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Im going through your documentation and am stuck.

2.5) Image Settings – top

Before you start using your store with the Universum Pro theme, image settings must be edited with the following values:

It shows a menu with a bunch of tabs: General, Store, Local, Option, Mail, Fraud, Server.

Where is this located, Ive looked everywhere and cant find it. I dont see it in the theme options.

My Slideshow Wont show up. The Stock “Samsung Galaxy” banner was showing when I had the stock theme installed. I then followed your instructions in the documentation for the slideshow and now its not showing anymore. My store is located here http://bit.ly/Ys7f2K could you tell me why its not showing. It disappeared after I configured the “featured” and “latest” sections and changed the slideshow settings. Please help.

How do I make the slideshow like you did here http://universumtheme.com/universum3/

Hello Koev,

1.- Can you say me how I remove options in the “extra” menu in the footer page… I have configurated the web in mode “catalogue” I don´t need some options, is the same for the account of user… “View your order history”, “Your reward points”, “See their refund applications” “your transactions” I don´t need this in the account user… How removed this options???

2.- I install the lenguaje pack (spanish) for opencart, but there are some options untranslated, I have the option to change in the code directly? “costumer phone” in the top menu and retractable “shop by brand” in the top menu.

thanks Koev.

Koev… can you give access to demo account for the universum 3 admin?? exist demo for this template??? http://universumtheme.com/universum3/admin/

There are options that I would like to implement in my web, and I don´t know how do it.

hi koev, in the “news” modul, in IE, the column whit social hubs are not ok! can you fis this?


Is it possible to change the side of the sidebar? I want to display on the left side.

Is there a way to increase the number of products on the homepage?


I have a problem

Warning: include_once(/var/www/tiendafemme.com/public_html/catalog/model/catalog/UniversumGraboCount.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/tiendafemme.com/public_html/system/engine/loader.php on line 44Warning: include_once(): Failed opening ’/var/www/tiendafemme.com/public_html/catalog/model/catalog/UniversumGraboCount.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /var/www/tiendafemme.com/public_html/system/engine/loader.php on line 44

site: http://tiendafemme.com

Could you say me whats happend?



WE NEED THE DEMO LOGIN FOR THIS http://universumtheme.com/universum3/ please give us asap. Im wasting a bunch of time waiting.

Hello Koev. Are you still ill? Hope you will be alright. Get well soon, please. Your customers waiting for your respond. Take care
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Hi, Please, anybody can kindly answer me? After my purchased, they suggest to go with Dreamhost,!but for myself is not working… Can we also go with bluehost? Thank you to answer me or tell me how is work with dreamhost.

Thank you in advance!
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Hey.. I’m loving the template so far may i add… but how do i go about inserting my own HTML in the body section of the home page where the modules are located.. i want to add and instagram widget among other things… do i accomplish this through the admin panel?.. or do i have to dig through code..if so where do I find the file??

Thanks in advance

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Hi Koev. i added credit cart payment method, but this module is not show correctly textboxes margin 0 and on left side image not show and lines not show.I think modules own style not working(My site have got ssl cert. but i try without ssl ).my english not good if you not understand i can send to your mail screenshots.Thanks.

Having some major issues testing locally.

No matter what settings are changed in the Universum Theme Options module, the skin never changes. It’s not displaying in a responsive style, and all premissions for the user have been enabled.

Does anyone have any ideas? Running on Version, correct version of the theme was uploaded.

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Hi Koev. what file i need to edit to change fade effect in navigation menu? Thanks and get well soon!

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I have this error: Call to undefined method Document::getFBMetas() in /home/freesense/modelle.ca/catalog/controller/common/header.php on line 18

Please can you tell me what i did wrong?

Thank you

Hello everybody,

Last weeek I have had some minor health issues. I am sorry for any inconvenience my problems might caused. Howevrr I did not disappeared for 6 months as someone suggested. I’ll be available for work and suport tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards, Dimitar Koev

Hi Koev,

Hope you are feeling better, could you let me know how to solve the following:

1.On the product page is it possible to have the tabs menu below the images and to have the images stay on all the time?

2.How do you have the 3 boxes below the slideshow like in the demo?

Thanks for the excellent template.

On Point 1 above just to confirm i.e. -Product Layout:

Would it be possible to still have the General Info Tab at the top, then have Description,Specification,Reviews Etc below the image (and above the related items etc). The website I’m working on needs to have the product images on show all the time – could you let me know if this is possible?


Hello ehostworld,

yes, it can be done but some serious manual modification to the product.tpl would be required.

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Resolve the problem!