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I have installed the files and when I boot it up I end up with only a blank screen for the “home page”. The /admin area works but i do get errors as well when doing any admin to images or logos. a I have followed directions and find it still unusable. can you suggest?


Do you have vqmod installed on your store?

Hello Koev,

I have a problem with the menu styling. I need to highlight the top active menu. I tried it in many different ways but no luck, and cannot understand why this important option is so difficult to be customized. Have you a tutorial or can you help me in anyway to have an active menu activated with a background colour perhaps? The link to my site is http://xn--mxaaaaaaa5dhgyg5jgb.gr/lahanohahanohora

Thanks in advance Peter


Hello webmein,

It looks like you never purchased this theme. Please, login and re-send your questions with the account used to purchase the theme.

Are you going to arrange for the new version?


Hello mdogan35,

yes, the theme will be updated but it would take more time

Can you let us know the expected release date for an opencart 2.x.x version? I love this theme and would like to buy another one for the new platform.


I am afraid not yet. I am working on it, but it would take time as the entire theme, all modules and the blog system must be rewritten from scratch.


Any update on this? I am about to start some new projects and would like to use your themes, but will not be building any more sites in opencart 1.x.x. Thanks!


Hello shaneboland,

I am afraid it would take more time as I wasn’t able to work last few weeks due to some personal problems.

Could you please help me out?

I want the body text to be bigger, editing the plain html code does not work. Which CSS file can I edit without muddling the whole thing up?

And why are all the headings with capital letters?



The body font size could be edited in the stylesheet file.

Title are set to be always Uppercase

ringzer0 Purchased

Dimitar, hi :) Search in header on the index gives a huge amount of goods (unlimited). Where to write limit = 5? Thank you in advance.


Hello ringzer0,

I have sent you a mail few minutes ago. I am working on a modification for this. For now it can’t be limited.

Hey there theAlThemist,

I too am very keen for this theme to be upgraded to 2.x.x & will purchase another copy as soon as its done. Any idea when this might be ready?Same applies to a couple of your other themes…

Love your work! Keep up the awesome work…


Hello Brendon27,

working on the updates, but last few weeks I wasn’t able to work and it would take a bit more time. Probably few weeks more.


Looking forward to it…


Polzvam temata i sum mnogo dovolen ot neia. Raboti chudesno.

Obache dnes edin klient me shokira s vuprosa: Kude e butona “Izhod” (logout)? I naistina kogato klient se registrira i si vlezne v akaunta, niama nikude logout.

Ta iskam da popitam ima li niakude opcia da se izlezne ot akaunta? Ako ne, shte mi e neobhodima vashata pomosht, zashtoto tova si e dosta vajen element.

Pozdravi, Lubo Uzunov


Moga da opitam da go naglasq, no shte mi trqbva vremenen dostup do admin-a s pulni prava za Theme options modula


Moje li mail ili neshto drugo na koeto da izpratia user i pass?



Izpolzvaite formata za kontakt v profilnata mi stranica