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I would like to purchase—probably in the next week or so. How long until v5 is ready?

Hey Earthtobobby (great name by the way!)

Thanks for the interest in Valenti. V5 is complete and the demo site has been updated, it isn’t 100% finished though and will be changing over the coming days to show off various new features in v5. Same with the theme description page, it will have new graphics showing off the theme’s features :)



Marina9 Purchased

Hi Cubell,

Hope all is well with you.

I am unable to update to the new version via Envato Toolkit for some reason, there is just no update notification and I have tried reinstalling the Plugin but no luck. I have a Theme showing up for update that I have for another Website so don’t understand that?

I would like to update manually but when I downloaded via Envato there is only the old version form April Valenti v4.0.3

Please advise.



Hey Marina :)

Hope you are well! V5 hasn’t been approved by Themeforest yet, once it is, you should receive an email. At that point you can update to v5 :)



puraciudad Purchased

Dear Cubell, is this possible to have Module F to display only 1 post?

Hi Puraciudad,

No this isn’t possible, but I may add an option or new module that is similar to highlight a single post.



DipandRide Purchased

This is an amazing theme. Thank you for it’s creation.

I am having what is probably a newbie issue. I was testing out posting an article, everything was fine and I could see it when previewing, but then all of a sudden I am now getting a 404 issue… I can’t for the life of me figure this out. What am I missing?

Hey DipandRide,

Thanks very much for the kind words and for choosing Valenti :)

It sounds like you may have a permalinks issue. Go to Settings -> Permalinks and change to a good structure, and then save and see if that helps. If not, install SEO by Yoast plugin, and that should definitely do the trick.

I hope this helps.


Hi, this theme looks awesome and I am very tempted to purchase it. One thing I noticed is that when you run a “review” post through the Google Rich Snippets testing tool, it shows an error. It detects the post type is a review, but shows an error: “the review has no review item specified”. Do you know if this is resolved in the latest release, or plans to be resolved?

Thanks for your time. Rich

Hey Rich,

Thanks for the kind words and for checking out Valenti.

That was actually 100% fixed in v5, and I manually refreshed the demo site’s cache and did a check of the rich snippet and it all works with no errors. Please check again and it’ll all be good :)

I hope this helps.


Hey Cubell

What can I say, you’re a legend. I have just re-tested the pages and you’re right, they are showing perfectly in the Rich Snippets test now. As soon as version 5 drops I’ll grab it.

Thanks for such a speedy response, 1st class.

Cheers Rich