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Is there any way to have the introduction with a movie? Great theme!!


I don’t see why not! You’d have to tweak the JS, it is set to fade out the intro on a timer. That timer would need to match the length of the movie.

I’ll look at updating the file to include a version with a movie intro.

This is awesome


Thanks Cazoobi :)

A great start on Themeforest my friend :)


Thanks mate, hopefully it’ll do alright! :)

fingers crossed !

Nice work Philmo, that’s a nice looking lander and unique too! Good luck! ;)


Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming TF templates too ;)

That. That is fantastic. Really impressed Philmo and seriously inspired… where do you find the time!? :D

Bookmarked – e4e might have a use for such a theme in the very near future!


Haha, thanks Jack (and thanks for tweeting it too)! :)

e4eduation don’t need to buy themes, they’ve got pretty damn talented designers. I LOVE the St. Helen’s school website.

Love the curved look at the bottom and the top. Would be cool to see a version of this theme that had a slider for images and a menu bar.


Thanks :)

I will definitly look at adding a version with an image slider.

I could also add a menu bar option but this is a conversrion focused landing page and additional navigation tends to distract from the primary goal of the page.

Still, I’ll see if I can make it work and get an update up!

That is awesome mate! Good Luck!!


Thank you :)

Very Nice! :)


Thanks a lot System ...DrawZen.

Love your new branding by the way :)


Sorry I accidentally hit the report button with a question. Just wanted to see if you had a chance to mess with the video option. I am truly in love with this file and want it to work so badly. Just checking!!

Thanks, Phil


Hi Phil,

I’m working on it at the moment.

Should be in the updates queue over the weekend and then hopefully up next week.

Thanks for the interest :)

beautiful! I have too many projects to jump on this right now but I definitely want to try it out. Anyone already use this on any campaigns? Any stats they want to share? heheh.

Looking forward to seeing more landing page themes!

supporting you because, well it’s great, and because I saw your post on twitter about the asshats. Also wanted to support another person with the Morrow name ;).

bought :)


Wow thanks for the kind words and especially thanks for the purchase! When you get time to give the theme a go I’d love to know how it performs in your campaigns.

And yes, asshats suck! ;)

Great design, Phil!


Thanks mate :)

oriacct Purchased

Having an issue: I cant find the file that is trying to be pulled from:

img, div { behavior: url(“css/iepngfix.htc”) } /* IE6 Transparency Fix */


Well spotted!

I was originally using that method to get PNG transparency in IE6 but switched to DD_Belated.js as it is a bit more flexible and lightweight. I’ve obviously left that refence in the stylesheet.

Please remove it, it is redundant code. I will update the file to reflect this over the next day or two.

Thanks for the purchase, let me know if you’re having any other issues :)

This is a wonderful file!! I love the intro and I love the design. I’m not needing a landing page at the moment but his file is definitely bookmarked for a future purchase!


Thanks for the positive feedback! :)

U SIMPLY ROCK …................ :d


Haha, thanks :)

I’m no html master, by far…but I need to be able to go into the css and change everything to be 520px maximum with the display: block; and margin:0; so the whole page will be floated to the left. Would that be possible with this theme? How hard would it be? If too hard, how much would you charge me for that?

Thank you. As you may be able to tell, I buy too much on here and I always find it hard to make it work the way I want.


Hi there,

Hmm, in all honesty – it would be a bit of work. You’d need to adjust most of the elements on the page. You also couldn’t have the intro effect as that has to be full screen.

Why do you need to do that anyway? 590 is quite narrow, and why floating? Do you plan to place this within another page?

If you want to discuss custom work, then please contact me through my profile page.

Hope that answers your question.

Cheers, Phil

Hey Phil,

Real nice work there. Good luck with sales! :)

IIMA , what tool did you use to create the software-box?




Hi Joel,

Thanks for the interest. The software box is actually a free resource given away by an awesome author here.

There is a download link in my documentation, but if you’re just looking for the product box then check out ‘Artbees’ profile (and blog).

Cheers, Phil

taloucci Purchased

Nice theme, I just need the product box that is shown on the example. Is there anyway I can get that? it matches the site perfectly and I was hoping to change the text on it and keep it with the site, but I can’t find it!!!

Please advise.

Thank you, A


Hi there!

Thanks for the purchase, and check your PMs :)

nevil Purchased

Very nice! Cheers Nevil


Thanks for the purchase, glad you like it! :)