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I wrote a ticket, and waiting to respond.


Hello Cyberslider76,

I am finally back to work and going to answer all support queries now. Thank you for your patience.

twoank Purchased

Hey Koev i can not found blog manager plz help.


Hello twoank,

the blog manager is not included with the theme as it’s clearly stated. The theme is just ready to support it, but you still need to buy the extension from it’s developer.

adamngai Purchased

@twoank, the blog manager does not include in this package, it’s an option to purchase but the theme is ready to support it…

adamngai Purchased

@Cyberslider76, I have created ticket for past 3days and send reminder to check status but no news from themeforest!!!

twoank Purchased

adamngai thank you.

@solarwave yes I just submitted a ticket and explained the situation.

adamngai Purchased

There’s no news reply from themeforest and yet the Author escape all the way without any respond… Sad!!!


Hello adamngai,

I am sorry for the late response, but as you probably know I was ill. I am finally able to get back to work and everything will be OK from now on. I am going to answer all support queries now.

I was just about to buy this theme when I read all these comments. Thanks all for the heads up.

Why has envato admins not done anything about it?


In fairness to KOEV, the author, I have bought some of his items before and they have all been excellent. I hope he is ok and not in hospital or some other emergency.


Thank you pauldrewett,

I am finally well enough to work. Thank you for your kind words and support! :)

Japparts Purchased

I recently bought this theme and am having some problem getting the slideshow to appear like the demo. I have the theme set to boxed layout, using the standard reworked slideshow like in the instructions but whenever I enable the right side column “latest” it pushes the slideshow to the left and makes it smaller. The demo has the slideshow full size above the right column. How can I make this look like the demo? Thanks


Hello Japparts,

it sounds like you’re enabling the slideshow in Content Top area. It must be enabled in the custom Header position if you want it to appear above the main content.

Hello everybody,

after unexpected complication of my illness, I am finally back and ready to work. I’ll start answering all questions here and by e-mail now. Please be patient as there are many inquires and it may take several hours before I answer everything.

Thank you for your patience and support, and please accept my apologies for all the inconvenience my disappearance might caused.

Best regards, Dimitar Koev

Please, Countdown Groupon style can also work with the Thunderbolt theme? It is a kind of plugin that I can also use the Thunderbolt? If yes, I go to buy the two themes, else only the Universum.



Hello mplayerbr,

I am afraid this is not possible. The countdown is a built-in function in this theme and not an installable module you could use with another theme. It can’t work with ThunderBolt I am afraid.

PLZZZ its the 4rth time Im asking about facebook app it has changed suddenly and in your demo website, could you plz help us to fix it?


Hello deboniar86,

I am afraid Facebook changed their API and custom styled like boxes are no more allowed. Unfortunately we must stich to their default design from now on. I’ll make an update with some fine tinning on the iframe settings but the design will stay the same in general. It’s just their decision and nothing can be done unfortunately.


Hi, ok but if you can tell me how we can change the code, in which file I mean , because as I know that you can change borders height and some others so as to do it by myself :)


It is in footer.tpl

citycm Purchased

I bought this theme and it looks excellent. Would it be possible to provide a package of the complete demo site that you have up with all the correct settings, etc?


Hello citycm,

I am afraid this is not possible with OpenCart themes. Also the images can’t be included as I don’t have the rights to redistribute them.

However, you unlimited acces to the theme admin demo where you can see how are thing organized, so replicating the demo store is pretty easy.

citycm Purchased

Thanks Koev. I was a bit reluctant to buy the theme (purchased it yesterday) but glad to see you’re feeling better and good luck with the continued sales :)


Thank you for your trust and kind words, citycm! :)

rodercot Purchased

I bought the theme a few days ago no issue so far except that I am learning OC as well as the themes features. My only extra comment or feature in a future upgrade I would love to see is an extra tabs feature in the product pages and as well some blank png templates to replace the images that you cannot include. Thanks for the quick reply to my e-mail. how do I rate the theme?


Hello rodercot,

for the extra tab I am afraid it can’t be added as a future upgrade of the theme and you should use a third party extension. You could rate the theme in your profile>downloads page.

muratt Purchased

Welcome Koev.Glad to see u here again.I hope everything is ok for u.I have no problem at this time with Universum theme.I solved my some minor problems.Have a nice day.


Thank you muratt,

I am glad everything is OK now and I am sorry I wasn’t able to help on time.

ahmad78 Purchased

hi koev how can i use “Universum Product Accordion” only one subcategory thnx


Hello ahmad78,

the accordion module works just the same way like the featured module. You can’t select categories – you must specify products.

Hello Koev,

I have found a few problems.

Problem 1: I added a few products in the cart and then removed some. Then clicked on View Cart on the cart popup. On the View Cart screen, I logged in and went until the Confirm step. On the Confirm there are more products displayed than actually in the cart. Seems some session related problem. Same thing happened on www.universumtheme.com. Then again I deleted the products from the cart popup and checked out again.

Problem 2: On the product page, under the special timer, purchased quantity is wrong. I have placed order for the first time for a product with quantity 15. Initial quantity was 100. Purchased quantity displayed is 31 while the remaining are 85. Might have to do with the above session problem.

Problem 3: Product URL http://universumtheme.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=52

Eco tax is added to product price as well as all the options. However on View Cart page it is added only once. Thus the total of the product price on the product page seems $6 more than the cart page.

Please check these and let me know what could be done for this.

Also one think, maybe it is OpenCart limitation but discount does not work with special. Do you think there any fix for the same?

A quick reply will really help.

Regards, Amit Parmar.

hostweb Purchased

If you have problem in IE 10 use these metatags and fix from equiflair.

Place follow metatags in the file /catalog/view/theme/Universum/template/common/header.tpl under the <head>

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

And also use the tip from : equiflair

17 days ago Flag IE Image Hover Fix

Edit stylesheet_[colour].css (use the colour your site is using, eg stylesheet_blue.css)

Around line 2574, find .banner div .mask, .news_module_image_holder .mask { Add the following to the end of that css block… filter: alpha(opacity = 0);

Directly below it, find… .banner div:hover .mask, .news_module_image_holder:hover .mask { ...and at the end of that entry add… filter: alpha(opacity = 50);


Monstrik Purchased

Hi, Koev. I’ve not long ago started to get acquainted with opencart, and bought your theme, the default on my site www.ca-moda.com established such a topic … and how to change the template on here such universumtheme.com/index.php ? Thank you!