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lorelei66 Purchased

Hey Cubell I ve seen you have done an update that’s great the author page is really good i ve seen the demo so seems the update is not yet available waiting the mail from envato

Hey Sara,

Happy you like it, I’m happy with the new design for the author page, I think it looks much more professional and the new sticky sidebar code works great on it too :) The update should go live any minute now!


Pre sale question: Does the demo quick install have demo content in it?

Hey Gamerzinarms,

Thanks for checking out Valenti :)

The theme comes with the demo dummy data from v1.0 in XML form, but it doesn’t include images, as the images used in the demo are copyrighted and licenses were purchased to use them.

If I’m 100% honest though, I really wouldn’t recommend installing the dummy data, as the theme is so easy to use, it’s best if you just start setting it up yourself. Valenti isn’t built with bloated crappy shortcodes or the likes, it’s all logical and very WordPress-esque, so once you get the swing of it, it’s easy peasy :)


Hello, I am testing this theme for one of my site. The woocommerce products category widget doesn’t show the hierachy of the categories. Is there a way to fix that? Example on Sanne

Hey Sanne,

Hope you’re enjoying the theme :)

I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean though, can you point out exactly what should be showing and where in the widget?


Hello Cubell, yes it is a very nice theme. This is the test site, On the right you see the categories. There is no hierarchy in it. Wich is very important to me. Here is how it should look like, also on the right side. Hope I explained it clear enough… Sanne

?Hey Cubell, Hope you’re well

I’ve been using Version 4 of Valenti for a while now and love it but today saw you had an update available and updated my site ( to version 5.4 everything worked out nicely enough apart from two issues, I’m wondering if I did something wrong or if these are settings I can adjust?

First – the leaderboard position of my site is now shaded over with a black colour, I can see my advert behind it but it won’t display properly.

Second – The font on the Mega Menu drop downs look very Bold and Thick – much tougher to read than before. Is there a way to change this font?


Hey Radiatorxx,

I’m well, hope you are too :)

I had a look and that is very odd, but are you using a child-theme by any chance? If so, can you activate the parent theme just to test and see if that fixes it, as it may be due to customizations you have added in the child.

For the titles in megamenu, try adding this custom css:

.cb-big-menu .h4 { font-weight: 400 !important ;}

Hope it helps.


Thanks Cubell, I was using a child theme until a week ago but since stopped using it. This is my first time using Valenti as the parent theme.

.cb-large { height: auto;} .cb-large { width: 100%; text-align: center; } .cb-large {margin: 10px 0px 10px 0px; } .header { background: transparent; } .cb-big-menu .h4 { font-weight: 400 !important ;}

Here is the custom code that I am currently using for my menu. I’ve deleted it but it made no difference. I think it might be related to the sticky menus, tho I’ve turned them off with no luck.

I noticed that the secondary menu isn’t showing in Safari with it either.

Appreciate your assistance with it.


Cubell Author

That is strange! Have you got cache plugins installed? Because it may be that your cache hasn’t updated all the new files in it. Also, go through the theme options and appearance -> menus and ensure everything is set up as you want it to.


Hi, quick pre-sale question:

In this link I really like how the main image in a post is wider than the text content. Will it be like this for all of the images or just the featured image?

In other words, can you confirm that in the no sidebar view, the images can be wider than the text?