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iren86 Purchased

thanks, schmtxrbuck God Bless you.

iren86 Purchased

Hoe to make costum menu item like demo, please write down the code. thank u.

peja Purchased

I totally agree with rakoom2002. Whatever the reason for not responding to our questions is ultimately irrelevant. This guy sold 300 odd of this template – and lots of people need answers to their questions – no solutions and or answers are provided.

I also suggest: DO NOT PURCHASE THIS THEME YOU WILL RUN INTO TROUBLE! Unfortunately I bought 2 of him and both have major problems.


Hello peja,

I am sorry for your disappointment and frustration. As you should probably know from previous comments I was ill and in hospital. As for the themes – there are no major problems with the theme if installed and used properly. However, I am finally back and well enogh to work. All support queries will be answered as soon as possible in their order of appearance.

adamngai Purchased

I am thinking is there any chance to go for refund since the buyer don’t like it (bugs) and main reason due for Author unexpected absence reason/no respond or no support?


Hello adamngai,

if you think there are bugs with the theme you’re free to ask the ThemeForest support for a refund. However, I am pretty sure there are no bugs if the theme is used and installed properly. As for my disappearance – I was ill and in hospital as you should probably know from earlier messages.

Anyone using the theme for real sites that have problem? I’m now trying to implement it live, and after seeing all comments, am hesitated now…. :(


Hello solarWave,

could you please explain what problems do you have?

adamngai Purchased

Please see schmtzrbuck comment on previous page, his site is live if im not wrong… https://www.hashr.org/

ctcmiami Purchased

Hey, I have a couple concerns and questions…

1st) Is their a way to add my own html or jquery content to the main section of the page where the modules are placed?? I want to add a instagram widget and other items…

2nd) Is there anyway I can add additional pages to the main menu?? I want to add an image gallery page… and a FAQ page..

I may have additional questions in the near future… Thanks and I hope your health has returned to proper form!



Hello ctcmiami,

1) you may just use third party modules for the things you described OR just use instances of the welcome text module where you could put any HTML content you wish.

2) there are custom menu positions for this theme and you can have up to 3 custom menu items with unlimited submenu content which also supports HTML

This is bad form that the designer isn’t responding to customer questions. We’re trouble shooting problems but do have the site live as mentioned above. Hashr Republic | https://www.hashr.org

We did the following to recreate the demo. - Log into the Universum demo site & the Universum Admin demo page. (user:pass is demo:demo) - Using Chrome Inspect Page we copied all the banners from the demo site so we had correct sizing. - Using the Admin Demo page we recreated all the banners and feature settings in our store using the same settings and images. - We had to change image settings in the store settings page. ie: the product images aren’t displaying 80×80. They are 200×250. And the Latest thumbnails are 80×100. There are more in there we messed with - Then we used Photoshop to create our own images. He uses Myriad Pro font on the ads. Mess with the Condensed version to get it just right.

It took some work, but this is our recommendation with moving forward with this theme. It includes some powerful modules and is easy to adjust once you go through the recreation of the demo site.

Hopefully the designer shows up and starts helping answer these questions. We’ve got a list of our own.

If you do visit our site could you let me know if it’s especially laggy? We bought a “Out of Stock” extension that watermarks our out of stock items and I think it’s dragging the browsing down. A page like Tactical/Ammunition with 100 items showing shouldn’t take forever to load. Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Paul


Hello Paul,

thank you for your feedback and support. I am sorry if my unexpected disappearance caused any problems and inconvenience. I am finally well enough to get back to work.

There is some glaring issues with this template at the moment…

  • Rollover mask is broken in IE. This is because the DIV is self closing
  • Specials mark-down box is incorrectly positioned if you product title spreads to two lines
  • Sharing widgets on news page require a seperator DIV between them, as they currently cascade from left to right

    • I’ve found more, but fixed those and didn’t make a note of them. Currently, I’m looking into the sharing widget and rollover mask errors, as they are pretty obvious to the end user.
      It’s disappointing that the dev is MIA, but here’s hoping it’s nothing serious. He seemed more than helpful prior, so maybe we should retain a little faith. I’ll post a list of my particular fixes when I have my own site running smoothly.

IE Image Hover Fix

Edit stylesheet_[colour].css (use the colour your site is using, eg stylesheet_blue.css)

Around line 2574, find
.banner div .mask, .news_module_image_holder .mask {
Add the following to the end of that css block…
filter: alpha(opacity = 0);

Directly below it, find…
.banner div:hover .mask, .news_module_image_holder:hover .mask {
...and at the end of that entry add…
filter: alpha(opacity = 50);


iren86 Purchased

Dear Paul, thank u so much, I made it . one more how to make banner on the left . what is module ? size imege ?

Thank u so much Bro

iren86 Purchased

sorry banner on the right like demo?

iren86 Purchased

How to make like 7 costum module like demo. please help me.

@Iren – Easiest way is to log into the demo admin, and take a look at how the demo site is set up. This will show you everything. Basically, set you banners up as normal, then add the banner modules with the same settings the author used.

This list should give you an idea of what you are looking at…

TEST BANNERS – Three boxes on slideshow DOUBLE – Two boxes at bottom of page CUSTOM MODULES – Ads in right hand column

BTW, our site is live (although, at the moment, restricted to catalogue mode), take a look…


...with a little fettling this works well, but it could do with some styling magic for IE to bring it up to scratch. It just looks weak beside the better browsers.


Hello equiflair,

thank you for helping others while I was not here. I am finally back and ready to work.

iren86 Purchased

thank u, equiflair nice modif , which u luck .GBU

iren86 Purchased

Dear equiflair, which one better to use or thank u.

This is ridiculous, we help each other, while the official support was gone. I want a refund! :(


Hello Cyberslider76,

The official support is not “gone”. As you should probably know by earlier messages I was ill. I am finally back to work and going to answer all support questions now. I am sorry for any inconvenience my disappearance might caused but it was beyond my control.

adamngai Purchased

@equiflair, can I seek for your further advice on how you make the pop up screen with the maintenance message?

Also, how can I remove the Samsung banner on catergeories under information tab? Example: http://www.i-giftshop360.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=4

My About Us link is showing different than yours “http://equestrian-flair.co.uk/about_us”, am I miss out anything?

I am sorry to seek for your kind advice… My opencart Version is

Thanks in advance! Adam


Hello adamngai,

I am sorry for the late response. I am afraid the link you posted is no more active and I can’t see the problem. Could you please explain more?

adamngai Purchased

I mean I have tried to disable the status but it still showing there… How to remove permanent?