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Hello I sent you a message, I am hoping you can respond… thank you!

ajla Purchased

I send you a message for two times already, but no response? Please provide some support for your customers.


We have no messages.

ajla Purchased

I don’t wanted to offend you in any way, but i really have send out 2 emails true the contact form. I’m still very happy with the template and with your answers on my previous questions. Then question at that time is already solved now but i would pay for support that’s not a problem that is also what i have send you by email at that time. I wanted to ask you if it is possible to put the social media button underneath the contact field so that is not a seperated tab. Thank you in advance and i’m sorry for the comment.


You can move the contents of any tab into another and things will still work fine – doing so will let you have the social links above or below the contact form – it should be an easy modification.

Preview is down. :/


Domain troubles – we’ll put it back up at some point.

Sorry to bug with a question :)

But I read the http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard and I understand what that says, but it looks nothing like what you had:


What should be in the mailto link?

acsandi1 Purchased

Can you please tell me in which line can i change the background of the site, because I would like to use a photo. Thanks in advance, great template!


Just add some css rules for the body. FYI the background is pure CSS .

Use firebug if you want to inspect styles.

I’d like to recommend your responsive templete to my clients… can I post a few screen shots on my website? And then purchase from you… meaning through envato… if I need? Thanks

Looks like you have a little bug, clicking on two navigation links quickly makes one append to the other, I know it’s not major but thought I’d mention it :)


Thanks for reporting, I don’t think this is a major issue though. I can’t imagine people are clicking through the navigation that quickly!

I really like this, I’ve modified it quite a bit to bit in our CMS for our clients, it’s all worked great – a few jQuery changes to minimize it a bit but all is now good and everyone couldn’t be happier.

The only negative comments I have is all the style options are very niche (and in my opinion horrible) colors. For example the blue style. I would expect to see a midtone web 2.0 blue style (you know that blue you see everywhere) before a baby blue & red style. I really think for a template, the color options should be as general as possible, and while there’ no argument I could change it myself, it was a let down to see the only real styles to use were the graphite(dark), grey(white) and default(manilla).

Just my 2cents, I’m sure many people have found the colors fit their brand, I’m just yet to find one in our clients.

Are you planning to release a Wordpress version of this?

Would love to run this as WP-theme instead. http://nimashams.com

Agree with nimashams, a WordPress version would be nice (that is translation-ready).

Btw it does not seem to be validated HTML5 (10 Errors, 1 warning) and CSS3 (210 Errors, 39 warnings).

Hi, are you still supporting this template? I purchased last week and messaged you a query over missing css. Would appreciate a reply (or refund) I can not use this template at the moment.


There is no missing CSS. It’s not a wordpress theme.

removed comment. Problem Fixed.

I’m still waiting on a WordPress version and filtered portfolio. I can’t help but hope that it will come since I like the template very much.

Should I give up hope and look for an alternative?

I don’t want to wait for something that never comes, but if it comes…

your demo doesn’t work


We’re in the process of getting a new demo site up; apologies