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Great theme!

and oh, Nice logo ;D.


Thanks a lot Kev,

That’s our first comment on our first template and we are really glad it is a positive one :)


If it was in Wordpress format. I’d have bought it instantly! Sadly i’m not skilled enough to work through psd files. Beautiful theme!

Hey Sarah!

We are really thankful for your comment! We do plan to make a wordpress and a html version of this theme, but as there are other themes in the works as well, the estimated release time of the html version is late june-early july, and the estimated release time of the wp version is late july.

In case you need any help, let us know.


Looking forward to purchasing the WP version of this. The features you have in shown in the PSD makes it worth the wait. Great job—now hurry! : )

Hey kmbold,

Thanks for the kind words!

We’ll do our best to finish it ASAP !

Thanks :)

When is the html version coming out

Hey kingappdesigns,

There is a WordPress version coming later this week (hopefully).


i what html file ?

I bought this psd because I’m a programmer and I wanted to turn it into a website for a customer. Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to style the page borders and page background… holy s* I’m not good at it :(

do you have any implementation of this on a website?

Did the WordPress version of this ever get released? I have a new client who this would be perfect for!!! Thanks!