purchased


I made a quick customization for unite theme to generate random quotes instead of the static one, and wanted to share it. Essentially, you create a category, put your quotes in the title of the posts under that category. Author and details are separated by ”|”.

If you think it can be more elegant, please let me know:


// Show quote                                                                                                                                                                      
if ( get_theme_var('quoteBubbleEnabled') == true ) {
  $randquote = new WP_Query('cat=3&showposts=1&orderby=rand');
  if($randquote->have_posts()) : while($randquote->have_posts()) : $randquote->the_post();
    $quotearray = explode('|', the_title('','',0));
  endwhile; endif;

 $quote = $quotearray[0];
 $author = $quotearray[1];
 $details = $quotearray[2];
 <!-- Testimonial/Quote -->
        <div class="quote">
                <div class="quoteBox-1">
                  <div class="quoteBox-2">
                      <p><?php echo stripslashes($quote); ?></p>
        <div class="quoteAuthor">
             <p class="name"><?php echo stripslashes($author); ?></p>
             <p class="details"><?php echo stripslashes($details); ?></p>
        <div class="hr"></div>


Thanks that’s great! I’ll look into adding this as a built in feature.

bradhuss Purchased

shuaibah .. the coding looks great .. but i am not really one that wants to create posts to achieve this result .. you think this could be adapted to using the WP-Testimonial plugin ?

bookmarked, great work!

I just figured out what @raymonn was talking about. The header background images change on the fly as you scroll! Wow. That is a level of attention to detail that one rarely sees. From one A-type to (obviously) another, simply outstanding! : )

yelo Purchased


Congratulation for this great theme, very beautiful design and not too hard to personalize.

I have a bug down the page with the number of pages (1,2,3,4,5…) it’s OK with 1 to 4 but at 5 it’s a 404 page, 6 same etc…and whatever if I put 2 or 5 numbers of posts in the home page settings, it always put a 404 when click on 5.

I have seen another bug if I try to connect with the top administrative login in another page than the home page => 404

Thanks again for your design

Nice week-end



Thanks for the information. I’ll look into this. Is it possible to email me a link to your site through my account contact page?


yelo Purchased

Hi Andy and thx for your fast email answer (and compliment ;-) ),

I will change the number of post by page, so you can see that after the 4th page it make a 404 error by clicking the 5 or the arrow. Tell me when you have seen the problem and if it’s possible to cure it :-) ( http://www.poutredebamako.com )

The second little problem I still have is with the gallery; in fact if a post title is on 2 ligne or more, it create an alignement problem with the thumbnails on the line under; you can see the problem on the page : http://www.poutredebamako.com/gallerie/ for exemple line 2, 5, 7…)

I want to thx again your job, and for you abbility to understand a such bad english as mine :-)


yelo Purchased

Me again ;-)

3rd little problem, I have read in you very detailed documentation, that we can create any content in popup like a google map for example; it’s half work in fact for me, the popup work but nothing inside…

See the example I let for you on this page http://www.poutredebamako.com/contact/ you can see a link down right under the picture with the dog. I have put the link you give in examlple http://www.google.com#popup

Hey Parallelus

Fantastic theme. Newbie here. I’ve put my website on hold because I ran into your theme, and now I’m contemplating a purchase. Just have some quick questions.

1. Can I adjust the size of the Jflow Slider fairly easily? I’d rather have it rectangular, without with curve at the bottom.

2. I know nothing about the admin locked login pop-up/scroller. Can I use that pop-up for all members, so they can enter a “premium” area of my site? Or is it just for WP Admin?

3. I’d like the homepage to show all posts, with bigger pictures and a larger post excerpt. I’m sure this is possible, just checking if it’s an easily changeable option.

4. I love the portfolio page. Is there any way to get it to populate itself with say, a particular category and have each thumbnail link to the actual post itself?

5. I see categories in the sidebar on the demo page. I know I could move them (into the header) but do you have this as an option – to move the search bar and put a category navbar there?

Thanks for your hard work and creativity.


1. It’s using jQuery Cycle Plug-in, not jflow. It’s not hard to change the size, you can update it in the style sheet and the curve effect can be deleted. You will need to do editing to the code yourself to do these things and they are not explained in the documentation.

2. I don’t know. It will depend on your setup. The default points it to your default admin login.

3. You can do these things, but again, it requires editing the code and is not explained in the documentation. I’m happy to help you however I can but I don’t provide support on any custom changes you make since I can’t be responsible for the coding if it isn’t my own.

4. That’s exactly what it does.

5. The search is a widget area. If you want to put something else there you can place a widget for anything you like, including a list of categories if you choose.

I really like this theme but i can’t seem to activate it. i have downloaded the regular license and when i upload the zip file, after it is finished uploading and unpacking i get this message:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: unite-wordpress-business-magazine-theme-source.zip Unpacking the package.

Installing the theme.

Theme Installed successfully.

Warning: fopen(/home/vmrteam1/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/unite-wordpress-business-magazine-theme-source/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/vmrteam1/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3598

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/vmrteam1/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3601

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/vmrteam1/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3604 Actions: Preview | Activate | Return to Themes page


Hey, thanks for buying the theme. You have to extract the file you download from ThemeForest first. The ZIP file you want is inside. Right now you’re uploading the theme, the PSD files, the documentation, a copy of the HTML version and more. You’ll see what I mean when you unzip that file.


hi, how to change favicon?


Open the “header.php” and change the path for the favicon link to your own icon.

yelo Purchased

Hi again,

I have a problem with the header.php file.

Line 324-325 <p class="left noMargin"> <a href="#">Forgot your password?</a>

Could you please give the code to replace theses lines and the # by the same as the normal wp-login to send back an email in case of password forgotten ?

Thx in advance


Hi love this template but just have a question. If I wanted to create non WP site but have a WP area and want it all to look the same do I have to buy the HTML and the WP version or does the WP version include the non WP version.

Probably a stupid question but useful to know before purchase.


The WordPress version includes the HTML version, however, there are some very minor differences between them. Again, they are very minor, but if you purchase the HTML version it includes the CU3ER where as the WordPress files do not contain this, even the copy of the HTML version that comes with the WordPress files as the CU3ER removed.