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Love the Urge theme, however the Gallery does not seem to be working with Google Chrome. I am using a recent version: 33.0.1750.154 m Are you aware of this and are you planning to introduce a fix for this issue, or is there a way to get it to work on my end? Here is a first test page (I bought your theme yesterday): thanks!

I visited it does seem to be working indeed. If you need help any further be sure to write me here:

Also don’t forget to paste your license.txt file or the purchase code with your email.

Thank you for your purchase :-)

Love the theme however the customization isn’t as simple as I thought it would be. Is there any way to have my money refunded or receive further assistance. I’ve sent two emails and while I realize the need to tend to everyday life I have a deadline to meet.

All refunds are controlled by

If you need help with the theme you can write me here:

I’m always willing to fix any issue’s that are reported as stated below the theme’s description.

As well as pasting your purchase code or license.txt file.

Hellow nice theme, 1 question, how to put the header ad like in the theme with all the pictures. It doesn’t work with the url code. Dit i do something wrong?

You can send your problem to and I’ll look at it.

You can mention your username or include your purchase code so I can verify your purchase.

Hi! Nice theme you’ve got! Is it possible to filter the posts shown in the sidebar by the categories of the posts?

Yes, This feature is in the theme. Thank you for your interest :-)

Responsive Menu are not “main menu” in my mobile version but a list of pages

Please send your support request to:

As well as a copy of your purchase code or license.txt file.

I’ll help you with that :-)

1)Can you give me an example of how to work with this theme from my computer? I really like this one and I want to buy it!! 2) Once I buy it? How does it works to make the mobile and tablet version? 3) Is it possible for me to affiliate with who ever i want with this theme? 4) How many tags can I use? or make? 5) How many pages can I have?

1) A example I’m aware of:

2) Responsive is automatically added into the theme. You can enable or disable it from the back end.

3) sure it’s up to your what you’d like to do with the template after you’ve purchased.

4) You can use as many as tags you’d like on any post.

5) There is no limit on how many pages you can create.

Is it possible to add a membership area where customers can put their info and email add?

Thank you!

This theme doesn’t come with a subscription included a good plugin is:

Where do I create the menu under the Header Slider? Ex; Home, beauty, shopping, health… I’m going crazy!!! And where do I create all the menu on the bottom of the page?

I’ve spent days trying to figured this one!!!

Try Appearance -> Menu’s.

Please contact me here:

For more help.

And how do I edit the name of the magazine?

Replied via email.

I sent you the info to your email.

Thank you :-) You will receive a reply 24-48 from when you sent it.


Great theme. I wonder if I can mix my html with your page builder?

Thank you.

Sure, There is a editor included with the page builder accepts html, shortcodes etc…

Thank you for your interest :-)

PRE-SALE QUESTION: Can I add the revolution slider in place of your slider?

1) Yes you can if you need help installing it let me know.

2) On the main slider, yes you only have plain image. With no slider.

You can remove the text though you’d next to customize the script to remove it.

If you have anymore questions let me know.

Thank you for your interest :-)

on question no 2 I really meant to say is that your slider pictures has images only . I would like to add to the images plain text and/or animated text. Can I do this?

If your referring to the Icarousel(Header Slider) doesn’t look like the script supports Title’s/Text. You’d have to customize the script to accomplish this.

I thought you were referring to the main slider main slide.

If you need any help with the theme you can contact me here with a copy of your purchase code.

Here is a summary of what I need help altogether so ignore previous notices: (1) How can I get the FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM images to show up in the footer. (2) I have images under the slider that does not fill the image box. What is the image sizes this area? (3) Breaking News: How can I change the color for the text Breaking news and for the text titles? (4) Finally, Category ID. Category ID in the right side bar widget does not work when I put in the selected article IDs and separate them with commas. (5) How can I put in my own copyright in the footer? (6) How can I change the powered by WordPress footer.

Contact me here with a copy of your purchase code you will receive a reply within 24-48 hours.

Thank you for choosing my file :-)

Hi, if i buy you them, can you install exactly the same demo ? Do we have WPML 100% compatible ? Thanks Franck

Yes, All the demo content is included and if you need help setting it up for me.

The theme does come with the .mo & .po file’s for full translation. Though if your using WPML I believe it will work you can let me know how it’s working for you and I’ll be of assistance.

Hello does the theme support Woocommerce and video posts?

WooCommerce hasn’t been tested on this theme. You could try and let me know if you experience any issue’s let me know here.

Loooooove This Theme!! And Thank you for your support whenever I have a question! Thank You!!

Thank you, always a pleasure helping :-)

Will this theme accomodate banners in the right and left column that are 160×600 left side & 300×250 right side? The right column looks narrow, can it be extended?

You can use the 160×600. The max width for the right is 210px so you’d need to extend it to fit that big of an ad. Thank you for your interest :-) If you have any more questions let me know.


I need to make the main slider faster… how can i do it? I try adjusting the speed in the .js file. somehow doesn’t work… Please guide me

Contact me here I’ll direct you in doing so.