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Adrewx Purchased

Hi Koev

Could you help me? because i didn’t manage to have the same appareance of yours! i read your documentation, but i didn’t manage to do it like your version!

When i clicked on full with or boxed, anything change …

baselma Purchased

I installed with my offspring, but in many places it gives an error How you can help

Yasohira Purchased

Hi Koev Could you please inform me how to add the contact Number in the header also in the footer how to add timing and so. I have done this before and I forget how.

Kindly advice Regards

Hello, this theme is very nice! Two quick questions…my husband is pretty handy when it comes to code. But I wanted to ask before I purchase and set him to work customizing for me…

1) Would the product pages work with a square (or horizontal) image vs. the vertical currently displayed. Or will the info on the right and bottom not wrap around the new image size?

2) Can the Catalog mode be applied on the category level vs full store? I like to show my past jewelry pieces to inspire custom order ideas…but they are not for sale.

Thanks for any info! Sara

tunel Purchased

When i clicked on full with or boxed, anything change … -> Me too.

Nothing changes. Are permissions or other misconfiguration ?

Can you hel us ? Thanks.

Adrewx Purchased

Finally! it’s done! it’s ok!

great template my friend

Hi, i like your theme, but can i add another column on homepage so that i have a 3 column design.

sidebar | featured products | sidebar


Hi Koev, I would like to my product details page looks like http://trandaracing.theme-opencart.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=78 without tabs… Send me a modified product.tpl file too please, my opencart is Thank you in advanced

Hi, how can I use my own fonts for the whole site? I have change the the css file, but seem not working, I’m using the chinese font by the way, thanks!

muratt Purchased

<title> Universum Theme Options</title>

1.Universum Theme Options page tittle.how can i solve. 2.My site default language Turkish, some words still English, how can i translate Turkish > customer support, wish list, Have a Question etc… Thanks.

muratt Purchased

i solved my 2.problem :)


Hello everybody,

I am Koev’s friend and writing on his behalf to inform you that Koev is ill amd wouldn’t ne avaialable for few more days. Nothig really serious but he needs to keep the bed for a while.


Get well soon Koev!

Just checking in to say great theme. Just seen it and checking out for a future project. Can the height of the slider image be changed?


There is any feature in the theme to display the number of products per category in the main menu’s sub categories?

Best Regard, László!

Hi, my site show me a problem: Notice: Undefined variable: fbmetas in /home/wheyprotein/www/loja/catalog/view/theme/Universum/template/common/header.tpl on line 7Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/wheyprotein/www/loja/catalog/view/theme/Universum/template/common/header.tpl on line 7

Notice: Undefined variable: modules in /home/wheyprotein/www/loja/catalog/view/theme/Universum/template/common/header.tpl on line 461

Can you help me? http://wheyprotein.com.br/loja/

Now show me this problems too:

Notice: Undefined variable: special in /home/wheyprotein/www/loja/catalog/view/theme/Universum/template/common/Universum_menu.php on line 56 Fatal error: Call to a member function getManufacturers() on a non-object in /home/wheyprotein/www/loja/catalog/view/theme/Universum/template/common/Universum_menu.php on line 60


First, thanks for an amazing theme!

I have one mall question, that might very well be due to my own lack of knowledge, but anyway:

The countdown on specials is utterly awesome, and I’m gonna use it a lot. But … when I put the pointer on the product (when in category with many small images) the awesome countdown “pushes” away the product link upwards and it’s not possible to click to the product page. I can only add to cart, put in favourites etc.

Something I missed, or is this just a good way to make customers click “buy” insted of just getting more info? ;-)

Any input appreciated.

Best regards

Hi, its my 3rth message about facebook app on footer plz can you give us support to fix the issue