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Does this theme support Kunena forum extension?

We didn’t add this extension but you can install this and it will work. thanks

there CLIENT TESTIMONIALS modules i write all fine but every post after Web Designer write i how change that? i need write diffrent word

Thanks for your message. please add this css in custom.css file. where in place of Your text which has been highlighted please input your required text.

.ns2-author:after{ content: “Your text”!important;} .authorebold1{display:none;}

I wish this will help you to get the requirement. After this if you get more problem then please send message using our TF profile mentioning your site administrator access details.

i give you my ftp and administrator acces please help me

Hi, I need your help to resolve an error message I get with UniverseFolio Template, this is the message :”Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in D:\XAMPP181\htdocs\UbuyVM\modules\mod_3jon_carousel\tmpl\default.php on line 52.”. The error is the result of clicking on Services menu. The template UniversFolio is installed on a Windows 7 with XAMPP181. I’ve just installed the template downloading the latest version of UniverseFolio Template.

please send us your site information using our TF profile so that we can check.

Sorry to post this after sending an email already but I just noticed this area to make comments and I am on a time crunch. I am getting errors regarding the k2helper.php file for both News Show and Portfolio modules.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/kairidge/public_html/modules/mod_news_show_sp2/k2helper.php on line 1

Can you please help?

we sent you a mail.

I just downloaded the updated news_show_sp2 module and uploaded the k2helper.php file to both module directories I was having problems with. Now the mods work fine.



I have sent various request via email webPentagon and had no response yet and I am pressed for time. The issue I have is that when I create a K2 item it displays on the sidebar position and not in the normal content area (as with normal content article). I have tried everything, but cannot get it to display in correct position. What can I do to fix this. Please help, I am running out of time and options. Please see here: http://lithon.com.www61.jnb2.host-h.net/index.php/resrouces/management

Still waiting for an answer?!

I sent you a mail with saying ” We have checked your site. Could you please send me the administration access detail. We need to check the menu type as well as your k2 setting. ” after this mail you didn’t reply.

I sent details, please just tell me what was the solution if you find a fix.

Hello, I assume Virtuemart is only available for 2.5?

I cannot figure out how to modify some of the sidebar content on the RECENT WORKS section.

I would like to remove “WHAT WE DID” and “RECENT WORKS” (below image). Also need to edit the “Visit Project” hyperlink.


Thank you

please sent us a mail using our themeforest profile so that we can give you solution by mail.

you can send mail using our themeforest profile. http://themeforest.net/user/webPentagon bottom right side you will get area to write and send.


Hello, your template is really nice.

I have a problem with smartphones low resolution.

The menu goes under the logo and not to the left

Sorry for my english

I await an answer

please send you site information to our mail. you can send us mail using our themeforest profile.


Hi, i want to buy this template, but i need to know if it is possible to autoplay the video in the header slideshow ? Thank you for your fast answer.

Kind regards. Sébastien

thanks for your query. Right now video doesn’t play auto.

But it is possible to auto play the video in slider. I checked the slider and got the option to make the auto play enable or disable.

sorry for my previous message.



I’m using the universfolio template on http://jam-bouwadvies.nl

The template documentation says it’s compatible with IE8, IE9, IE10. In these versions and IE7 as well, the site is displayed differently then in other browsers.

Via http://netrenderer.com/index.php you can see the different versions. E.g. in firefox you can see the correct version.

Could you please tell me what to do to make the different IE browser versions display the site correctly? Thanks already.

Kind regards.

Rob Cuijvers RCWebdesign

we didn’t give support for IE7 as this is too old and inappropriate. Please use latest IE. IE9 & IE10 are ok. IE8 gives maximum output as some recent js effect don’t suppport IE8

we have purchased universfolio joomla theme .While customizing css as per our requirement ,it is automatically revert back my changes.Could you please suggest how we can retain CSS changes .

Awaiting your reply.

We have worked open CSS files which exist in t3-assets folder.Customized few of the CSS and uploaded at the same location. We tried Compile Less to CSS option for universefolio – Default theme and it again reset our CSS to default CSS.Footer , breadcrumb etc. have been reset .

Awaiting your reply.

css files under t3-assets are cache based css. editing in these file will not show effect.you need to edit css files under template folder.


Thanks for your support. We tried to update Home.css under template folder to change the page title,but it won’t reflect on website.If we update the same from public_html/t3-assets/css/ folder then it does reflect the changes but after some time all changes reverted back. Please let us know how we can fix this issue .Where exactly we update the css .

Please send us site admin information to our mail using TF profile. we will check this.


Hi, I purchased your template and I needed to edit css to show an custom module over the slider: you can see result on http://demo5.andreabellidesign.it

I published my module in t3-slide position, and I added this code to templates/universefolio/css/themes/blue/template.css

form.Chronoform { background-color: #FFFFFF; border: 3px solid #C0C0C0; left: 60%; position: relative; top: -500px; width: 300px; z-index: 100000; }

Now, slider and my module overleap…but there is blank space between bottom margin of slider and other modules in other positions.

Can you help me to remove this blank space?

Thank you.

We have sent you a mail. Please help us to give our requested information.We must solve this.


Hi ,

Thanks for your support .It works for me .Could you please let us know ,which css we can customize to update the virtue mart pages .

Hi ,

Could you please suggest ,Which CSS we can use to update the virtue mart pages.

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you.

virtue mart css is under custom.css file under tempate folder. we just override css of vm. you can inspect and find this css.


Hi ,

We are awaiting your reply for virtue mart CSS .

Looking forward for your prompt response.

please check your mail thnx :)

Hi, This theme is great! Could you please tell me when the next update will be available?

Also, I am interested to buy the newest version possible and regarding this, after I buy one version and you release other versions in time, will I have access to the fixes/patches? what about full support for Joomla 3.2 and when Joomla releases important updates, will the theme still work? Thank you!

Right I’m not able to tell the time line. I’ll let you know.

Thanks for your reply. What about the other points? If I buy the theme now, will I have access later to newer versions of it, fixes and such? and when Joomla 3.5 will be out, will you offer any support on updating the theme to work correctly on that version too?

Considering the fact that Joomla gives continuous updates, I am mainly interested to update joomla because of the security threads and that is why I would like to know if the theme can keep up the Joomla latest updates :)

Manny Thanks!

We are not able to give the time line of update.

hello web are you so helpfull thank you very much i need ask one more we are how change logo size ? height weight ? please

logo css code is in custom.css file under template folder. if you will sent us mail with your logo size , we can guide specific.