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I have the same problem. My Wordpress Version is 2.9.2. Check out the “Dean’s FCKEditor For Wordpress” Plugin. This is an other WYSIWYG Editor with 3 Skins,...

@ait: Can you check out my contact-form? I use “Contact Form 7” Plugin. The style is not like on the demo page. Why?

Here is the page: http://www.arlo-tec.de/kontakt/

ait Author


please use the following code for contact form: contact-page.zip

The reason it’s not showing up as ours is that default layout for contact form is very simple, but you can put there your own formatting.

BTW : nice work on arlo-tec.de

Thanks. Martin


Like a lot of people I cannot upload images to the slider. It comes up with a blank ”?” where the image should be.

I have checked that I am using PHP5 and also using Wordpress 2.9 and my permissions are correct 755.

Still no luck, please help!

Web address is www.stcresearchgroup.co.uk

Excellent theme! I just need to know how I can change the font color in “Home info text” box. Thanks!

Coagent Purchased

Does this theme support IE 6 ?

Coagent Purchased

Good theme! I want to know how to put 8 box to home page below the silder. Thank you.

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Hi there,

I purchased the theme and it works fine. I would just like to change the slide animation and stop it from bouncing. I want a more smoother transition/slide animation without the bounce. Please assist!!!


I have any problem upload image at Home Bar/ Home Box. Any errors display dialog box is Obrazok sa nepodarilo uploadovat’!

Please help me how i can fix it


Hi, I’m working on this website: http://www.la-colombaia.it/ and I’d like to have a drop down menu in the sidebar only for subpages and nothing when the main page hasn’t any subpage. Could you help me? Thanks

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I have any problem about upload image at Home Bar/Home Box widget. Here is error : Obrazok sa nepodarilo uploadovat’!

Please help me how can i fix it?


I am having problems linking the contact buttons at the top of the page. The theme options only let me choose that text name of the page, not, for example, ?page_id=132.

How do I get around this as people are currently being taken to “Page not found”?

I’m new to Wordpress. Here’s the issue. I followed the directions to import the template and when I get to the step Tools==>Import. There is no option as described in the documentation.

Please help?


Being that it seems the theme author isn’t inclined to offer anymore assistance here, I think I can assist you as I had the same problem/confusion.

In Tools > Import, select Wordpress as the import option.

That worked for me.


Is it possible to configure two blog pages, “Prensa” and “Blog”

The site is this… www.lextic.com



I’d like to remove the drop-down menu but keep “horizontal” menu. How can I do it?

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Coud you tell me how to put a link on the slidedown pictures in the top?

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How come there is no more support for this theme????? I bought the theme, used it on my project and I am now stuck with no support!!!

It has been 20 days, no feedback??? I am very disappointed in your support on this theme Affinity/it, very disappointed I must admit!!!

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Nice theme, but need your support. i wanted the box below the slider should have full images but its not coming in the full box. need support for that.



I’m VERY new to this. What does the dummy data thing mean? I need to use a contact form which sends an email automatically and for this I use Contact Form 7 plug-in – does this theme have this sort of capability?

Thanks and sorry for being a touch thick!

How can I change the frontpage slideshow transition? Unfortunately I don’t know jQuery at all. IMHO the bounce transition is quite annoying/invasive.

Also the manual says no word about the breadcrumb. I’ve figured it out anyway – it’s necessary to install the WP BreadCrumb navXT plugin and it appears then automatically in the frontend.


How can I make the room reservation box? When I bought the theme I was 100% sure it is included as it’s being advertised like that….. I like the theme but it was a BIG disappointment and the option was one of the strong reasons I decided to buy the theme.