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Totally a new looking magazine theme, good work mate.

Thanks, Appreciate the compliment.

Hi, loving this theme. Is it possible to change the dark background to a custom image?

Yes, Custom Backgrounds are included with the theme. You can test it in the demo click the image of the setting’s gear on the left side to see the demo options. There’s a lot of options I’ll be including videos of the admin panel and more. Thank you for your interest.

Vague Update – (11/01/2013)

* Update for the custom backgrounds script
+ Added option for footer background url

updated files

- scripts/functions/custom.php
- scripts/admin/options.txt

Thank you :-)

Nice theme, just a little glitch. Under posts the related at the bottom is pushing into the right sidebar, didn’t know if you knew this. Also any chance you will be adding a favorite and like widget that matches the theme? Also, is it possible for a sticky bar at the top?

You can send me a screenshot of that via contact form and I’ll fix any issue’s you can show me.


I don’t have any plans for the like’s on this theme if enough people request it I’ll add it to the list. Sticky header is in the update list. This will be added in my next update. Thank you for your interest.

You are full of Passion and insight. Sweet design.


Thanks, Glad you like my work. :-)

Vague Update – (11/02/2013)

* update to contact page template
+ added import widget demo content as well instruction on how to install it. find it in "extra files" folder

updated file's

- template-page-contact.php

Very Nice Theme Ali. GLWS :)

Thank you for the compliment :-)

Really excellent. Bookmarked.

There is one overflow of the third thumbnail if you click Sports > video link (top of page) see the three video thumbnail previews at the bottom of the page under RELATED NEWS….the Kyle Lennox one.

Hi, Happy you like the theme.

You can send me a image of thee issue and I’ll take care of it.

Please send that here

Thank you for your interest :-)

HI there. This is nice. I have some questions:

1. Can I change the fonts in the post body? How?

2. What appears in the skypanel? How can I set it up and where does it redirect when I click on it?

3. Can I change the layout into 2 columns instead of three?

1) I’m not sure what you mean by “how to setup the rotating sky panel”. Can you clarify a bit?

The admin panel doesn’t redirect anywhere it’s for customizing your website.

sorry. what I meant was, how do you setup the rotating “slider” which is on top of the front page?

Are the items showing up in the slider made up of posts? If I click on them where do I redirect?

Vague uses a custom post type to create the post’s for the header slider. This is how you will add them.

Vague Update – (11/04/2013)

# Fixed social networks widget

+ Added option to disable tumblr social icon

* Updated .mo, .po file's for better translations

Updated Files

- languages/

- languages/default.po

- scripts/widgets/social_networks_widget.php

- scripts/admin/options.txt

Scheduled Updates

  • Sticky Header
  • Black Skin

Vague Update 1.1 – (11/11/2013)

+ Added sticky menu option

+ Added black skin

+ Added / french.po file's

* Updated / default.po file's

Updated Files

- header.php

- scripts/functions/custom.php

- scripts/admin/options.txt

- scripts/css/skins/Black/

- languages/

- languages/default.po

- languages/

- languages/fr_FR.po

One question that might sound strange but how do i update the theme to the latest version?

You can update your theme by re-installing 2 ways.

1) Delete your old theme file’s and re-upload the new theme file’s you’ve downloaded from ThemeForest.

2) Overwrite all the theme file’s via FTP.

Ok, thanks i did the second option but it appears as version 1.0, but it has been updated as there as fixes like the black skin which wasn’t available before.

Appears I didn’t add the version update to the style.css there will be update today for this. Thank you for letting me know. :-)

will you guys add a store

You can always use the plugin. This will help add your shop.

NIce! Not all figures can be translated, ex.: About the author, Related News, View more post by, Post comment etc.

How could I translate these? Not all appears on Options/translation


For support please use the contact form Thank you for your purchase :-)

Vague Update – (11/20/2013)

# Fixed bug for custom sidebars

Updated Files

- scripts/functions/custom_sidebar_options.php

How can i replace the default slider with a different one?

Another question is, i updated the theme and all the changes i had made so far and all the work is gone, is this normal?

None of your post’s or setting’s are changed will updating. You may need to check and see if you changed something while you updated.

If you need further help please use the contact form. With your license.txt file included. Thank you.

I see this was asked before but no one answered it. I want to use a different slider program than your default slider, so how do i do this. I have the shortcode for my new slider but cannot seem to add it anywhere that will work

I answered your email. Thank you for your purchase :-)

Hi, Is it possible to disable post ratings? Also the related articles widget does not work well with IE 11 e.g. the third picture on the right overwrites the right column: will you fix it?

I’ll need you to confirm your purchase by giving the license.txt file or the email that ThemeForest sent you after purchase. You can forward your issue’s via email as well as showing a image of your issue. “” for support.

Hi, i liked that theme you did a very good job. i have a question can i remove the slider? and if i want to put it back in the future..can i? thanks Pantelis.

Yes this is a built in option in the backend.