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digorev Purchased

Hi again! In navigation menu tab “shop by brand”. How can i do it in 2 rows when i’m using opencart default menu type? Thanks!!


Hello digorev,

I am afraid you can’t control that.

3rbshops Purchased

thank you . already figured how to fix after reading all comments. but i have another issue : i installed full blog manager ,, when responsive the related products for an article got missed . Best Regards.


Hello 3rbshops,

I have just checked and they work fine for me.

Hi Like the theme – but noticed that on IE9 and Firefox that on mouseover the menu dropdown disappears and cant be selected. CUSTOMMENUITEMS AND MORE THEMES BY KOEV WORKS. Also the facebook links are out of sync in IE works alright in FIrefox. I bought previously the BIG-ONE, but I like this theme better – but before I purchase it I like it to work properly in IE and Firefox.



Hello peja,

I have just checked and everything works fine here on IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari for Windows…

As for the “facebook links” I am afraid I don’t understand what do you mean. Could you please explain more?

jvcny28 Purchased


I love you theme, however, I am having a little issue. For some reason none of my payment options are visible on the step of the checkout. I can choice either paypal or credit cart, when I click continue, the final step is blank. Any idea what could be going wrong?

Thanks, Jason


Hello jvcny28,

I would need to see this problem “live”. Could you please send me an e-mail with link to your store and temporary admin access?

jvcny28 Purchased

SO I am looking in the error log and it seems as though none of the payment modules will lode, here is the error.

2013-03-06 22:35:21 – PHP Notice: Error: Could not load template /home/dkorrlif/public_html/catalog/view/theme/default/template/payment/pp_standard.tpl! in /home/dkorrlif/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 75


Well… it looks like the default theme files are not there. Did you deleted the default theme? OpenCart have fallback system and depends on that files.

jvcny28 Purchased

Figured it out. Thanks.

Hey Koev,

Nice theme, but still some little bugs like loading3.gif is getting called from opencart directory not from image folder also you are trying to put span tag in title tag didn`t knew it`s possible(remove it asap). And in my admin when i save different color it`s not saving it and in front end i can`t see changes which really freaks the shit out of me.



Hello kwesiarmah,

Could you please tell which OC version and theme version are you using?

There is no problem to have a span in the title and I would definitely NOT remove it. Inserting span element in any kind of text is absolutely valid HTML.

Did you enabled the theme options module? There is a drop-down enabled/disabled on the page bottom.

andrej82 Purchased

Dear Koev,

Could you tell me how i could change color of text for product description in CKeditor? Where I could find css for formatting styles?



interesuva me dali temata e suvmestima s platenata dobavka Bulgarian Language Packs ?



A found a bug: when somebody use the shop by price filter a loading animation should load in, but its missing, because Opencart search it in the base directory, but its in the /image dir. So category controller should be modified in line 199 to $this->data[‘shopbypricefilter_loading’] = HTTP_SERVER . ‘image/’ .’loading3.gif’;

Best Regard, László!

khairi87 Purchased

hi koev, i just brought your theme but after install, when i view the store front, its blank..nothing.. what happend actualy?? can u guide me how to install properly??

khairi87 Purchased

hi koev, where is the blog manager?? i don’t have it. why??

Hi Koev!

in IE9 (also ie8 but this is not important) the phone-circle,search and other “animated” png’s dont work.. It is possible to fix it?

Also, with IE9,IE8 and OPERA! in the news page the social buttons not realy vertical, check your page here:

sl4ck3r Purchased

Hi Koev,

First of all congrats on a great template. I have followed the instrations and copied the files over the clean OC and enabled all the plugins. After enabling the template on my localhost server and switching colors, changing settings does not have any effect. The page is still red although I selected blue, social plugins, sliders and any other features are not working.

UPDATE: one little thing – after enabling the custom options everything started to work ;)

sl4ck3r Purchased

Although it would be nice to have the sql file and some sample content to make it even faster ;)

Hi there, I like your theme, can I set the target of page of the Custom menu item? also where I can set those setting in the admin panel? thanks for your kindly regards. also if I’m not going to use the blog function and didn’t buy any blog extension in it, can the others parts still working normally? also, where I can view the “FACEBOOK COMMENTS on news!” ?


totals Purchased

Hi, what is the “translation bath ” for admin and front-end ?


Hi. I bought it. i cant found this two modul. First : Right to Welcome to UniVersum ( into the image http://universumtheme.com/image/cache/data/banner4-210x336.jpg )

Secondly : bottom of “Universum Flex slideshow Module” ( into the control pange huge, built in cutsom news and … ajax )

baloo13 Purchased


there is a problem with the product option file: (file upload) the options in settings—server are correct but when i try to upload an image .jpg, .png… or any other supported file it says invalid file type!

Hi Koev,

Need your help to add the category pages price filter on one of the filter extension that has category.tlp file files. The extension has it own price filter but I don’t won’t to use that as it creates confusion for the users and the two price filters cannot work in tandem. Please help me know the code that is added on category files to display price filter.

Kind Regards,