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Awesome theme! Good job ;)


Thank you tagDiv. :)

Awesome! What a great looking theme! Was waiting for this one (otherwise would have bought BigOne ;))...

Good luck with the sales!

Just one question, I see only one language flag (English), how easy is it to setup another one and how is this supported by this theme?


Thanks for the quick reply. I will buy this theme today!


And as we speak, I am your first buyer :)


Thank you erspoelstra. I hope it would serve you well! I am working on improved documentation at the moment. If the existent docs are too basic for you until I finish the new one, don’t hesitate to ask questions. :)

Hi very nice, great demo images as well in sliders. If we want to recreate this demo ourself do you have the location and id’s where you got these iamges?


Hello nokiko,

Al images were purchased from PhotoDune. I could give you the links if you want to support their authors and buy the images.


thanks for the quicks update. would be nice if you can give me the links ( even without this template I see use for some of them in my own work ) do you want me to send you an email through your profile page?


OK. Send me an e-mail, but just tell me exactly which images you’re interested in. There are more than 100 used in the theme so it would be better if I know exactly which links to send. ;) I am glad to support those great authors and I would even post links to their profiles in the theme description.

Great theme Koev :)


Thank you, Bilbo. I am glad you like it. ;)

Good work bro! :)


Blagodaria! ;)

Awesome theme, looks like you have put great efforts on it. Congrats !


Thank you, Dinesh! :)

Nice theme. Have a few questions for you.

1) Any core files were modified? 2) any plans to have a larger canvas area? 1170px maybe?


Hello 3antz,

that would depend on the specific extension and how it’s built. I can’t say for sure. Even if it’s made with a vqmod techniques instead of modifying core files, Imagine hypothetically that you have an extension depending on the original file I have already altered with another vqmod. It would be just the same conflict you would have if it wasn’t a vqmod but core modification. Unfortunately this is how OC is built. And honestly I’ve never liked the vqmod approach as it’s using a brute force changes. It’s always better to use an installable module OR adapt the code. At least until Daniel Kerr change the system engine to a more flexible one.


All in all – I can’t guarantee every extension would work straight away, without modification. The price-filter alone depends on changes in 3 core files. And there are changes in almost every controller for such a complex theme. The good thing is I am always trying to add new code instead of changing the existing functions, but that’s not always possible. There are better chances (compared to other custom themes) that most of the extensions would work, but no one could give you a 100% guaranties.


noted on this. many thanks. It’s a great theme

Awessome work. Gongruts Koev, hope you have a lot of sales. I will come back for this soon. I will contact you for some details cause i have a big e-shop (opencart based) and i want to update it with this theme.



Thank you miliopoulos! :)

I have been reviewing opencart templates for a very long time and I am glad my patience won out and I waited. When I started last year there were several things I wanted to include that you have now encompassed into one template. I was ready to buy the “Big One” because I loved the layout and especially the menu system going down the left side (the only thing is I wished it could have been part of the black tab that you put your orange logo on so that it would always be visible) right thru to the elegant refine search landing page and “NO MENU CLUTTER” that is so common in most templates. I have some questions regarding my wishlist that I hope you can help me out with because I know it is difficult to show all the options in a template when you have so many.

1. Does UniVersum have an alternate layout option for the menu system within the admin panel? (why I asked is that I love the layout of Universum but the Big One’s menu is a winner – it’s so out of the box, I love it).

2. Within your news section, can we setup blogging as well? Do users have ability to comment on a news article like in blogging? I purchased Blog Manager from Qahar about 2-3 months ago and at first look they seem similiar. If not would I be able to install his Blog Manager in your Universum template without compatibility issues?

3. Within all the modules you have included in Universum, did you happen to also include and option in the admin panel for the “all in one” category carousal for best sellers/latest/featured (or other categories) that seems to be getting more popular finally (like humbleshop and cupid and re-gen etc). It takes up a small footprint in 1 row and you click on the individual tab to see that category. I find that is so much better on a home page than scrolling down and viewing several rows of information.

I would appreciate any assistance with the above. I look forward to testing it some more and exploring the admin panel in depth. Most likely will have more questions…lol.

Keep up the great work.



Hello Susan,

Thank you for your kind words. Please find my answers below:

1. Yes, the UniVersum have 2 types of menu available. MegaMenu and OpenCart default – both working with the custom links feature. However, I am afraid it’s not possible to have exactly the same menu style like BigOne, because of the difference in the layout.

2. I am afraid not. It’s a news section and doesn’t have blogging capabilities such as comments, categories etc. I know Qahar’s Blog manager and it’s a brilliant extension. May be I’ll make the theme “Blog Manager ready” with the next update. It would probably works straight away without modifications but the styling would be different and would probably look like a patch.

3. I am afraid I don’t have such plans. It looks nice, but it’s not a good practice in terms of SEO and user experience. Sometimes there are things that look really nice, but doesn’t work well in real-life and my personal opinion is that this is one of those things. :)

Hope this helps.

does it work with these module before i buy it as i am not developer but straight buyer don’t have too much knowledge only basic so looking forward to create ecommerce site for my business

1 .http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=4168&filter_search=mobile&filter_download_id=28

2. http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=9728

3.also can we increase size of image in drop down menu ? 4.Is it possible to add Custom Link in menu so that i can redirect people to phpbb forum for support and discussion 5. In future is it possible to comment on news or add blog ?

Last not least one of the best theme i have seen . you just got a fan of your themes :)


Hello mastersquall,

I don’t know would it work, because I don’t know how those modules were built and what do they change.

The image size in menu could be increased but that would require also the CSS to be adapted.

I don’t have plans to add blog functionality to the news section, but I plan to make the theme “Blog manager ready” with the next update.


please koev Sir please see if you can make Step-by-step Product Configurator [VQMOD] compatible with your theme according to auther it will work with any theme as it uses its own theme but if any problem appear will you help me .

i will buy it see if it work for me cross-finger i hope above module work with your theme as my ecommerce site is all about product configuration .

About blog manager – so we can use it in place of news layout right ? for latest blog

Awsum theme.. “Keep up the Good Work”

As your are well aware that I have already purchased your two themes .i.e Big One & Spicy one. Just want to inform that I have encountered a tags issue in them. Just wanted to confirm before taking the next step for this theme, Do tags work are in working condition..??

Besides this any upcoming plans for upgrade..?? So that i can wait for some more time…


Dude, even I don’t wish to discuss about the same on this theme forum. My concern here was only to appreciate about your magnificent theme, I really liked it so much but would definitely await for new updates .i.e. “Blog Manager ready” , “Newsletter Sing-up” and many more to experience and unleash of your creativity.


Hello Mahiikbr,

Never said anything about Newsletter sign-up! :) As for the “Blog Manager ready” – it would take some time, but I’ll definitely add this as it would be a huge bonus to customers.


Hello, I know you haven’t commented anything about “Newsletter sign-up!” But It will be great if you update the same. However, as a customer I can only put my views which would be more easier for every individual.

i500 Purchased

I have 2 problems

the filemanager is an error: Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTP_IMAGE – assumed ‘HTTP_IMAGE’ in /admin/controller/common/filemanager.php on line 35

and when I make changes to the theme nothing save

thank you for your help


I assume it is – if so I found the problem with the file manager. Send me an e-mail and I’ll give you the fixed filemanager.php if you don’t want to wait for the update.

i500 Purchased

Thank you, I send you my email directly from your profile


Hello i500,

the theme was updated/upgraded several times since your last message. You only need to re-download the theme files now. All updates are already available.

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Excellent theme! Well done, Koev! I sent you few questions I have! p.s. this comments section does not support Cyrillic characters! :(


Thank you for your kind words plamenski,

I am going to check your e-mail a bit later when I go to the office (in an hour probably)

Hi Koev,

Thanks for this lovely feature rich theme. I have sent you an email about the problem I am facing with setting up the theme.



Hello ngaloriginals,

thank you for your kind words. I am going to check your e-mail a bit later when I go to the office (in an hour probably)

Does it work on version ??


Hello devilmaycry,

I am afraid not. the theme is only compatible with and

yeah im going to buy this one, so support for blog manager would be nice ! Its a buy for me anyway good work ..


Hello webxtreme84,

the blog manager would work bolt-on with this theme. However, I am going to create a skin and few additional controls for it in order to make it really “Blog manager ready”. This would take some time though.

Maxeam Purchased

hi, good job. i really enjoy it. while installing 2 questions appear, maybe you can help. 1. how to reduce indent between menu and slider on the homepage? 2. while uploading images there aren’t preview of them.

Could you advice how to fix it

http://gyazo.com/3d9022c16a7187702b3097c23070c0e7 http://gyazo.com/c4d41d8a746b6538256876abc473db18

Hello maxeam,

1. You would need to reduce the margin of the slideshow module container ”.slideshow, .slideshow-accordeon” in the CSS file (line 2794)

2. It looks like a server permissions problem. Maybe your image folder doesn’t have the right permisions (757)

monica10 Purchased

Well first of all congratulations for creating the theme, just that I need help to install, did uplod to the server configured in the theme admin OpenCart, but when I try to see the front of the store appears the following error (Parse error: error syntax, unexpected ‘}’ line 115) I have no experience in codes and need help, now thanks!


Hello monica10,

I would need more information on this. Could you, please send me an e-mail with link to your store.


Hello everybody,

the theme was updated to fix an error in file manager for OC version.

If you’re using OpenCart, please re-download the theme and use the new files.

Best regards, Dimitar Koev