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Thanks but I need this fixed please assist me tell me how send me a file something!

I need to remove the you tube video ASAP!!!

we fixed this. Can you please send us mail using our TF profile so that we can send you file.

don’t worry I have fixed it (very poor service)

We were updating. Now it is up to date. video was missing in module and was fixed in code. We were updating the module with more options. That’s why taking some time and we wanted to send this updated module by mail.

Anyway thanks

I have uploaded the quick start package and install it. It works fine but i am facing one problem. I didn’t find the place in the module “Module Mod Pr Slider Module” to add video. please let me know how can i add video. Also, in this module you restrict only add 3 images but i want to add more and in the 2nd image tab title one and title two are repeating (means title one display two time and didn’t show title two). Please help me how can i resolve this problem.


yes i have download and install it but the main slider images are not showing full page like before. Please visit the URL below: http://onshabab.com/3savenue/kafytvprograms/

can you add two more slides in the “Module Mod Pr Slider Module” please.

please mail us using our TF profile so that we can send you file.

You didn’t fix the banner yet, like you said you did. This is a snapshot of full screen in firefox https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84241329/joomla/firefox-demo.jpg

We fixed image load later problem.thanks for your observation. We working on it.

Same problem with banner as created4design. Any idea when this will be fixed and in your demo it is working but not in the 3.0 quickstart package.

Did not receive it. also not in spam box. Any news on the slder yet? You can see problems live at www.dogclub.nl

Please confirm your email so that we can send mail with files. thanks

I have confirmed email and have send an extra one

Thanks for the update. I have installed onto a new site. Does everything have to be done via the admin panel? It’s not very user friendly for clients who only have front end access to recreate similar portfolio feel etc Can they edit these elements via the front?

thanks for advise. Generally only content can be edited from front end. all extension can be edited from back end.

We will think your point from our next project.

...also have the same problem with the banner/slider not filling and images overlapping each other. Similarly, many of the modules only allow you to add 3 images / testimonials. I have several testimonials to add?

please send mail from our themeforest profile so that we can send you a mail with files.


Our module testimonial has sample input of 3 but it is driven by k2 category. So you can unlimited testimonials.

Are all these issues fixed. I like the design and want to purchase, but not feeling too confident now. please assure. Also wanted to know what version of PHP does it require?

thanks for your interest. please see our demo. issues are fixed. but clients want other things,facing problem with use something. this is common cause that’s why we have a support team. we give support from installing help to critical help.

for joomla 2.5 version php 5 version is enough but for joomla 3.0 version there need minimum 5.3.2 php version.


Still no mail?

Sent mail . Please check.

  • mail sent…


I m having problems with puting files on the server from quickstart3.1 It seems than not all files can be uploaded (I tried with Cute FTP, fileZilla. I even tried to extract zip file on the server but not all files are been extracted. Please help. I uploaded numeros joomla instalations and I neve had that kind of problem.



please mail us your hosting information from our TF profile. We will give you the by mail.


I fix it…it was the problem on my server

thanks :) if you need any other help please send this to our mail. we are updating this template with revolution slider. work is going to complete.

keep in touch :)

Home page slider does not re-size, also transition between slides is not working. I have emailed you several days ago, from your profile page but I have not got any reply so far. (email includes ftp info with log-in)

Let us know, still if you need help

I did not receive any notifications? How do I update my template? Do I need to reinstall entire website?

TF automatically send the notification. our update version has e-commerce integration. if you need e-commerce with joomla 2.5.x version then there need reinstall. if you need to change slider then there need only slider extension installation.

if you have no problem, please reinstall the update . thanks


I would like to make you some questions. I have developed projects with PrestaShop, OpenCart and WordPress but with Joomla I’m a total newbie. So I hope the questions are not too stupid.

It can be done with this theme something like this:


That is, a huge image above with side menu (left) or top menu. Also, and that’s very important, I have to put some services to hire like a products shop with payment services..etc..

You can do all of this?

Thank you.

Our template multipurpose as well as e-cart integrated. Your given site can be made using this template. We have a team for customize service. Please send us mail using our TF profile or you can give your mail address so that we can send mail.



Want to buy this template for a client. Was wondering for the responsive design is it better to install under Joomla 2.5.x or Joomla 3.x?

I know that Joomla 3.x is responsive “out of the box”.

Thank you

Our both version is responsive. thanks

Is this template Bootstrap or integrates with bootstrap

If I buy this template… can we hire you to help place our current site in a chosen layout?

This is built with T3 framework which has bootstrap support. But developer needs to learn T3 framework to work in core level programming.

We have a team. you can hire us to work.

Please contact us using our themeforest profile.


please visit www.isellhomes.com as this is the site that we would consider hiring you and your team to migrate into your template. We are trying to somewhat mirror this site http://www.coldwellbanker.com and your template seems to be very close and we like your work. Please let me know if this is something you can do for us?



Hello David, Please send a mail using our themeforest profile. thanks

When I edited the Categories to match my client, they no longer display items.

Also, one of the categories gets duplicated

Any ideas?


Please send us mail with your site administrator information using our themeforest profile so that we can find the problem and give you the solution.


I sent you a message.

we got this. Give you solution as soon as possible.

Hi, this a nice theme but with some disadvanteges. Using it on mobile phone, the solution of the menu is very poor. Especially on my WindowsPhone, the menu overlaps.

Second proglem is megamenu. If you have submenus, it only opens on the right side. So if you have a smaller resolution, you don’t see the menues. It should be flexible, so that it can open on right of left side, depending on window size or display resolution

thanks. we are going to check this. we are continuously updating this.

keep in touch with our support mail.

There is a option in template manager to select the navigation direction.


I have a problem with the images that appear on the slider. When I resize the window does not resize images correctly, but it will stretch. You can check at the following address: http://s454210856.mialojamiento.es/signlab2/.

I need a solution.

may be you used here our previous version. we updated this using revolution slider. you can download our latest version from themeforest.

if you need to add this on your ongoing site, you need to install the slider extension from latest update.

if you need still help, please send administrator information using our themeforest profile, our support team will help to fix this online.


Hello, I have installed your theme from quickstart and everything was fine until i made update. I have no backup and since backup it shows: 0 – Property db does not exist

Now site doesnt load on front end, only back end

may be you didn’t install sample data. please follow this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsE4yVE5ioE&feature=youtu.be

if you need still help, please mail us.


this theme is a shit, is avery big CHAPUZA

what kind of problem did you face? many clients use this without any problem. here we have a support team also to give proper support.

Please mail us using our themeforest profile. We must solve your problem.


please tell the problem. it’s very important to us.

we are waiting for your problem. but you didn’t tell this yet. why did you make this rough comment as well as bad review?

we said also that we have a support team to give you perfect support.

If anyone find any problem, please let us know at first. we have a support team to solve problems.


Hello, I have run into 2 issues. 1st. When ever i click on a artist from this link http://www.digiplayonline.com/index.php/music-media the menu css looks like it changes and the menu bar looks different http://www.digiplayonline.com/index.php/component/muscol/L/17-luke-bryan is an example of the menu being changed. Issue #2 on the homepage, the slider is not responsive for some reason http://www.digiplayonline.com/ when you change devices or screen size it doesnt look correct?

Would appreciate any help, thanks

please check your mail. thanks