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JaneDay Purchased



I havent purchased yet, but all looks great. You mention previously that to change the colour/theme from Green to something different (for the HTML template) you need a knowledge of CSS . Isn’t it just a simple case of finding the green hex colour code and replacing with the colour of choice, throughout the entire site?


Yes, your right ;)

that’s great then. I think some of your other comments may have put people with little coding knowledge off though, when really its quite simple.

Buying now :-)


Thank you :)

So for the lazy ones who can’t be bothered to figure it out, you need to change 3 colour values.

Some GREEN contents (lines etc) use #7daf27 Menus and other bits use #659a22 Finally, the menus have 2 actual colours that fade into one another. This colour is #9ac92c

All in all you’ll need to make about 60 or so changes to the code to configure the colour scheme to your own, but this is easy if you use a Find/Replace feature like the one in Dreamweaver. It took less than a minute to change the lot.

Cheers OrangeIdea


Thank you BorisDollar :)

MNCLDev Purchased

Awesome theme and great work! I am happy with the purchase thus far, originally I had not fully realized that this was using the Bootstrap model.

Can you please point me in the correct direction on the easiest method to implement PHP /MySQL pagination with this particular theme, using the bootstrap model? I have difficulty finding accurate information on this matter.

Thank you in advance.


No, sorry cant help here, simple don’t know :)

JaneDay Purchased

Love this theme, very easy to customize. But just tested it on the iPad and layout breaks on index.html. The .intro text remains span4 and .mainslider stays at span8, so it just gets pushed down below the text. I can send you a screenshot if you want. Any ideas on fixing the media queries?

Comments here do not support Russian :(

Logo and name of this Template are from videos about Narkoman Pavlik? :)


Ne nado moi kommenti Reportit’ ;)


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Da ni4ego strashnogo ;) Da naveyanno pavlikom :)

I have a problem with portfolio

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/xxxx/xxxxxx/html/wp-content/themes/valera/portfolio.php on line 112


You forgot to add “Category” to portfolio item


thanks, I had not added

Type on http://html.orange-idea.com/valera/3columns_portfolio.html (should be 3 Column, not 4). Glad to see some Bootstrap-based themes here, thanks!


Thank you ;)

grapstep Purchased

Hi, great work. I am noticing a minor display glitch in the mainslider flexslider on the “compact” home page: http://html.orange-idea.com/valera/index_compact.html If you look very closely, the first slide blinks very briefly in-between every slide fade transition. I don’t see this display glitch when I look at http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/flexslider-demo/ I see you have the flexslider code at the end of the jquery.flexslider-min.js file, but I don’t have enough experience to try fix this glitch myself. Any chance of a fix? Thanks.


hm.. i see… thank you.. will try to fix.

Indeed this is a lot of effort and good work, but have you looked in IE8 ?

It does not work, like many ‘responsive themes’ here on TF. They all state they work with IE8 but not for me (Win7).

By not working I mean that it does not reduce in size for mobile.

In fact your theme viewer crashes as well, can send you a screen if you like. I would definatley pruchase if it were cross browser compatible.


Hello, just tested it again in IE8 all works fine, but sure it nor responsive in IE8

JaneDay Purchased

Any input on iPad media queries for broken layout on home page?




I want to purchase this beuatifull theme but It seems that the comments feature in the blog section doesn’t work. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in programming so is there a fix for it?


sure it is just an tml template

this is wordpress version – http://themeforest.net/item/valera-responsive-wordpress-theme/2344228

JaneDay Purchased

Fixed the layout problem with iPad portrait on index.html Changed media query /* Landscape phone to portrait tablet*/ from: .mainslider { width:97%;} to: .mainslider { width:60%;}


Ok, Thanks :)

lfluty2 Purchased

Hi there

I am trying to get rid of unused css (like prettify) and JS scripts…

I dont need the google map feature at all… but when I delete this:

<script src=”http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false”></script>

then my navigation when mobile and the footer twitter doesn’t work.

This is a typical inner page on my site


All I really use is the navigation, tabs in the sidebar and twitter in the footer. I dont think i need the tooltip, alert, transitions carousel, flex slider and many of the other JS scripts..

Can you help me with find out which ones I can safely delete?


You also have to delete ”<script src=”assets/js/jquery.gmap.min.js”></script>”

lfluty2 Purchased


I deleted:

<script src=”http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false”></script> <script src=”assets/js/jquery.gmap.min.js”></script>”

and then the navigation (when browser is resized for mobile) and footer twitter does not work


Thats means you have to delete initializations form Custom.js, but in that case in other pages all JS will not work. So you need to Copy custom.js and rename it to for example minicustom.js. in minicustom.js delete map initializations and on you page includ minicustom.js against custom.js and all will works.

i was thinking in buy your theme, but i can find an accordion, its to important in my project, good work its wonderfoul! maybe next time!


Check all features page. there is accordin.. and tabs and ect…

Also I noticed that jquery is being loaded 3 times… once from wordpress, once from google apis, and once from the theme files…. is this intentional?


Have you followed all the proper script enqueue procedures?



This comment for WP version and this is HTML

Please disregard, I meant to post my above comments on the wordpress version of Valera.


no problems, i flagged your comments.

Cantcha Purchased

I was about to use this template and see that Bootstrap 2.0.4 was just released June 1st. I am relatively new to all of this so wondering how easy it will be to place the latest version of Bootstrap into this template.


Hi, great work.

but is not CHROME Browsers Compatible .

please correct.



Will take a look.