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I am looking at the valera theme for my next project, however, the menu does not work on my iphone. I can see everything and select everything, but it does not go to the selected page.

Any suggestions?


Hello. How about now?

Hello, do you think on inplementing the Forms area? Like a select with search function?

Im having some problems cause i need to use a outside file to do it and its causing a lot of conflicts.

This is simple HTMl template, and u can use all bootstrap forms.


I am thinking of purchasing this theme. Will I be able to hange the colour from green to blue easily?

Thanks for your time. Emily


Yes it very easy.

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i have a question about the slider on the index page: can i integrate a youtube or vimeo video into the slider?

kind regards, joerg


Hello, no, only images.

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If you purchase this theme, be prepared to fixes any bugs or figure anything out on your own. User does not respond to post or the forum he created. Forum says you will be answered in 32hrs…it’s been 7 days plus my thread hasn’t even been viewed yet. Make sure you have the time and knowledge to work with this theme by yourself if you purchase. Such a shame to have a great theme with no support. SMH .

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5 days later….still no response.



Can you show me an url to your web site?


Coz i think i know what problem is.

It doesn’t look like the mobile dropdown menu is working. Looked at the html and you don’t have a form tag, just select options. Not sure how it would send you to the correct page. Are you going to fix this issue?

There is a problem with the menu. From your examples HTML ’s file (eg blog_single.html), remove the following script’s line : <script src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false"></script> The navigation’s menu works now only once, ie submenus are displayed correctly but the second time, we can not click on an item of the submenu (menu disappearance).

Thanks for any help as I do not use Google Maps API ,


My comment has been cut ! There is a probleme with the navigation menu. As i do not need Google Map API , I removed the script : <script src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false"></script>

Now the navigation menu display correctly sub-menu, but we can click on them only once, the second time, the submenu disappear. Tested with your blog_single.html

Thanks for any help,


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Hi OrangeIdea,

How can I remove the responsive effect? Is it remove the boostrap-responsive only?

If I use iPhone to browse my website, it only show small part of my website in 320px. If I wanna see the whole full page I need to manually reduce the size from my iPhone to view the whole website.

Hope you can help :(


Great theme, but i really miss sortable tables with search function, 90% of all theme have it, but they miss other things.

Is it possible to add this in the theme??


I liked this theme and am supposed to be putting together a website for a friend. Unfortunately, though he can see what the theme can do, he hates the main nav menu. Is there any way to make it into a solid block, or something else without rewriting tons of css…which I probably can’t do?

I don’t know who writes the replies here but the last one was 20 days ago. That’s not going to encourage anybody to buy.


Well folks, 6 messages in the last 28 days without an answer or acknowledgement. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a theme is, if the seller isn’t available to answer questions, you simply shouldn’t buy it.

hi I want the image move >> margin-top:10px; but does not work , Why ?


Thx edward” />

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Hi, I bought you theme Valera, NICE WORK !!! One thing not to dig into the code. There is a simple way to change the dark style in the drop down menu?. Thank you! Miguel

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Did somebody have problems installing to the wordpress theme?

That is a pity that there is no support available. I would have bought it.

Any Updates Coming ?

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Can I replace the bootstrap files with the latest one without any issue?

ie have you modified the bootstrp files at all?


I’m not sure(don’t remember), please make a backup

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bought this last week but what I see locally isnt what I see on http://html.orange-idea.com/valera/

I get a custom.js error line 132 on all pages The URL doesnt Could you send me the version on the url ( have 1.4.8) thanks

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sorry – also it goes a bit haywire if on an SSL url can this be fixed?