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I have uploaded the update but site is not working properly , please help!

please contact on our support forum with website link, login and describe issues


Awesome theme. Pre-sale question.

If I purchase your theme. Can I download the images on your live demo page to use for my project?. Or I need to pay for these images?

Thank you

These images are only for demo purpose :)

Thank you for quick reply, is there anyway to use your images from the demo page? I’m willing to paid for these images, because I have to transfer all images and the theme for my client after the setup done.

Thanks :)

Hello, we don’t have license to resell images. Basically all of them are from shutetrstock.com You can license and download from there. Thank you for your comment.

Hi, i have a pre-sale question. If i buy the theme, can my current posts on the site i have now, easily been replaced to the new theme? as the same for categories? Many thanks, Kind regards

Yeah :) there will be no issue


khoavo Purchased

How soon can we expect the next unPress Theme Update? There’s some bugs acknowledged by your support staff. Let me know please. Thanks.


khoavo Purchased

Where’s the new unPress update? Let me know please. Thanks.

it is in review process, will be available in few hours


khoavo Purchased

Okay, I see the new v2.8.1 now. Thanks. It would help if your team update version # on the main style.css so the Envato Toolkit plugin would read it better to show that there’s a new update available. I had to go in and manually change it myself. Thanks.


tbert Purchased

Hi, I have bought this theme… love it its great thank you! I am however requiring some assistance. I would like to create a page which has the mosaic tiles full of imagery. Except I would like not to have these as ‘posts’ just static images which do not click to any where. It is just a visual gallery of images. Is this possible?

Please contact on our support forum, our technical expert will answer you.


A presales question, what slide are you using in this demo http://demo.favethemes.com/wp/unpress/white/

Your earliest reply will be very appreciated.


Hi, the slider in home is iOS slider. The theme also support flexslider, elastic slider and Revolution slider plugin. Thank you for your comment.

Hi I purchased your theme a while ago and have just downloaded the update but i’m unsure how exactly i go about updating it now? is there no one click solution in the back end? Do i need to manually overwrite all the files via FTP and in doing so am i going to lose all of my current settings and customisations?

Hi, Please install Envato auto update toolkit plugin. If you did customisation in your child theme then you will not loose any customisation, if you did’t used child theme please install child theme and move your customisation in child theme

Great template.

I will like to set up the Main display page just like the Template. How can I go by please? I tried making the Static page / Front page to Homepage 1 and Category with Slider I don’t think it made the trick.

And how should I set the Slider to point to a specific Gallery?

Thanks in advance.

please contact on our support forum our technical expert will guide you

Hi I just puchased your thème, Is there a way to use your version and switching the content? or is it possible to find a tutorial anywhere to guide us in order to create a website like urs ? otherwise its a bit pointless…. thanks for the answer.

You can import demo content or you can use all database to create site same like demo. Read this topic for database import http://support.favethemes.com/forums/topic/unpress-demo-data-database-images-folder/

Hi, I have an urgent issue, needs to resolve ASAP. I created a support TIX titled “Wysiwyg Editor – Inserted Image Not Responsive?”. Please have one of your support staff review it for me. Thank you in advance.


WP 4.3 just came out. Is the latest UnPress compatible with this new version? I know there was a conflict between WP 4.3 and Revolution Slider 5x, but since yours has iOS Slider, I just want to make sure before I update WP. Thanks.

I just bought this theme and installed it. However it won’t show the picture I have added for my first post and it’s not show the title of the blog..? What could be wrong -is the theme not installed correctly or is it not functioning properly?

please contact on our support forum with website url and login

Hello, I’m interested in your theme, however what are the shortcodes that come with this theme. It’s not included in the demo site…

Hi, bootstrap shortcodes include with theme https://wordpress.org/plugins/bootstrap-3-shortcodes/

thank you :)

I just purchased the theme. It’s a great theme, but I find the installation of the demo content to be a frustrating process. It would really be helpful if demo content installation was included in the documentation.

How can I go about installing the demo content please.

replied you on our support forum

I didnt receive it!

It apeears that a large percentage of people, yself included, have problems with the demo content, please please please consider updating the documentation and facilitating the process. It will make it a better experience for buyers and I imagine for your support staff as well.

replied you on our support forum

Hi, I am still waiting for a follow up reply. Also – everytime I use the WYSIWYG Editor all my text is centered. How do stop that from happening. I want my text left justified.

Thank you.

Use can use this css class .wysiwyg_editor_section { text-align: left; }

Hi, Is it possible to make the background of the white theme white? Right now the pages are actually a light shade of grey and I would like it it to be pure white.

Thank you

Unpress Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS

I did that, but it didnt work..

It must work. Please contact on our support forum with website link and admin login

Hello! I can’t see anymore the instagram gallery!! The widget gives this error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /data/vhosts/mywebsite.it/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/unpress/inc/widgets/unpress-instagram.php on line 389

I had to remove the widget (site is live)

Do you know what is the issue here? I hope you can help me Thank you

are you facing this issue in unpress latest version ? If yes please open a ticket on our support forum with website url and admin login

Hello, How do I Remove the venter justify from : Wysiwyg Editor?

Use can use this css class .wysiwyg_editor_section { text-align: left; }


econnell Purchased

Hello Favethemes!

I have a pre-sale question. When I preview your site on my mobile device the navigation bar does not move with page. Rather you have to scroll to the top to see the menu, this is very inconvenient. I was wondering if this was only an issue on the demo? or has this problem been fixed but only available when I purchase the theme?

It is our fault, actually menu should not be sticky on mobile device. We can resolve it for you.


econnell Purchased

Thats perfect. My only other concern is with Homepage 3. Im in love with this layout. Except it isn’t consistent on the overly lay on the mobile. When you click on the image it goes directly to the page and there isnt really a chance for you to read the text that goes over the image. Is there a way for this to be like 1 click for text and then double click for the link?

Hi, on mobile if you touch and stay with finger on the image you can read the text, if you touch and leave the finger out it will link to relative page. We hope this make sense. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for you comment.