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I love your design and the function, I am comparing for your themes and Perfectum.

Does your theme comes with admin panel to control all the function? I could not find any related details via description… Any login admin access>

Thanks in advance;



Hello adamngai,

yes, there is an admin panel for the theme. You have access to the admin panel via the demo page>Admin demo tab

Hi Koev! I found a problem with your theme in Opera. If the default language set to English, then everything works fine, but if you switch to Russian, then all the items on the page moves to the right when moving the mouse pointer in the image of the product and the tabs with features and reviews. In other browsers fine. How to fix it?


Hello gdreamer,

I’ll check this. Thank you for your feedback.

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is there a conflict between the ajax price search and the filters? when i refine my search with a filter, nothing happens. Another issue is the support of the french language in

thank you.


Hello baloo13,

which filters are you talking about? Could you please explain more?

As for the french language – you would need to manually copy and translate the custom theme language files to your french language folder.

I think this theme using an ajax algorithm in a category pages (maybe need for the price module?) and not work correcly. Try it in the demo site, please confirm:

http://universumtheme.com/ then go to “womens” category

next, in this category navigate the 2. page, then go BACK WITH the browser back button.

The result is not the 1. page, it’s a home, becouse the ajax search!

I have 5-6000 products, and in the first page is slow, becouse lot’s of ajax queries? (I don’t know, i am a confectioner lol) but the default theme is fast.

It is possible the disabling this ajax method, or can i change this in the next version in the admin area?


Hello Cyberslider76,

I’ll check and if possible will make the AJAX filter optional with the next update.


got moculo openstock, and is giving conflicting with your theme, when you select the example below:

Color: Red Tamanh: G is not changing the image has to be made as the openstock themed pattern.

ja there any ready solution ’.

Thank you.


Hello bellababy,

I am afraid I don’t understand and I don’t know this extension. Could you please explain more?

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I hope you are getting recover…

Anyway I bought your theme yesterday while I have waited for your replied for the past 2days… :)

Anyway, is there anyway to increase more skin/theme color in future OR allow us to change the coloring by our-self with save skin/theme function, so that we can change it according to different festival season by manually or schedule date/time to change automatic (i.e.: http://themeforest.net/item/buyshop-premium-responsive-retina-magento-theme/4287671?sso?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_author=etheme)?

Thanks; Adam


Hello adamngai,

yes, new skins will be added soon. Unfortunately there is no possibility to create and SAVE new skins with the current theme options module.

hello koev ….. need to remove downloads from the top menu and add a ccustom link to another site …. can u suggest how ?


Hello gaurav30ap,

I am afraid I don’t understand. Could you please explain more?

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Much appreciated!


Hello peja,

I am finally back to work. I am going t check all messages and answer all support queries in order of appearance.

The theme is only half of the sale. The other half is support.

Theme: 8/10 Support: -10/10

Been over a week since koev came back and said he was fine and that he would be here “Tomorrow” to answer questions.

“Hello everybody, Last weeek I have had some minor health issues. I am sorry for any inconvenience my problems might caused. Howevrr I did not disappeared for 6 months as someone suggested. I’ll be available for work and suport tomorrow.”


Hello rakoom2002,

I had a severe unexpected complication of my illness unfortunately. I am sorry for any inconvenience it might caused. I am finally well enough to get back to work.

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I keep getting the error after checking everything, OC Notice: Undefined variable: filter_price in httpdocs/oc15/catalog/controller/product/category.php on line 255 Notice: Undefined variable: filter_price in httpdocs/oc15/catalog/controller/product/category.php on line 258 Notice: Undefined variable: filter_price in httpdocs/oc15/catalog/controller/product/category.php on line 254 Notice: Undefined variable: filter_price in httpdocs/oc15/catalog/controller/product/category.php on line 258 Please can you help me.

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We miss you Koev :) When will you come back.


Hello muratt,

thank you for your support and kind words. I am finally back to work. Sorry for any inconvenience my illness might caused.

I appreciate the beauty of this theme and how well it is designed. However looking over at the comments Koev seems to be absent. Possibly due to illness or maybe he’s personally responding to requests by email.

I do empathize with him, but at the same time, business is business. So I may need to reconsider and buy another theme.


Hello webster5,

I am really sorry for your disappointment. Unfortunately my illness was beyond my control. I am finally well enough to work again.

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Hello, very nice your template, but I have some doubts. How do I translate the footer “Join us on Facebook,” “Twitter feed” and “Have a Question?”


Hello vicdias,

you would need to copy and translate the custom theme language files to your additional language folder.

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Hello ahmad78,

these are just modules available under Admin>Extensions>Modules. You would only need to create instances and activate them in their respective positions.

Well, I was about to click in Buy button for this theme… So, I had the great idea to read the comments!

reason8 Purchased

I managed to work around my Undefined variable error. My store has prices only showing to logged in customers, so if they were not logged in the price filter kicked an error as it did not have a price to filter. As they login the price filter works and no error. My work around was to totally remove the price filter, pity it was a nice feature but there should be a check for the setting, “show price only if logged in”!


Hello reason8,

thank you for your feedback. I am going to check this and find a solution.

I highly suggest if you’re thinking about purchasing this theme, you wait till koev responds before doing so. If not there’s no guarantee you’ll get any support. Ive been asking questions for two weeks.

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how to make three banner HUGE NEWS AJAX like demo, thank u

@iren86 all the files are within the demo site, you just have to download them and modify them to your needs. For the banner set up log on to this theme’s admin panel and go to banners and see the settings there.

We’ve updated ours at Hashr Republic this way. See here: https://www.hashr.org