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Hi! Can you update this version to work with the last wordpress version? Thumbnails images are not showing right on sidebars. or post gallery. Images just show original sizes ;-)

This theme has been tested and works with 3.8. If you need support please send your email here and I will help you. Thank you for your purchase :-)

Can’t you just include this? Is very important ;-)

Yes, It’s possible though it would be considered a customization request meaning I’d have to charge you. You can contact me here We can discuss pricing. Thank you for your purchase as well :-)

Hello! Great Theme! Quick question…Is it possible to put the top menu above the slider? If so, could you help me please?

Thank you!

That would normally be considered a customization. Please write me on and I’ll instruct you on which file’s to move.

Thank you for your purchase :-)

Vague Update – (12/28/2013)

#Fixed header issue with categories drop menu
Files Updated
- header.php

Hi! Is it possible to asign custom sidebar to a post category?

As of right now this isn’t built in though if I get enough request I will consider looking into a way to add it to the theme. Thank you for your interest :-)

Vague Update – (12/31/2013)

#Fixed Facebook comments styling now adjust to skin style.
Files Updated
- single.php

Hi, first at all very nice Theme! Thank you. While importing the demo.xml i get a list of errors saying “Failed to import media ….” , and not one image was imported. Is there a way to import them afterward i mean now that i installed everything?

Send your problem here and I’ll help.

Thank you for your purchase :-)

Hi, is it possible to set the single posts to blog type post=”image” as default?

You could you’d have to edit some of the meta php though. This would be considered a customization. If you’d like me to apply it for you I could we can talk pricing submit it here.

Thank you for your purchase :-)


I have just download this file that i find very cool, but i can’t install it . It always mention that “The Css file” is missing.

So what should i do ?

Have you tried contacting me for support ?

Are you planning on adding buddy press?

Maybe at a later date if it gets enough request. Thank you for your interest :-)

I am having an issue with the last item in the top menu bouncing down to the left when ever you click on any menu item. The owner of this these does not seem to want to solve so I am hoping someone on here can help me fix this, as I am willing to pay someone since the owner does not want to get involved. It should be a very simple fix.

Replied to your email earlier.

The site is very nice! One error I’ve found is on the homepage. The slider content falls into the category below it. The Post’s words and the “read more” button fall into the category directly below it. Is there an update for this?

Please send your error to and I will be sure to fix it. Do please include your license.txt file by pasting in with your issue’s.

First, very nice theme…I have a few questions 1. Can the logo be larger, if so how can that be achieved? 2. On the left sidebar is there a way to put space in between the widgets like the right side one? 3.On the homepage is there a way to use just the spotlight and not use category? If so how can this be achieved? Also how can the more articles portion be removed as well

Thank you very much

one more thing….is there a way to put wording on the contact page? And what plugin are you using for the contact form…TY

Please submit your support request’s here.

As well as a copy of your license.txt file you can paste it into the field.

Your theme support Visual Composer?

I believe it will work, If you need any help you can contact me here:


I’m helping with a website which uses your theme. Whenever we enable Jetpack the flex slider on the Homepage doesn’t work any longer.

How come? And how can I fix this issue?

Thanks a lot :-) Sincerely, Mika

Contact me here with a copy of the purchase code. Also the login details so I can see it closer.

Thank you replied.

the Skypanel is not working for me, I have no idea why all options dissapeared, maybe because of the wordpress 3.9.2 version?, can you please help me fix this, also another issue I found is that when I navigate on the phone, the banner is not working properly if you zoom out the site.


Contact me here I’ll be sure to contact you within 24-48 with a reply.