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aweiss Purchased

Stunning theme. Just purchased and set it up in next to no time. I also signed up on your support forum but didn’t receive a password. (is there a way to check this?).

One little question so far: I want to recreate the homepage like the “6. Only Grids” but I get empty lines between the different modules. Any idea what I am doing wrong (see http://www.fabulous-femme.com )

I love the parallax posts in full width. Would be great to have the option to setup 1 or 2 more parallax images throughout the post … just an idea to improve the theme. Would be great for posts like this: http://www.fabulous-femme.com/island-vibes/

aweiss Purchased

I figured the 6.only grids question out myself … found it here in the comments … but maybe you can help me with my support access …


Hi Aweiss,

Thanks very much for your kind words and for choosing Valenti :)

I manually reset your password and emailed it to you, let me know if you don’t get it.


szamosy Purchased

Hello Cubell and hope you are all very well!

First of all thousand thanks for this amazing theme which we have been using rather successfully with great feedback and comments on our site www.inflightfeed.com for nearly a year now. We do appreciate and indeed salute you on such an amazing work!

We have been using your theme since version 2.4 and we would very much like to upgrade to the current 3.2 version however we are rather worried, if not totally petrified that this update would in fact destroy the very small customisation we have carried out on it! Unfortunately we no longer have the support of our previous developer and us not being very clever in terms of coding of any sort find ourselves slightly lost, if not totally clueless as to what and how to do the update without any loss, nor are we able to tell what part of the current site would be destroyed if we have done this proposed update!

We could possibly live without the current version, however we would very much like to take advantage of all the additional and amazing modifications that you guys have added and carried out since our initial install.

Therefore we ask you if there is a way to tell whether or not the possible update would totally destroy the current site or parts thereof and if in any shape or form some of these previous modifications could be salvaged and maybe re-implemented after the theme’s update? Regrettably, and as described above due to out lack of knowledge we do not have a child theme installed to possibly rectify the situation!

Is there a way or a possibility, (and if we ask you really really really nicely) for someone to have a quick peek maybe at our site and advise us what would be the best solution to overcome our sleepless nights and to continue – without the constant worrying – our work and implement future updates when they become available.

Many thanks for your advise in advance. Kind regards; Csaba


Hi Csaba,

Thanks for the amazing words, really happy to hear you’ve enjoyed using the theme :)

It really depends on how your customizations were done (you need to ask the developer). Did he/she edit the core theme files? Or do you have the child-theme installed and all the customizations were inserted via the child-theme?

If the customizations were done in the core theme files, then I’m afraid there is nothing I, or the theme can do about that. If you update the theme, WordPress would automatically delete the old files and put the new ones in its place. If the customizations were done via the child-theme (the correct way to do it), then you can update the main theme as normal, and that would replace the parent theme files (normal theme files), and wouldn’t touch the child-theme files, so the customizations would continue being there.

I hope this info is helpful!


szamosy Purchased

Hello there in many thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I had a hunch about your reply not being in our favour!

I am afraid the customisations although am not 100% sure were definitely not done via a child theme as we do not have it within the admin panel.

Also they were couple of I would say major changes done to some of the core pages to accommodate the sites needs and wants.

Is there a way we could save the current system and then applied that to a child theme then upgrade to the latest version and then possibly overrides from the child theme at all?

Just as a piece of mind, would it be at all possible for anyone of you to have a quick look at what we’ve got if we give you admin login access to put us out of our misery for once and for all?

And no, unfortunately we are unable to contact the previous developer for any comments and yes, unfortunately we have learnt the beginner’s lesson very well.

Kind regards and many thanks for your help in advance; Csaba



Hey again,

No problem!

If the child-theme isn’t installed on your site, then it definitely wasn’t done that way, and I’m afraid even by looking at the files, it would be impossible for me to know what the person changed (there are thousands upon thousands of lines of code).

I think the only thing you can do is go to your site via FTP, download a copy of the modified Valenti folder in your site’s themes folder to your computer, then update your site to the latest version following the instructions from the documentation, and then see how everything works. If there is a customization somewhere that you need and isn’t there anymore, you will need to either hire a developer to look for the code in your backup theme and apply it to your site again (via the child-theme this time), or you could always delete the latest version and re-upload your backup, so you get it back to what it looks like now.

Hope this helps!


N3k0 Purchased

Hey cubell I dont know if this suggestion is in your plans or not… but I like to see the widgets follow you when you scroll in the page. I see much templates use it, like this:


Keep the good work, waiting for you new projects and updates :D


Hey N3k0,

Thanks for the suggestion, I have noticed this trend too, and I will look into it :)

The next magazine theme I release will probably be released in January, as Envato are going through some “issues” with regards to taxes (you can see the threads in the forums), and I am awaiting the outcome of that before I release any more products here.


Hello :) First I want to tell you, your theme is really absolutely great. Finally my site is up with it. http://www.deutschland-feiert.de/

The following questions but in addition:

1) The sidebar on the home page (and some other pages) is not flush to the top. Why? For categories is it too?

2) Why are some links red in the text and not as the theme color? (http://deutschland-feiert.de/anlass/junggesellenabschied/)

3) How can I make widget “Valenti bbPress: Recent Topics” the phrase “Started by Editor 0 replies,” translated into German?

Thank you once !!


And sorry for my bad english :)


Hi Creative79,

Thanks very much for your kind words and for choosing Valenti. And your English is good! Much better than my German :)

1- Ah that is a bug in the CSS, I have fixed it already and will be included in the next update, but until then copy/paste the following code into your Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS box: #cb-sidebar-d { padding-top: 0!important;} [/code]

2- The links don’t use the category colors, they use a global setting in the Theme Options, this is to keep consistency for user experience (links should always be one color for easy understanding).

3- That is a bug that has already been fixed too, it will be included in the next theme update, but until then, if you want it now, please open a ticket at http://support.cubellthemes.com and I will send you the file there.

Hope this helps :)


gernav Purchased

Hello Cubell, thanks for such an amazing site design! Just got mine and im beginning to set everything up.

Just a brief question. How can i UN-Bold and change font size of the Title texts?

I have already un-bold the sidebar tittles but not the main tittles such as Header, Featured posts, post titlles,. etc.

Code used for sidebars CSS goes like this: .cb-sidebar-widget .cb-sidebar-widget-title { font-weight: normal; } . Hope you can help me out. Cheers.

gernav Purchased

Nevermind, found the answer in this extensive archive!! Thanks a lot!


Hi Gernav,

Thanks for the kind words and for choosing Valenti :)

And i’m really happy the archives here helped you, it’s one of the reasons I try to be as helpful as possible publicly here too, so it benefits people and saves everyone time :)


Hi there,
I have a question regarding your black top nav-bar. When you scroll down the navbar changes size a little and stays that way while scrolling.
Is it possible to turn off this nav bar change to have a distraction free scrolling experience?
I’m playing around with firebug in your demo and can’t figure out how to turn this off.


One more thing.
Your theme shows a view counter for posts. Is that because of some statistics plugin or how do you achieve this?


Hey In4fun,

Thanks for the interest in Valenti.

Sure is, it’s a small line of custom CSS code, if you purchase the theme, open a ticket at http://support.cubellthemes.com and I can share the code for you to use.

All the best,


neometal Purchased

hello! I have a problem with widgets! they are at the bottom of my posts! and page to I tried several solutions! and I did not manage to fix this problem I tried other templates and they are ok (left) can you tell me what I can do! thank you for your answer


Hi Neometal,

Thanks for choosing Valenti.

Did you try disabling all your plugins to see if one of them is causing the issue? I want to help., but I’m afraid it’s impossible to help more without seeing your site. Can you share your URL?


hello Cubell and thank you for your answer I’ll try to disable plug in to try to see if the problem came from a plug in My url is http://showbizmusic.com

I tried without plugins is the same


I’m very interested in buying this theme, but there is a problem I would like to be solved to proceed with purchase.

The review system (microdata – rich snippets) is not being indexed correctly with google. If you test with google structured data testing tool, it looks fine, but then if you search for your page on google, it doesn’t display rating as should be.

Example: 1) Your page: http://valenti.cubellthemes.com/design/gadgets/review-top-half-percentage/

Google Testing Tool: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets?q=http%3A%2F%2Fvalenti.cubellthemes.com%2Fdesign%2Fgadgets%2Freview-top-half-percentage%2F

Google Search: https://www.google.com/search?q=a&oq=a+&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3j69i65l2.2848j0j1&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8#q=http:%2F%2Fvalenti.cubellthemes.com%2Fdesign%2Fgadgets%2Freview-top-half-percentage

Another example: 2) Your Page: http://valenti.cubellthemes.com/design/art/post-review-bottom-stars/

Google Testing Tool: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets?q=http%3A%2F%2Fvalenti.cubellthemes.com%2Fdesign%2Fart%2Fpost-review-bottom-stars%2F

Google Search: https://www.google.com/search?q=a&oq=a+&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3j69i65l2.2848j0j1&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8#q=http:%2F%2Fvalenti.cubellthemes.com%2Fdesign%2Fart%2Fpost-review-bottom-stars%2F

Printscreens: 1) Google Testing Tool: http://prntscr.com/5gsdm2 Google Search: http://prntscr.com/5gse1a

2) Google Testing Tool: http://prntscr.com/5gsfai Google Search: http://prntscr.com/5gsflb

Would like your comment on this issue. Thanks a lot!


Hi Gsm13,

Thanks for the interest and kind words about Valenti.

Google doesn’t always show rich snippet in search results, it only shows them if it thinks they are relevant to the search. The only reliable way to test it is to use the rich snippet test tool, which as you can see, does show all the reviews properly.


Hey I purchased the theme but I’m having issues with images displaying correctly. They appear to be showing as black. Also the post on my homepage are not displaying. My page is superdopenation.com


Hi SDMTheLabel,

I’m afraid support can only be provided for confirmed buyers, can you please login with the account you purchased the theme with to ask the question or register in the support system: http://support.cubellthemes.com and I’ll do my best to help you.


Valenti is showing ol li like regular text. And I can not find active class for ol or li. When you look it on admin side, everything is okay, but when you publish it. it will show your list as regular text.


Hi Erikm3,

I’m afraid support can only be provided for confirmed buyers, can you please login with the account you purchased the theme with to ask the question or register in the support system: http://support.cubellthemes.com and I’ll do my best to help you.


bloguez Purchased

Hi :)

Thanks for this great template!

I would like to show a small pic of the author on the featured pics instead their name (Home page and category page) ... is there any solution or option to do that ?

Thank you very much :)


Hi Bloguez,

Thanks very much for the kind words :)

I’m afraid though the only way for that is to modify the theme code to achieve that, and you would need to hire a developer to help you out with it, and I’d recommend looking for one on http://studio.envato.com which is run by the same people who run Themeforest.


bloguez Purchased


Hope you are doing well I really searched all the coms and i think there is asmall bug with the RTL

The review system is not working well

You see … it indicate 2 and my cursor is on 8

Thank you Regards


Hi again,

Ah I see! could you please open a ticket in http://support.cubellthemes.com and include the URL of that review post to check it out myself?


Hi, first and foremost, great theme.

When adding a post/page, I don’t see the rich editor where I can add shortcodes etc. It only shows the default wordpress editing buttons. Is there something I need to do?


Hi Knoxdemara,

Thanks for the kind words :)

Did you install and active the Cubell Themes Functionality plugin? If so, there is a button in the toolbar to show/hide all the extra lines of tools in the editor, have you got it set to “hide”?


alejo0574 Purchased

Saludos. Antes que nada, excelente el tema, nos ha gustado mucho lo consideramos una excelente compra. Pregunta: cómo ocutar información de las entradas como por ejemplo: Categoría, usuario que publica, ya que para algunas categorías quiero limitar estas opciones pues me ensucian las imágenes y su presentación. Atento a tus comentarios.

EAUX Purchased

Love the theme also! I was wondering though is there a way to get the theme to zoom in on top of the images rather than the middle? In this I mean when the images for the full width slider are more than the recommended height. At the moment I have some decapitated models!

Hey Cubell,

If I want to insert a gallery of photos, is it possible to have the thumbnail display by a larger amount, depending on how many photos there are in each column? Even when I set the column to be one photo, the thumbnail size doesn’t change.



Also, one more question. Is it possible to have the side bar stay static, so when you scroll down the page it doesn’t move?

flaubi Purchased

Helo Cubel

Is there any way of stick the header just like the menu? The menu is already sticked on top but I need to do the same with the header.

Thank you,



Is there a way I can scale the page layout down 90%?

If I view the website using the “content max width” with the “default” setting, and then I minimize the page to 90% in my browser, this is the effect I want to incorporate on the layout.

The functionality of the 1020PX is close to what I want, but it interferes with many of the plugins, table, ads etc on the page.