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Hallo mrs Koev, have you support in bulgarian ?


Zdravei sirenaplus,

nqma probnlem da govorim na bulgarski, no neka ne e tuk a na mail. Mojesh da polzvash kontaktnata forma v profilnata mi stranica.

Hello, what size is the best to use on the full width banner image ? im trying but it i can´t get the right size .


Hello guilhermeludvig,

it must cover the whole page width. In the theme demo I am using 1920×550px image and the important content is in the central 980px area of the image.

How do i edit the background colour of the mega menu ? its defaulting white but i want to change it to red . Thanks.


Hello cashworth93,

you would need to find line 725 in the stylesheet file you are using and change the background color of the class ”#menu ul#topnav ul.children” to whatever color you want. Alternatively you can do this by adding a style rule with !Important state in the custom CSS area of the UniVErsum control module.

Hope this helps.

Hello Koev,

I have a problem with the Universum Flex slideshow Module.

I am trying to have two banners in the slideshow but they are both showing at the same time rather then as a slideshow.

You can see here


How do I fix this and why is this doing this?


^Read the comment above! :)


Ohh ok thank you.


Ok I see what you did. Thank you. I would had been here for days trying to figure that out. lol

Hi Koev,

How do i change just the color of the product titles on the accordian slider? i Have altered the headings on the rest of my site to show white, but this also affects the slider meaning the product title doesnt show against the white background.

Thanks , Chris


Add this code in the custom CSS field of the Universum Control Module:

.accordeonInfo h3 {
color:#yourcolor_here !Important;

Hi Koev, An Awesome Theme, But I am having this Issue when adding product to Cart ! Can you please Help. “Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App’s settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App’s domains.” Waiting for response.

Regards: Muhammad


Hello Muhammad,

it looks like you never purchased this theme or anything else here on ThemeForest. Could you please sign-in and re-send your questions using the account used to purchase the theme.



Hi Koev, Firstly, Thanks for quick response. Yup you are right, I did not coz Paypal does not work here in Pakistan. I asked my friend (Australia) he bought and sent me files. but it seems some files are missing. Any way to buy from Pakistan, I want to do it my self now !

Regards: Muhammad


Hello Hello Muhammad,

you would probably know that support is only offered to confirmed buyers. I am afraid your friend would need to re-send your questions with his account.

Hi, Ive got some major problems. 1st When you are in a category and you go to the next page I want the customer to go to the top of the catgory products and not at the end of the category page, you can see what I mean here: http://goo.gl/BHZhjA 2nd when you use a filter and it has many pages, in the second page lost its filter and shows all the products, but in url you can see that a filter is on. check it here http://goo.gl/gyTRUa I have use a filter to show only brand:korres for example but in second page show all the brands. (Ive asked in opencart but they said to me that is template problem because I didnt use an extra module dor the filter)


Hello deboniar86,

it is clearly explained in the theme description here and in the theme documentation, that you can’t use both AJAX price filtering / sorting and the default or custom filters modules.

That’s why there are two versions of the theme – price-filter-version and non-price-filter-version.

The AJAX price filtering system just can’t work with other filtration simultaneously.

As for the loading at the bottom – that’s not the case exactly, as the page doesn’t reload at all. It just replace the content via AJAX call so you stay on the same place of the page where you have been before you clicked on the pagination link. It can’t go to top if the page is not refreshed at all.

iren86 Purchased

Dear Koev

Facebook comment on the news module not show up anymore. how to fix it.

http://www.dewiflorist.com/Pertemuan-bugis-makassar-2013 thank u


Looks like your facebook app ID is not valid.

Hi, Is it possible to load the product accordian anywhere else other than in the header? No matter what I do when I try to publish it on the homepage it does not follow my ordering instructions. Thanks, Tom


Hello tomslade,

for compatibility reasons and in order to assure correct responsive behavior, the product accordion can only be used in the custom header position. That’s why it doesn’t give you other options. Also it’s better to use it alone (no other modules in header if accordion is enabled)

Hi, I have another couple of issues that I need to resolve.

1. The sale saving tag doesn’t load in the same position and makes the page look messy. http://nutzaboutnetball.com/opencart/index.php?route=product/category&path=4 2. When I add something to the cart that has options (eg size) it will still add it even without having selected the options.

Any thoughts on the above.

Thanks, Tom


The first problem is caused by the crazy-long-prodct names like

New Asics Gel Netburner 15D Free Delivery

If it’s new – there is a NEW product label – no need to write this in name with 4-6 *symbols.

Also “FREE DELIVERY” is not part of the product name, but – OK, it’s your store.

You have two options:

1. Name your products with reasonable names and change the body font back to Trebuchet MS as it in the original theme.

2. Add this code in the CUSTOM CSS are of the UniVersum Control Module:

.prod_hold .sale_save_holder {
    left: 5px !Important;
    position: absolute !Important;
    top: 5px !Important;

As for the product options – they could be REQUIRED or NOT RQUIRED. Just check your options state.

Hope this helps. :)


thanks. that worked a treat!

Hey, how can I change the size of the refine search image? Thanks


Hello asignedquality,

you would need to manually change the size in the category controller, line 208 where it says:

'pic'    => $this->model_tool_image->resize($result['image'], 80, 80)

Anyways, keep in mind you would also need to adjust the CSS for this part of the page so it’s not really a simple task as there are several stylings for it depending on screen resolution.

If it’s not ABSOLUTELY needed for some reason I would strongly recommend you not to change it!

raxx666 Purchased

Hi, I follow the instrcutions, I install the opencart software, create a mysql and install the files in version after the all steps i can’t founde the setting to install the theme, noy appear the setting folder.


Hello raxx666,

it sounds like you didn’t uploaded the theme files properly or in a wrong folder. Did you checked the image in the theme documentation showing where to upload the theme files?


AJAX price filtering version of the theme removed and support for it discontinued due to incompatibility with the latest 2 versions of the the opencart system.

New price filter system would be presented soon.

Meanwhile it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to download and use the latest theme version with AJAX price filter removed!

If you have already made your own customization changes to the theme files, you can only replace the following files:

1. catalog/model/catalog/product.php

2. catalog/controller/product/category.php

3. catalog/view/theme/Universum/template/product/category.tpl

Thank you for understanding.

lollycp Purchased

Hi, How do I change from a 3 page layout to a 2 page layout. Thanks in advance

lollycp Purchased

I meant product page


Hello lollycp,

could you please explain more? What do you mean 3 page layout to 2 page? The product page is SINGLE page template.

Did you meant columns instead of pages?

Just got the theme. Added a new slide to the flex slideshow and it will not show up on the screen. When you mouse over you can see that the link is there, but no picture. The picture is set at 1920×550. I’ve tried jpeg and png. I don’t know what to do. Please help.


Hello buyerstrading,

can’t be sure before I see the problem “live”, but it sounds like you have spaces in your image file name OR the name of the faloder where the image is saved. Check this. It’s a common error, but you must always keep in mind that you can’t have spaces in file’s/folder’s names for web. Your computer can still read it, but your browser can’t. :)


Okay, your advice solved some of my problem. My file did have a space, which I corrected. But, my slide wants to show up off to the left of the screen (I have the position as “home” and “header”). I originally had it in there the same size that I made it in photoshop 980×281. Then since it was off to one side I went into the flex slideshow and changed the dimensions to 1920×550—that was way too big. Then I changed it to (and this was just guessing) 1920×344, now it is in the center somehow… Could you please tell me for the universum flex slideshow, what size I should save my banners in photoshop, and what size I should put them in the admin section? Thanks so much.


Hello buyerstrading,

the original image must be wide enough to cover bigger screens, that’s why it’s recommended to use at least 1920px. The height of the image could be any number that suits you. Keep in mind that the slideshow would always cut the side portions of the image if it’s too big for resolutions bigger than 980px while keeping the original image size. It turns to responsive mode when screen size is lower than 980px. With all that said, I would recommend you to use images with 1920px width (height could be any number) and keep the important part of the slides (e.g. texts and important images) in the center of the slide (the middle portion of the image with width of 980px)

Hello Koev,

On website Facebook API disapeared as I pushed your latest version !

Any clue ? ;) Best regards.

Jean Marc


Thx for prompt answer, Koev. I saved Universum Module, doesn’t make a difference, here’s the link: http://niceliving.fr

You will find FB on footer as usual. Cheers,

Jean Marc


Hello Jean Mark,

I have just checked and your facebook feed works fine.

Make sure you don’t have anti-virus software that blocks social networks.

Also check your facebook page audience settings. If it’s not set to everybody (13+ years old) the like box would stay hidden for people not logged in their facebook profiles.


FB audience settings are OK, it was Antivirus extension in GG Chrome who was interacting with loaded API on browser. Everything is fine. Thanks for your precious help. Have a Merry Xmas an a happy new Year, Cheers.

Jean Marc

clt2iso Purchased

Hello, Issues with the new updates launched 14-12-13.

Some problems pointed out in the past still WERE NOT resolved on this good looking theme.

Some serious problems you keep on brushing off are the issues posted by deboniar86, on Dec. 2 2013. As he said it is not Open cart issue.

With our first problem I am not a pro developer or programmer but my problem was a bit resolved with that serious filter module problem. debonair86 posted; “when you use a filter and it has many pages, in the second page lost its filter and shows all the products, but in url you can see that a filter is on.” Correct, the Open cart default Refine Search Module to filter products never worked with this Theme. In the past I clearly found out it is because of the price filter function you added to the theme. You keep replying questions about it “you can’t use both AJAX price filtering / sorting and the default or custom filters modules.” What is that mean? Give a clear guiding how to fix it. Period.

If it helps, I will be glad to send you my edited category.php and category.tpl, you can compare and see where the problem is.

Other problem, the 2nd page loading in categories stays on the bottom, No it shouldn’t. I still expect an answer how to fix this annoying problem.

Lastly, the the price filter was sadly taken out after the upgrade; one of the reason I bought this very attractive theme was for that.

Your help is greatly appreciated…


Hello clt2iso,

unfortunately the price filter was removed exactly because it created the problems you described. You would need to upload and use the latest version of the theme with the price filter removed.

A new price filter functionality would be added as soon as I find a working solution that doesn’t create conflicts with the default filtration system.

Hi, First of all very nice Theme. Secondly I’m facing two issues. 1. In mega menu there is option of adding name of brand and a Logo Image, When I just gave name and go to that brand page it works fine, but When i give logo image and browse detail page it create that image of dimensions 150×1500 (this includes lot of blank space). I dunt want to see logo/image on detail page, please guide. 2. In the documentation it’s referred that add some lines in the page, line column one, that u gave in html format, please guide in which php file do i need to add them.

Please reply soon. Thanks :)


Hi, Please go to www.libaslounge.com/upload or www.libaslounge.com Then on menu “Our Collection” click on Formal wear. Then the page will open that will have that small image and a lot of white space, that i dunt want. please have a look.


The category image must be 150×150.

On your store it’s set to 150×1500. Just fix the size in System>Settings>Image and everything will be OK.


Koev – Thanks Thanks a lot :) My Bad :( – Looking forward for some other awesome themes by You :)

sinyage Purchased

Hi there. on your full width theme. how do i put those three small banners (HUGE,NEWS, AJAX) please help anyone

sinyage Purchased

i figured it out