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You are a machine. I think it will be just days, when you get the gold medal from Austria ;)

Another Brilliant theme!! Good luck with the sales :)

Yeah Template Builder… I have one too :)

Nice design, Kriesi.

BTW , I just found a minor bug with the slider. Here is how to trigger it: - Open the homepage in firefox - Click on the right arrow in the slider - Now if you use the right arrow on the keyboard, (or the touchpad like I did) you can scroll to the right of the page

Good luck with sales.


thanks for the info :) Fixed it ;D

Hey, nice work.

For the style panel do you use your own solution or is an open framework included?


Hey! I use my own solution, called AviaFramework

awesome work!


Thanks :)

Did you notice that the embeded video from the slider does not work in IE 9 ?
besides that, excelent work. good luck with sales


Thanks for the notice, will have a look at it :)

jpelker Purchased

I loaded the dummy data, but I cannot figure out where the slideshow is held. Which post and/or page is this content under?

jpelker Purchased

I figured out the home page (“Why this theme”). I also registered for your forums for future dumb questions. Thanks for creating an otherwise idiot-proof theme. It’s beautiful!


Glad you found the page, feel free to harass my theme with as many questions as you like ;D

This theme looks great! Thanks again Kriesi!

@web_gab I am using IE9 (standard 32bit) and the embedded video is working exactly as expected. Is the following the error you are getting?

“This video can’t be played with your current setup. Please upgrade to a modern HTML5 -compliant browser or install Adobe’s Flash Player.”

If so, possibly you are using the 64bit version of IE9 ? The embedded video will not work in IE9 64bit yet. HTML5 / Adobe Flash does not work well in IE9 64bit (across the board, not just in this particular setup, because the proper plugins haven’t been fully developed). You will likely also have issues viewing the Piecemaker 3D rotator in IE9 64bit. Adobe is coming out with a 64bit full release of their flash player, but in the meantime, Adobe has a developers preview release of their player for IE9 64bit. You can currently download that player here (I am using it, and it works perfectly): http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10_square.html


wow! thanks for the info, appreciate it a lot, since it probably saved me 2 hours of research on this topic! :)

The best feature is that the theme supports videos!!

juluque Purchased

I notice that the right and left arrows in the full size image slider in IE are on top of the image, the position is different why I Firefox, what do you think would be a good solution for consistency?

any plans to implement a native mobile layout to your avia framework?

Hey champ, amazing work!

my purchase code didn’t work to register in your support forum

how do I change the look of the navigation? Where would i need to edit files or is it css? i’d like it to match the rest of what i’m doing


Question about Homepage Slideshow: When you click play on the video it continues to scroll through the slideshow. Any way to stop it? Thanks.

Hi there, can I place a lead capture form on homepage?



Hi Kriesi,

great thing again.

One Question. I can’t find how to get out the small Date, Category and Commets line below the Post/Portfolio Headline. Normally it was in single.php, Page, etc.

Please tell me which file and line.

Kind regards and congrat for this 3rd theme I bought from you.


Hi Kriesi,

Does this theme support multiple level portfolios? I´m willing to buy but I need this feature.

Thanks Allan