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I recently downloaded the most recent theme and updated the /wp-content/themes/vanguard/ files& folders via FTP. I am not seeing changes and Wordpress is still telling me that I’m not on the current theme.

There is a new version of the Vanguard theme available. You have version 1.3 installed. Update to version 1.6.2

I have tried purging the home page cache, is there something else I should be doing ?

Thanks in advance.

It seems to have been a cache issue.


Papouck Purchased

Hi again. I’ve encountered a small problem: if I put a vanguard slider in the page: [slider animSpeed=”500” pauseTime=”5000” numberSlides=”10” cats=”cat-home” /] it is not only the category ‘cat-home’ that’s being displayed. I’ve tried the category name and the category slug. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, the slider shortcodes doesn’t allow for a category slug, it requires a category ID instead. This parameter accepts a comma separated list of category ID’s (one or more) and to find out what is the ID of a specific category, see this screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/K6QSsqzzfft

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Papouck Purchased

Great, thanks! I really didn’t think of that one. Hope I’m not the first.

Hi there,

I downloaded a Master Slider Plugin and created a slider. But even after pasting its shortcode, the slider would not appear. It’s not working. Pls help. Thanks.

You can see the shortcode here http://max-groups.com/test-page/

I have tried making the changes as mentioned, but the problem is still there. What should I do?


Hi, could you email me admin access to your WP installation so that I can take a proper look?

Best regards

Emailed you. :) Please assist as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hi, Where can I change the footer copyright texts as well as the email & phone number at the very right top corner.

For some reasons, none of them show up :http://www.emcglassbd.com/

and i cannot find the options under theme option either.


Hi, go to “Appearance » Widgets” and add text widgets with that info to the “Superior-header” and “Footer bar” widget areas.

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I have set up a custom sidebar and applied it to the blog section (with multiple categories) of my site. The sidebar shows up on the actual post pages within that blog; however, the default sidebar shows up on the category archive pages (instead of the custom sidebar. I’ve tried adjusting and playing with every setting I can find. However, nothing seems to fix it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. This is just one little glitch I’ve come across) this is an awesome theme!

Nevermind this …. I was able to get it to work by using jetpack’s widget visibility function. Thanks!

Hi there, on the blog all of the posts appear on the same page (infinite scroll?). Is there anyway to display say 20 then have other pages to view for older posts?


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I tried to install the theme on my wordpress (3.8.5). I had sterling theme installed there. I initially had WordPress telling me that it couldn’t install the theme due to problems with style.css file. I went through faq and as suggested used Installable WordPress files only. The theme installed successfully (at least this was the information on the screen). Next thing – I have no website and no access to admin panel.

I’ve tried other browsers – nothing there.

I’ve got no idea what to do.

Please help ASAP.

Many thanks,



jbodys Purchased

I checked with my host provider and they found the following error:

PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare layerslider_load_lang() (previously declared in /home/nbsweb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/layerslider.php:101) in /home/nbsweb/public_html/wp-content/themes/vanguard/LayerSlider/layerslider.php on line 102

Hi, it appears that there’s a conflict between the LayerSlider plugin that is already bundled with the theme and the one installed as a plugin from the previous theme.

My advice is to FTP into your server and delete the LayerSlider plugin in /wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider

This should fix the conflict.

Best regards


jbl0509 Purchased

Great theme! I have a question though. How do i get rid of the sidebar on the home page?



Hi, I see that you’ve managed to set the Home page as a full-width page.

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Love the theme.

I can use custom sidebar in a single blog post.

But I cant figure out how to use custom sidebar in a blog category.



Unfortunately you can’t set custom sidebars in blog category pages I’m afraid. The archive pages all show the “Main sidebard” widgets.

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Hello, how are you?

With this theme I can create multiple independent portfolios?


Site Menu:

- Portfolio 1: Product Category A, Product Category B, Product Category C

- Portfolio 2: Product Category X, Product Category Y, Product Category Z

- Portfolio 3: Product Category F, Product Category G, Product Category H

And within each category, several products in the portfolio with the possibility of filters them.

Thank you.

Hi, yes you can, exactly as you described them.

Best regards

Is it okay to update to WordPress 4.2? I am running this theme on 2 sites. Thanks!

Hi, from my exploratory tests I couldn’t see any issue. Before updating create a full backup of your WordPress installation files and a database backup just in case something goes wrong.

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I am having problems with the main menu sliding behind the logo when the page is resized. How do I correct this problem?

Hi, could you post a link to your site so that I can take a proper look?

Best regards

Hi, Had some issues updating to newer versions of the Vanguard theme – in the interim I will stay with the older version I have until I sort it out. There is however one bug I want to fix if possible – removing the left/right arrows on the slider when only a single image is used. Can you tell me if there is a particular file(s) I can individually swap out from the new vanguard theme into my existing installation without doing a full theme upgrade? Thanks

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Hi, that is not easily fixed I’m afraid. What I recommend in the cases where you don’t want more than one item on the slider is to use a sub-header with a background image instead.

Best regards

Thank you! I’ll try to upgrade theme in future

I want to change a menu item from this: http://i.imgur.com/UGCXAqj.png

to this: http://i.imgur.com/ShzvzKT.png

I tried using this custom CSS in the Vanguard CSS menu:

.joinbutton { background: #208ac7 !important; padding-left: 15px !important; padding-right: 15px !important; color: #fffff !important; }
and then adding this to the menu item. But no matter what I do, the font color stays dark gray, instead of going white like the CSS says.

Any ideas?

Hi, with that code I think that you are adding the color to the list item, not the link itself.

After that custom CSS, try to add the following code to the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options panel:

.nav > .joinbutton > a { 
    color: #ffffff!important;

Best regards

Is there a newer Unisphere Social widget which has a Pinterest share icon available? Thank you

Hi, I’m afraid not.

Best regards

Thank you, no problem, decided it did not fit in with the look of the current unisphere social – they look much better without pinterest

Is it possible to download previous releases of the Vanguard theme? ie is there an archive download section?

I want to get hold of 1.4 if possible for testing purposes before moving on to later version Thank you

Hi, unfortunately no but you can email me requesting this and I’ll send you version 1.4, no problem.

Best regards

Many thanks, email sent.


I noticed that the theme has not been updated for for a year now. For security reason, does it need to be updated regularly in order to keep risk free? Also you theme has a layer slider plugin, please update it as well.



Hi Jason,

security wise, the theme didn’t need updating since all WP security issues where a flaw was found, the theme didn’t use them. In other words, even though you don’t see a theme update, it is secure.

Regarding your other question, the reason I haven’t updated the LayerSlider plugin is that the version above the one included in the theme breaks backwards compatibility causing all current theme users to have to remake the sliders.

Best regards


Papouck Purchased

Hide sub-header-title

Hi there! Is there an easy way to hide the sub-header-page title throughout the entire site?


try adding the following code to the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options panel:

.sub-header-title { display: none!important; }

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Papouck Purchased

Wonderful! But that still leaves a litlle bar above where the title would have been. Can I remove that too?

Sure, add the following code also:

#sub-header .bar { display: none!important; }

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Papouck Purchased

Paged portfolio Hi again, I would like to make a portfolio page, without the sortable options. So, just like http://vanguard.unispheredesign.com/portfolios/paged/1-column/. Is there a special template for that?


edit your portfolio page and below the multi-checkbox field where you select the categories to be displayed you can find an input field to set the number of portfolio items to display per page. Set a big value in this field (999 for example) and the sortable options should not display (when using pagination the sortable feature disables).

Best regards

Hi, I have just purchased a plug in “Word Press Jobs Board” or WPJB. The integrations manager emailed me the below. Basically this plug in uses a custom post to display the jobs on the website… the jobs board displays ok, but the actual job doesn’t… he thinks it something to do with the theme… please see below! It also has his full details should you need to speak to him… Thanks, Alex

my log ins are: [removed]


Good morning, Alex

I hope you are doing fine!

Allow me to create a support ticket for tracking purposes of this integration; if possible, please always reply to this new e-mail convo.

I was able to post a test job on the site: http://roundpegsrecruitment.co.uk/job/15435133 However, it appears that most of the data (including Description) is not displayed. This is, however, most probably connected with site’s interface and styling, because all job’s data is actually present: http://roundpegsrecruitment.co.uk/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpjb-job&action=edit&id=1 Could your development team look into this please? I am happy to discuss if needed. If you have any questions, just let me know!

Kind regards

Hi, replied to your post on the forum.

Best regards