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This looks like a good template… but your host is down! Please reply when its back up so I can take a look. :)



Thanks for you feedback.. Now should be all ok :)

Is there any way you could release this design under the “extended license”?


@salbertson not really :|

..but, contact me on my email and tell me what you want to do with more details about this “extended license” request.

Kindest regards, Alex



I updated the products also with extended license ;)

All the best, Alex

links on your pages are dead



the server ( host ) was down, now it’s up & running again ;)

Thanks for your feedback!

the template look amazing i had fun customizing it i have a question, how can i send it to my contact on email ? i know it might sound dumb but its not working maybe im doing it wrong … im using thunderbird as my email and already select , the part where it says make it able t send html messages.

ill really appreciate your help



Hm, I think I don’t understand you issue, can you describe the problem a bit more?

Now, to see if I understand: You don’t know how to send that template to your contacts / subscribers !?

I will follow your feedback, Alex



Well basically i managed to send it but i think i did it the hard way, i upload the html and all the images to my FTP server and then went online and got the html code and basically thats what i post it onto my email i think there has to be an easier way to do it lol.

thanks for your rapid response :)

does it work on gmail app for andriod