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Wordpress this and I will be your first buyer!


Hi @ nickasolas, not planned yet but might be in future. drop us an email and if we have it in near future we will notify you.

Nice to see something a little different. Well done.


Hi @ danlarkam, thanks for your positive feedback ,. look forward to hear more from you.

A very nice theme with certainly some nice extras. I wish I worked with educational clients, ... did you consider other uses for the theme when you were developing this?



Are you planning a Wordpress version?? If so i will buy.


Hi @ ct1410, not planned yet but might be in future. drop us an email and if we have it in near future we will notify you.

Wordpress version in the works? I would 100% buy that..


Hi @ wdesousa, not planned yet but might be in future.

thanks for the html version. our school uses a larger different cms than wordpress, so this is immensely helpful.


HI @ majorkate, Thanks for your positive feedback .Wish you good luck with your work !!

I will buy this edition, with or without WordPress. This nice thing is that it is entirely adaptable for many non-educational segments. Thanks for the cool product.


Hi @ bizdata-graphicriver, Thanks for your positive comments and feedback. Look forward to hear more from you.

Guys Im waiting for your WP templates! come on! Your portfolio is awesome but in WP please!


Hi @ Daniel_R, Thanks for showing interest in our templates. Unfortunately we dont have word press version availabe at present but there might be some time later in future cant promise you yet.

drmoody Purchased

Sensational site but I’ve just discovered there is no working contact form. I should have asked first before I bought it as I’ve never successfully added a php script to a static form. Any chance you could fix this up.

Pretty please??


Hi @ drmoody, Could you please send us an email of what exactly you require and we will email you the quote.

Brilliant template! Just wanna ask couple questions before purchasing:

1. Is the Contract Form working?

2. Is the Course Finder search working?

3. Is the template editable? For example, if I don’t need the “Affiliations” on the main page. I can just delete that specific Div, right?

Thanks :)


Hi @ edithchandesign, This is just an HTML and CSS template, hence the contact form and searh box is not functional. The template can be editied and get customised.

drmoody Purchased

Thanks but I’m sure i’ll figure it out.

Just any quick question – the links have a “rollover” state but not a “selected” state, and ideas of a fix for this


Hi @ drmoody’, Could you please tell us some more details that what rollover you are having problem with. If you could kindlly send us an email from our portfolio. We will get back to you.

Hi ChimpStudio,

This is a beautiful template—better than any WordPress educational templates I’ve seen. You did a GREAT job! This looks like just what I’m looking for, but unfortunately, I’m accustomed to using WordPress. Would it be a disaster to purchase this template when I know little or nothing about joomla? I found a Joomla manual that’s supposed to help you get accustomed to using the software, but I just don’t want to spend more time trying to figure out what I’m doing than I spend running the site. In your opinion, is it difficult to switch to joomla? Any light you can shed on this before I make a purchase would be greatly appreciated.

Rita Lorraine


Hi @ RitaLorraine, Thanks for you positive feedback, As far as you enquiry about joomla we are not expert in this. we would advice you to consult joomla support team in order to get answer for your queries.Thanks

psamas Purchased

Hi Chimp…

First of all, nice template… very simple to use and nice design!

I have a problem and need your help to can fix it. When I write sentences with: “ç, ã, á, à, for exemple”, I cant see these words in WEB . They appear in DW, but they dont in preview/web.

How can i fix it, have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.



Hi @ psamas, It is because of cufon. You will have to regenerate these fonts with all these specs. You can regenerate it using http://cufon.shoqolate.com/

IE9 does not show Headings… Any suggestions?

Hi @chimpstudio, Please can you let me know if this template can be converted to the latest version of Joomla for CMS ? We are very excited about this design and I am interested in purchasing the extended license, however it has to be able to be managed by Joomla. Please let me know if this is a possibility. Thank you very much, look forward to your reply. Moaz

@Redis – IE9 will not show the headings because the cufon-yui.js file needs to be updated to the latest version. Go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ and click on the ‘Download’ link. Then it is a simple case of copying the code, and pasting it over your existing cufon-yui.js file, then upload to your server.

Can I change the color scheme? I want to make beige color.


Hi @ imagejan, It comes with four different colour schemes to choose from. If you would like to use colour scheme of your choice you will need to get it customise.

hi nice template.

I would like to know how to configurate the login part to permit to student to have a personal accès to some informations.


Hi @ escag, This is just an HTML and CSS template. you will need to customise it in order to make it fully functional.

Do you have WordPress version of it? Or can you convert it to WordPress for a charge? I brought HTML verison but I want a WordPress version. Thanks!


Hi @ edithchandesign, sorry no WP version available.

Philly31 Purchased

I’d like the footer background to extend the entire width of the screen regardless of the visitor’s screen resolution (like the header does). How do I edit the CSS to make it do so? Thanks!