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Monstrik Purchased

understood, all Horsch works cool theme :)

redjan Purchased

I love this template it’s so versatile but I have an issue that the Facebook facepile in the footer doesn’t display. Please can you tell me the solution? I am not a programmer but I am happy to try if you point me in the right direction. Thanks

muratt Purchased

Hi Koev add to cart button is not working with ie10.

any updates on an html version?

Hello Koev,

Please reply to the following. Please assign a support guy if you are not able to reply.

I have found a few problems.

Problem 1: I added a few products in the cart and then removed some. Then clicked on View Cart on the cart popup. On the View Cart screen, I logged in and went until the Confirm step. On the Confirm there are more products displayed than actually in the cart. Seems some session related problem. Same thing happened on www.universumtheme.com. Then again I deleted the products from the cart popup and checked out again.

Problem 2: On the product page, under the special timer, purchased quantity is wrong. I have placed order for the first time for a product with quantity 15. Initial quantity was 100. Purchased quantity displayed is 31 while the remaining are 85. Might have to do with the above session problem. Problem 3: Product URL http://universumtheme.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=52

Eco tax is added to product price as well as all the options. However on View Cart page it is added only once. Thus the total of the product price on the product page seems $6 more than the cart page.

Please check these and let me know what could be done for this.

Also one think, maybe it is OpenCart limitation but discount does not work with special. Do you think there any fix for the same?

A quick reply will really help.

Regards, Amit Parmar.

The support is the worst with Koev. He disappeared before and came back saying he was hospitalized and now again he has disappeared. I am planning to complain to the themeforest team. Please join hands with me. Support this comment and we can make a difference. Utterly disappointed with this man. I am to release my project and it’s now hanging because there is no reply. Don’t know what to do!

Hi Koev,

Great template! It’s working pretty fine. One question. I would like to copy the folder ‘Universum’ (from catalog/view/theme) and create a ‘Universum2’ for a second store so I can add some custom HTML in this template that should only be showed in the second store. But I don’t need the modules twice in the opencart admin.

Do you have any idea how to get this done?

Thanks in advance!

hi koev, i`m glad to see you at work. i have problem with: 1. the news module, when you open an “news”, the column with the social is not vertical alignment in IE and Opera. Also, the the news had differend widths in the page of news. how can i fix this? 2. I do not know how to set facebook! can you be more explicit? 3. Some banners do not appear, even if they have the size and resolution you said. must be a specific format (. jpg,. bmp, etc)? I tried all versions and frankly we did not make some flexi photo to appear in the show. 4. why not foother carousel module automatically moves like in the basic open cart theme? 5. if you make up degrees on the topic, where you download? and how it works for upgrade? thanks thnks

muratt Purchased

anyone add to cart buton tested with ie10 ?

Muratt, I think your issue isn’t a theme issue but an opencart issue. Test it again and put www. in front of the URL and see if the button works now.

You can fix this by editing your htaccess and send all the traffic from http://yourstore.com to http://www.yourstore.com.

muratt Purchased

Thank you mediaindustries for your answer. I try with www and without www but not still working.I think i will add emulate ie9 meta code.

muratt Purchased

i clicking to produtcs page pagination for example 2.page - and 2.page is starting showing to 2.page’s bottom, page location is stay static. i think 2. page is starting page of top.how can i change click to page number and start page of top on the products page.

Hello Koev,

Can you please update ckeditor plug in? Your admin has updated plugin while the template has old one. Hope you will some day reply :stress:.

Thanks, Amit Parmar.

hhhmmm, nice theme and may buy. although just a little concerned with all the comments.

However even with faults still a great price for a complex design, would cost a lot more to have custom built for oneself

lollycp Purchased

Hi, Thanks for this theme, is working for me no problem. But I have a quick question, how can I change category from 3 product column to 2 product column. I do not have many products so feel 2 products will work better.

lollycp Purchased

I asked this question 1yr ago, can you help


Hello lollycp,

I am afraid this is not possible. The theme would always automatically fill the space available and the product box size is always constant. It can’t be changed.

Looks like I have somehow missed your first comment. You should have reminded me earlier and not waiting for 1 year. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

xcooling Purchased

way too many glitches and issues, combined with the non existent support, buyer beware

Hey Koev, Im having an issue with the mega menu. I love how it looks but the function is off. Whenever I do a mouse over on a category and it brings down the menu with the subcategories a lot of times if I go down to select a sub category the menu will disappear and ill have to go back up and redo the mouse over to bring the menu up again, it does this over and over and the only fix is to do the mouse over and then wait for about 3-4 seconds and then proceed to move down and select a sub category. Unfortunately most customer wont know or be patient enough to sit and wait the 3-4 seconds before trying to move down to the sub category, I suspect they keep trying to go up and down and have it disappear and then rinse and repeat and get frustrated and leave.

Also, once you have been able to succesfully click on a category but then want to go back up to the menu and pick something else or navigate around, if you move your mouse anywhere near where the box was that contains all of your sub categories but NOT actually hovering over the category the box will appear again which will block the tabs to select from general info to product description (if youre viewing a product) which is frustrating as well.

Any idea how to fix these matters? Thanks.

muratt Purchased

1- I found another ie issue.if seo link option is enabled sitename/categoryname/pruductname page is not working, but same pruduct link if sitename/productname working. 2-Add to cart button is not working with ie10. My site is still not working with ie.when i added emulate code site alignment not center, alignment right.i try www.sitename.com and sitename.com. i tired try try try!!!

There are so many problems that people are facing with this template and there is no support at the moment. I even registered a ticket for the same, but even themeforest has NOT replied to that. SO SAD! :stress::shocked::tired:

Hi Koev.

I quite like your Universum theme, but 1. – it has something missing what you have in some of your other themes, and, 2. – I really like the NIVO slider on the “Perfectum” theme, especially it’s slide transition and input options, just as it shows on the theme.

WOuld it be possible to have that all together on your Universum theme and how much would you charge for it.

Plus, do you have any experience from using VQmod extensions on your theme, do they work?

Thanks a lot