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Hi Mate, Any chance of adding a random posts widget in a future update?


Hey :)

Sure thing, I’ve added that to my maybe list! During updates I usually dig into the maybe list to find a couple new features like this to add, so this one might happen in an upcoming update :)



cheers mate nice one… :)

gmlaster Purchased

Hi there!

Problem: I just upgraded to Valenti 4 and now none of the text I typed into my Post pages is showing up. Page text works fine, but Post body copy is a no show. Images and headings work fine too. Have you encountered this problem before? I get the Post Title but it’s followed by white space and then the Related Posts Heading. Nothing I do makes the body copy show up.

What gives?


Hey Gmlaster,

Thanks for choosing Valenti :)

Sounds really odd, definitely haven’t heard of that before! Did you also update the plugin to the latest version? If not, you may be confused over how to update it. Due to a recent XSS security vulnerability in WordPress, authors are forced to use a version of TGM PA (a script to bundle plugins in themes) that doesn’t have a native update option in yet.

Which means that currently the only way update the plugin requires you to delete the 3.2 version of the plugin and then when you go to Appearance -> Install plugins, you will be able to install the latest version as expected.

If that isn’t it, please share your URL to take a look.

Hope this helps.


Hi Cubell,

Do you have any solutions to why my article preview image stopped loading? The standard option now displays a grey (blank) image instead of the desired image. This isn’t a problem with the full-width option so I’m curious on how I can fix this (standard is my desired layout) I’ve cleared my website cache and this is still occurring.

Please let me know !


Hey SoCawlegeDotCom,

What version of Valenti are you on? Are you using the latest (4.0.3)? And if so, have you tried disabling all your plugins to test if one of them is causing a conflict?



I just went to Dashboard>Evato Toolkit>Themes>Updated Valenti to 4.0.3 however, when I go to Appearance>themes it still says 4.0.1? I’m not sure why it doesn’t say 4.0.3 there. Either way – The preview images are now loading perfectly with the standard option on mobile – however they’re resizing to be a bit smaller on the desktop version. Check it out if you get the chance.

Hi there. I have a Wordpress site with a free theme. How easy is it to install your costumized theme? Will I have to use any special softwear? Will I have problems? Thanks

korbakis Purchased

Hey Cubell,

Thanks for all the help here. Just a quick question: If I update the Valenti theme, will I lose all the settings of my website, that I set up using the page builder ? And if yes, is there a way that I can back it up and install again quickly ? Do you suggest that I also update to Wordpress 4.2 ? Thanks!

TonyT27 Purchased

Hey guys,

A couple of questions.

On my mobile website, the forums page is inaccessible. Any reason why?

Also, is there any way to implement a “featured post” widget? I liked the idea of the featured post slider widget that comes with the theme, but it only displays the latest posts.