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I have installed the files and when I boot it up I end up with only a blank screen for the “home page”. The /admin area works but i do get errors as well when doing any admin to images or logos. a I have followed directions and find it still unusable. can you suggest?


Do you have vqmod installed on your store?

Hello Koev,

I have a problem with the menu styling. I need to highlight the top active menu. I tried it in many different ways but no luck, and cannot understand why this important option is so difficult to be customized. Have you a tutorial or can you help me in anyway to have an active menu activated with a background colour perhaps? The link to my site is http://xn--mxaaaaaaa5dhgyg5jgb.gr/lahanohahanohora

Thanks in advance Peter


Hello webmein,

It looks like you never purchased this theme. Please, login and re-send your questions with the account used to purchase the theme.

Are you going to arrange for the new version?


Hello mdogan35,

yes, the theme will be updated but it would take more time

Can you let us know the expected release date for an opencart 2.x.x version? I love this theme and would like to buy another one for the new platform.


I am afraid not yet. I am working on it, but it would take time as the entire theme, all modules and the blog system must be rewritten from scratch.


Any update on this? I am about to start some new projects and would like to use your themes, but will not be building any more sites in opencart 1.x.x. Thanks!


Hello shaneboland,

I am afraid it would take more time as I wasn’t able to work last few weeks due to some personal problems.

Could you please help me out?

I want the body text to be bigger, editing the plain html code does not work. Which CSS file can I edit without muddling the whole thing up?

And why are all the headings with capital letters?



The body font size could be edited in the stylesheet file.

Title are set to be always Uppercase

Dimitar, hi :) Search in header on the index gives a huge amount of goods (unlimited). Where to write limit = 5? Thank you in advance.


Hello ringzer0,

I have sent you a mail few minutes ago. I am working on a modification for this. For now it can’t be limited.

Hey there theAlThemist,

I too am very keen for this theme to be upgraded to 2.x.x & will purchase another copy as soon as its done. Any idea when this might be ready?Same applies to a couple of your other themes…

Love your work! Keep up the awesome work…


Hello Brendon27,

working on the updates, but last few weeks I wasn’t able to work and it would take a bit more time. Probably few weeks more.


Looking forward to it…


Polzvam temata i sum mnogo dovolen ot neia. Raboti chudesno.

Obache dnes edin klient me shokira s vuprosa: Kude e butona “Izhod” (logout)? I naistina kogato klient se registrira i si vlezne v akaunta, niama nikude logout.

Ta iskam da popitam ima li niakude opcia da se izlezne ot akaunta? Ako ne, shte mi e neobhodima vashata pomosht, zashtoto tova si e dosta vajen element.

Pozdravi, Lubo Uzunov


Moga da opitam da go naglasq, no shte mi trqbva vremenen dostup do admin-a s pulni prava za Theme options modula


Moje li mail ili neshto drugo na koeto da izpratia user i pass?



Izpolzvaite formata za kontakt v profilnata mi stranica

Hi! There PSD logo?


I am afraid no. Logo is not available in PSD format


I’ve recently purchased this theme and am facing a few issues:
  1. I have uninstalled the ‘Affiliate’ module but the Affiliate link is still showing in the footer section.
  2. The add-to-cart sound is not playing even though I have enabled it in theme options.
  3. How do I get the categories and other specific pages (not Information) to show in the top menu?

Thanks in advance!


1. The affiliate link in the footer is there by default for any theme. If you want to remove it, you would need to manually delete it from frooter.tpl

2. The add to cart sound works fine for me. Checked your store and it plays as it should.

3. The categories and other pages are autogenerated in the menu. Category links would only be displayed under Shop menu in this theme. As for tthe other links – don’t know exactly what do you mean.

4. Looks like some of the custom theme files are mising. This is what the console says:

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://www.heritagefabrics.in/catalog/view/theme/VARNA/stylesheet/customblocks.css"

  1. Ok, thanks.
  2. Yes, it somehow seems to be working now. :)
  3. Is there any way I can customize this to show category links? Your input would be much appreciated!
  4. Can you tell me which particular file points to this link so that I can edit it?
Many thanks!

3. I am afraid no, unless you have an extensive PHP knowledge and rewrite the entire menu scipt. There is no easy solution for this.

4. You don’t need to edit anything. Just make sure you have downloaded the latest theme files and upload them ALL to your server.

In your specific case – the file


is missing on your server


i have bought your theme and having a problems. I have installed VQmod and Varna. Please check my website www.dissracism.com . Click the product. Waiting for your reply. paxussale@gmail.com Br/Floyd


Send me an e-mail with temporary admin access details to check this.


It works. Next questions. If I want to change the text ” deals of the day” & “Featured Blog Stories” how do I do that? Thanks in advance..


These text strings are located in the respective module language files (catalog/language/english/module folder)

Hello i not found any image and background in the theme files. after install and configure i not get any parallax slids:( how i can get the images from demo of theme or db and media files from demo varna2 Thank you Sergey


Hello Sergey,

Images are only used for demonstration and can’t be included with the theme as they are all licensed images.


Hello , without images it not help me at all, i wont to cancel the purchase, sorry but it you not clear in the description in the images and media is very important for me . pls refund Sergey


Hello Sergey,

We authors don’t have control on refunds. You should ask the envato support team.

Anyways, keep in mind this is not valid refund reason, as the same rules apply for all themes. Images are not included as they are only used for demonstration. At the end – we are selling themes, not images. :)

Hope this helps.

Hi! How to change themplate of latest posts on template of featured posts?


Hello sbupravi,

what do you mean? Both modules are using the same structure and design and both could be turned to carousel or grid


I’ve bought your theme and installed it on a testing server with a clean installation of OpenCart and VQMOD v2.5.1-opencart. Then I followed the steps in your documentation. But I’m still getting alot of errors. Some help would be appreciated. I’ve added some of the error below. But there are many others…

.... 2015-04-27 14:27:15 – PHP Notice: Undefined variable: contact in ../catalog/view/theme/VARNA/template/common/VARNA_menu.php on line 81 2015-04-27 14:27:15 – PHP Notice: Undefined variable: informations in ../catalog/view/theme/VARNA/template/common/header.tpl on line 200 2015-04-27 14:27:15 – PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ../catalog/view/theme/VARNA/template/common/header.tpl on line 200 2015-04-27 14:27:15 – PHP Notice: Undefined variable: modules in ../catalog/view/theme/VARNA/template/common/header.tpl on line 268 ....

Kind regards Rene Guicherit


Hello Rene,

looks like there are missing theme files on your installation (at least the custom theme controllers are not there). Try to re-upload the entire theme package while following the EXACT instructions in the theme documentation.


Hello theAIThemist,

Your where right. When copied some of the “newer” files where not overwritten. Thanks this did solve the problem…

Regards, Rene

Hello Mr Fantastic! The theme works perfect after your help. My question: Payment Icons. How do I put in more icons or can I change the Icons because there are few missing that we use in Sweden?

I hope you can help me Mr.

Thanks as usual. Floyd.


Hello Floyd,

I am afraid adding more icons is not possible. You could use the trust seals area to include another image or simply replace one of the existing images with your own.


Hello again Al Themist! Where do I find “trust seals area” is it in Admin or in FTP? Thanks in advance.


Theme Options Module > Footer Area

Hi, Sorry but could not access support through Envato support. I apologize if any of this has been covered, already:

And thanks for the theme!

1. Can I install a navigation module to override yours? I want to use mutpiple categories up top to navigate from.

2. The Search bar effectively shows items in the live preview but if you click on Search there are no results.

3. The Sliding Custom Blocks Module has a bug: It says ” sidebloc” where it should say the title. Also, is there any way to adjust font size or increase the size of the tab to make it more visible. Its hard to notice.

4. The icons in Iconboxes & Tabs are a font, right? Is there a way to add more of them or customize these?



Hello dedicatebrand,

1. I am afraid that would be a tough job to do. Most modules depend on the original opencart structure and my theme is using a custom one. Most probably you would need some customization to be made by the module developer.

2. I have just checked and everything works fine with the search on demo store, including the search page results.

3. Could you please give me a link with example to see?

4. Yes, they are FontAwesome Icon font, and thus can’t be modified or extended.


Hello dedicatebrand,

where it says “sideblock” is not the place for the title. It’s an alt text for the image which in your case is missing. Just upload an image there.

Hi there. Great theme. Before I purchase have some questions. I want the theme for deals only from my deal website with minimum quantity of products and limited number of days to reach the minimum quantity. Questions: 1. Is this possible? 2. How does the buyer get charged? Once the deal is on? 3. Is there shipping address/membership information to ship the item and how does this work?

Many thanks in advance.


Hello heroprint,

yes, it is possible with some limitations. You could set start date and end date for every product discount and when end date is reached the deal product would disappear as it is no more considered a deal.

Anyways, it is not possible to make group buys and set minimum participants as opencart doesn’t have such functionality.

How is the user charged depends on the payment methods you have set for your store.

Yes, every client enters it’s shipping and billing details before the checkout process can be finished.