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Very cool! Congrats and Good Luck with sales!


Thank you my friend

Hi guys,

I like to buy your theme.
I tested the preview in browsers and on handhelds. Works very good.

But let me ask one question.
If you take a look at your preview her:
... you can see that the right content scroll horizontally.
Additional if you open your blog
there are a couple of errors on this page
e.g.: Notice: Use of undefined constant video – assumed ‘video’ in /var/www/u3119793/data/www/themes.foxsash.com/wp-valor/wp-content/themes/valor/blog.php on line 17
Is it possible to fix this?
Cheers and really a good job,


fixed, also was my script for test, sorry for that :)

michak Purchased

Bought! ;-)


Thank you

Nice template, good Job..!

Good luck with sales :):D:)


Thank you

Looks wonderlicious, congrats :)


Thx, Bedros

Looks great! :)


Thank you

Welcome to the Forest! Nice first item, good luck with it :)


Thank you

Very nice & clean theme!

Can you please test if the modal option works fine with your theme?


Click on the ‘Launch demo modal’ button.

Thanks. ;)


no problem, fixed


Awesome! Rated 5*s! :)


Thanks for purchase & rates ;)

is it possible not to make the sidebar fixed?


Yes, sure and i can help to you with it :)

Hi i would like to use this to my social site, is included the author page on this template? thanks


Thanks for asking, but now it is not foreseen in a Valor. I will try to add soon

nice work man, good luck with sales. on 1024×768 the left sidebar cuts off.


Thank you, will fix it asap

Vesrion 1.0.1

Hot fix for IE
Fix Portfolio paginations
Fix Portfolio template
Fixed more small probems

Update to Valor responsive WordPress Theme 48% 1 hour ago

Very, very clean theme! I have been browsing heavily the last couple days for a theme for my new branding/website.

This one just bumped to the top of my list.

Only thing I noticed, when you click on a sub-page, shouldn’t the accordion parent for that page be open on default? Kind of lose your navigation visually otherwise. It’s something I could add/tweak myself but just thought I would mention it.

Again, congrats…very beautiful theme.


Thank you, right now i am waiting for update check. I agree with you, i’ll correct menu




I like the look of the theme but wondered:

Can you change the colour of the blue ‘highlight / hover’?

Can you add a custom background image to each page?

Will the blog post layout support widgets in the right hand column, underneath the tags?

On the portfolio section, when viewing one particular project, is there a way to highlight and link to other relevant projects (so you don’t have to click back)?

Thanks in advance.



Hi, i’ll soon update Valor theme. Full customization will be available. Change the background, color of the highlight and you can make your own. If you need help with this, I can help.

Blog added to the page widget. For Portfolio section, I will think how to make its better

Nice! Clean! Easy!

Thanks for a great theme!


Thank you ;)

Anyone else having trouble viewing the CSS3 filtering from the live preview? I’ve tried FF, Chrome & Safari and it doesn’t seem to work… Weird, not it works… NM.

Hi FoxSash,

could you please also embed/show the tooltip feature in your demo?

Would underscore the nice design even more!

Thanks! ;)

Vesrion 1.0.2

  • Hot fix menu
  • Add widget on Blog page
  • Add more shortcodes
    Update to Valor responsive WordPress Theme 3% 2 minutes ago
  • FoxSash


    michak Purchased

    Hi FoxSash
    I have a short question.
    Where I can find the settings for Google maps in the ‘Contact us’ theme settings? If I click the checkmark for ‘Show Google map?’ nothing happens.
    I checked the documentation and couldn’t find it.

    And for further question could you give me an e-mail address for support?
    Cheers, Micha


    received your letter, be sure to help

    Hi. I would like to buy this theme after these questions.

    Is it available to change background color and menu background color on theme option page? or should I edit a Style.css file?

    If I should edit Style.css, can you help me? I’m sorry I’m a wordpress newbie.


    I am ready to help you