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How to select a sidebar for a post?

I have posted this in the author’s own support system but I can’t a response on there so I’m trying here instead.

How do I select a sidebar for a post? In pages there is option of a wee drop down menu at ‘Custom Sidebar’ but this doesn’t exist in posts.

In posts all we can find is this:

Here you can replace the default sidebars. Simply select what sidebar you want to show for this post!

All sidebars have been locked, you cannot replace them. Go to the widgets page to unlock a sidebar’

In the widgets page there is radio button to ‘Select location’ of widget but when pressed it does nothing as the attached screen grab demonstrates.

Hey again,

Hope you’re well!

Since my holiday break, support has been slower than usual as there were a huge number of unanswered tickets to answer, however every single one has been answered up until this moment in time, so yours was too, and it explains more about this subject.



altalhi Purchased

hi Cubell

I have a problem in the Menu. Do not come in the center

Hey Altalhi,

Hope you are well! The menu is set to be centered, but you have other elements in the menu (Search for example) that make it slightly off-center. There is an option in Theme Options -> Navigation Menu that allows you to shift the menu slightly to the left/right, it is called “Adjust menu position”, you can use that to adjust it.

Hope this helps!



altalhi Purchased

Unfortunately it didn’t work I would like to Mark the menu on the right side directly I’m use the Arabic language RTL

Ah in that case, try copy/paste this code into your Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS box:

#cb-nav-bar #cb-main-menu .main-nav { text-align: right; }

Hope that helps!


Hi Cubell,

Having some trouble – added a category (product reviews) to the menu page, along with a sub-category and a page. I’ve set everything up exactly as per my other menu category (magazine) but the featured menu dropdown isn’t working! The layout is there, but my first category post is not showing.

Also, I’ve set the Posts Offset button on theme options to on, so my grid and the corresponding below posts don’t duplicate. But it is duplicating. I’ve not set any post to override the grid. All I’ve done is select some categories to show in the grid, as I didn’t want my latest category showing there just yet.

Hope this makes sense? Not sure what I’m doing wrong!

Thanks :)


Hey again :)

I had a look and I think it may be because you literally only have one post published in you need to publish a few more and they should appear in that megamenu,

And for the boring stuff, I usually use W3 Total Cache (default settings + enable the set expiry dates option), don’t enable the minify options and it will all be fine + improve performance. plugin is good, but if you have Photoshop, I’d recommend optimizing images there. Open your image in Photoshop then simply use the “Save for web” option and set the quality to around 70-80. It will look almost identical to the original image but be ridiculously smaller than the original size.

I also recommend installing this plugin: To set maximum heights/widths you want for your images. So in case you upload a 4000×3000 pixels image (too big for the net, no computer screen will ever show the original size), that plugin will automatically resize it to your desired maximum values, decreasing the file size at the same time.

For security and backup, there are loads of good ones, and I’d suggest trying out a few popular ones and pick the one you like the most.

I hope this helps. :)


Thanks Cubell! :D

You’re welcome ;)

Hi Cubell, quick question… I’m using the custom home page builder on my site ( and i’m really keen to add a block beneath the latest post section, to include ‘popular posts’.... there doesn’t seem to be any way to filter by what’s popular in the backend.

I know it’s easy to add the popular posts widget in the sidebar, but how do i add it in the main body of the page?

PS. Absolutely love the theme… i’ve been so happy with our choice and your support is second to none :)

Hi Gabby,

Thanks again for all the kind words and for choosing Valenti in the first place :)

Currently there isn’t a filter, but I may look into seeing how realistic/feasible it is adding such an option or standalone module in a future update!

And sure thing, copy/paste the following code into your Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS box:

.cb-top-reviews-widget li .cb-meta, #cb-related-posts li .cb-meta { display: none; }

That will do it for the related posts and the top reviews posts too (in case you ever need/use that widget).

I hope this helps :)


That’s great – works a treat, thanks Cubell.

Ah would be great if it could be included in an update… I’ll keep my eyes pealed :)


You’re welcome, happy I could help. And definitely stay tuned for the next update, I’m working hard on it now :)

This is a wonderful theme. Probably one of the best I’ve ever purchased. Fantastic work!

Only thing I’d like to see, which is a small addition, is a transparent box behind the text in grids. It would help make the titles more legible against the pictures.

Hi Guildenstern,

Thanks so much for the kind words and for choosing Valenti. Really happy to hear you’re enjoying it, and the theme will only get better over time, some cool new improvements in the pipeline :)

And one of the options will be to do exactly that! But until then, you can do it by copy/paste the following code into your Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS box:

.cb-grid-3 .cb-article-meta, .cb-grid-4 .cb-article-meta, .cb-grid-5 .cb-article-meta, .cb-grid-6 .cb-article-meta { background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);}

Should do the trick :)



zaib Purchased

Hi, How auto update will work? I want that whenever a new version available, it upgrade theme automatically

Hi Zaib,

Thanks for choosing Valenti.

The official theme-update way is only available for WordPress themes hosted by If you buy themes from Themeforest, then the only options are. The official way to update Themeforest themes is to use the Envato Toolkit plugin, which comes included in Valenti. That plugin was created by Envato (Themeforest parent company) and it should alert you when new updates come up and allows you to easily update the theme.

Hope this helps.



TonyT27 Purchased

Hey guys, Im having slight issues with image sizes for woocommerce.

When my product is clicked on, the image has good quality as well as when the lightbox image appears. However, on the storefront on the products archive page with all the listed products, the image is very distorted. How can I fix this? What is the recommended size? Thanks.

Hey Tony,

Ah yes, you may need to increase the sizes if that is the case. That is controlled in WooCommerce -> Products. And then click on the “display” option link. Inside you can adjust the sizes. I think in my demo it uses 300×300 for catalog images, 600×600 for the single product image, and 180×180 for thumbnails. If you change your current values you will need to regenerate the image thumbnails of products though to update the values.

Hope this helps.



Please take a look at I’m trying to configure the home page background as a clickable, responsive image.

At first I’ve put the image as a background in the ‘page’. But you can’t make it clickable at that location. The image was responsive at that time.

Then I tried putting the background as an advertisement in the theme options. You can make the image link out there, but the responsive effect is gone.

I need to have both: scalable image with link out.

Please advise.

Kind regards

Marco Lisi

Hey Marco,

That’s really nice to hear, glad you like it so much :) The good news is that Valenti will get better and better, I still want to improve it a lot more!

That cover css code will make the background fit as best as possible (stretch without distortion) on the screen that loads it. And I’d recommend 1400×700 because 2560×1440 image is likely to be massive (in terms of megabytes), and potentially affect loading speed. But more importantly, the performance on some browsers + systems can be quite bad when an image that big is loaded. Macs won’t have a problem as they are made for high res retinas, but older laptops or desktops can suffer.

Hope this info is useful :)



eagle3271 Purchased

Tx :-)

You’re welcome :)


jafar100 Purchased

Hi Cubell, I am unable to remove the title bar from the top of each page, I tried a “hide title” plugin. But this still left a grey bar at the top. How can I remove this?

Thanks, Daniel

Hey Daniel,

This is good timing, because I am currently working on Valenti v4.1 and I have already added a new option to pages to not output the title, so no need for plugins. So stay tuned for that update release :)


Hola, ¿Como puedo mostrar la hora junto a la fecha de las entradas?

Hola Puraciudad,

Eso solo es posible si editas el codigo del theme, Abre un ticket en y te explico como hacerlo.


Hola, ¿Como puedo mostrar la hora junto a la fecha de las entradas?

Hola Puraciudad,

Eso solo es posible si editas el codigo del theme, Abre un ticket en y te explico como hacerlo.



nacionpix Purchased

Hi there! I bought your theme for my site and I’m really happy with it!

I just have three small questions:

1) How I can add social media buttons (as in demo) to the breaking news bar? 2) Do you have social media share buttons on the theme so people can share our notes more easily? 3) Is there any way to add shadows over the text of the headlines on the main page? Sometimes our featured images are white or too clear and text maybe hard to read.

THANKS A LOT! I’m sure I bought THE BEST theme for Wordpress :)

Hey Nacionpix,

Thanks so much for the kind words and for choosing Valenti :)

1- Opposite the breaking news bar is the “secondary menu” location. Simply go to Appearance -> Menus and create a menu for that location and it will appear there.

2- There is an option for social share buttons (with like counts) at the end of posts, you enabled/disable it in Theme Options -> Posts. And you can of course also turn the theme’s sharing buttons off and use a plugin if you prefer one of them.

3- I’d recommend doing it this way instead, copy/paste the following code into your Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS box:

.cb-grid-3 .cb-article-meta, .cb-grid-4 .cb-article-meta, .cb-grid-5 .cb-article-meta, .cb-grid-6 .cb-article-meta { background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); }

I hope this helps :)


You’re welcome :)

Would be nice if you could replace all “http://” with just ”//”. That way the template works with both http and https (SSL/TLS) out of the box :)

Example: ”//” instead of “”

Hi Kiwitronic,

Thanks for choosing Valenti :)

The theme doesn’t hardcode any URLs if doesn’t have to, and that example you shared is Google’s official code, and if you try to open the link in https you will see it doesn’t exist/load, so it wouldn’t work:

Not much the theme or I can do about that one i’m afraid.


You are right! I just found out that wp_get_attachment_image_src() is what “breaks” SSL for me, which is a core WP function.

Was able to fix it by changing some settings.

Happy you got it fixed :)


JJHerman Purchased

Hello love your theme have used a long time. I want to know how to place ad code below the menu so it is all the way across. Also above or below the article title in single post. Where would this type of code. It’s about the only thing missing in this theme that I’ve seen (beside sticky menu). I recommend to everyone but can anyone help me with this?

Hey JJHerman,

Hope you’re well :)

That is a really specific location, and the only way would be to edit the theme files, I’d suggest starting by trying to insert your ad code after the last line in header.php and see if that outputs where and how you expect.

Hope it helps!



SandVE Purchased

Hello Cubell,

I want to change my home page but still with your wonderful theme.

1 – I succeed in hide the excerpt but i try to center the post title in the module c of section b with this: #cb-section-b .cb-module-c .cb-post-title { display: none!important; text-align:center;}but it doesn’t function

2- I would like a custom block but with block not only 50% but 33% and 25% is it difficult to share the custom block ccs in 3 or 4 block to put in full width

I hope you will understand my answer.

Best regards, Thanks for your help

Hey SandVE,

Hope you’re well bud :)

1- If you share the URL again I can take a look and help you out with it.

2- The only way to split a custom code block into multiple columns is to use the columns shortcode, or install this plugin: and insert those shortcodes to split it up.

Hope this helps.


Hi Cubell! Me again!

One issue, one general question :)

Issue: Set up a page on my site with full width feature image. It has text going across and is basically 4 images in one. See Looks great on site, looks great on facebook/twitter etc.

But on mobile display, its missing off the ends of the photo, which means users cannot see the end two models or the corresponding text. It’s fine when the user tips the phone landscape, but not everyone would do that, and I’d like it to look good portrait. Is there a way to correct the mobile version of the image?

Question – is there a way to add a rounded edge/circular effect to images? On a few of my in-page pictures, making them round with a border would be a great effect. If it’s at all possible.

P.S – I always try and go through your normal support section, but I need the purchase code to register and I can never find it on here! Not sure if you would prefer I request support that way? If so, could you help me find the purcase code?

Thanks again! :)

Hey again :)

I had a look, and I understand what you mean, the issue here is that your image has the text in the actual image, it isn’t normal text to control via CSS, and as mobile devices are portrait, any image that is landscape needs to be shrunk down to fit. But if you shrink it proportionally to fit on a mobile device, the image would be very short (height wise) and look really small, so the theme shows it a bit bigger height-wise and the image sides get cropped. The only way to improve it is to use CSS to change the height and make the image smaller (for it to fit). Normally CSS would target all full-width featured image, but if you only want to target that page’s, you could do this:

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
#cb-full-width-featured { height: 210px; }

And to round images, it won’t always work, but you can try targeting images like this:

.cb-blog-style-b .cb-mask img, .cb-blog-style-c .cb-mask img {  border-radius: 50% 50%; }

That will make the images in blog style B and C be round.

And regarding the purchase code, you get that in your downloads section here on Themeforest. Go there and click the download button next to each product and there is an option to get the purchase code :)

Hope that helps.



alexg54 Purchased

Hey Cubell,

Just to say, I’ve worked with a few themes before but none come close to Valenti, the responsiveness is superb and customisation is easy.

The deeper I got into the theme, the more I appreciated not just the hard work you put in but also your obvious talent for creating a beautiful, usable, editable theme that would suit so many different types of sites and businesses.

The support is always courteous, professional and spot on.

10/10 and totally recommended for newbies and seasoned pro’s alike, you can’t go wrong with Valenti, worth every penny.

An honest review by a totally satisfied customer.

Hey Alexg54,

Thanks so much for the kind words. I appreciate it a lot and I’m really happy you’re enjoying the theme + that I was able to help you with your queries :)


hello Thanks for the really grandiose theme . A question , it is possible to adjust the Sidebar so that when scrolling the page only while the Sidebar with scrolls until it is too late ? Then continue to scroll the text only . So like this:

Thanks and best regards


borjagiron Purchased

Hi! I have problems in iPhone 6 Plus using Safari. Some of the post with Youtube videos crash. Apparently its something with the width of the video. Example:



borjagiron Purchased

I updated Cubell plugin and apparently now it works. Thanks

Hi guys. I’m trying to disable the transparency on the sticky menu that stays when you scroll. Also trying to disable the little fade in and out animation, and the little zoom animation. Possible? One last thing, any way to modify the colors or am I stuck with the default colors of dark / light options? Thanks! Love the template.