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nice my friend;

Thanks! :smitten:

Hey man, I noticed problem with the class=”has-flyout” in the main menu with tablet device (600×800). When you touch it skips the submenu. How can I fix it? Thank you!

The breakpoint is set to 767 pixels where the mobile menu is triggered. It should work fine as it works on several devices and nearly one thousand users are happy with it. Send me your report through my profile page, where you’ll find a form in the bottom left.


I’ve just finished working on a site using this template and all of a sudden the pages have stopped changing when clicking on another menu item. I’ve been through all the code to check if there’s anything I’ve deleted/changed that I shouldn’t have and I can’t find where it’s going wrong.

What I have found is that the URL’s of the pages have now changed, they seem to have an additional htm appended to what they had originally.

If you’d like to take a look you can find it here – http://www.raw-media.co.uk/development/cinder/about.html


It seems working fine to me. I noticed the homepage doesn’t have the js file included, though the about page appends the hashtag as expected to the current url. If you don’t need AJAX you can just throw a target attribute set to “_self” to your anchor tags and it will reload the page from scratch.

If you need further assistance contact me through my profile page. ;)


I seemed to have sorted it. I was amending the logo tag and it threw the code out for some reason. Reverted back and it’s ok now. Thanks for looking anyway.


I would like the one flyout menu i have to operate on click rather than rollover, is this possible? There is no page linked from the top level menu (li) item, I’ve just got a # tag in there.


I checked in the console and I suspect the selector doesn’t hook up to that element. I’m just guessing here though. You might want to try to add in the selector of the click function the clickdrop class. Like this:
$('.nav-bar>li.has-flyout, .clickdrop').click(

But this is just trial and error so far. I cannot tell you what works and what not unless I put my hands on it.

I could give you temporary FTP access if that helps? If you email me at rob@raw-media.co.uk with your ip address I can give you FTP access.

Mail sent.

Is there a way to stop the fluid slider images. The client has insisted it stays a static size.


Try to use prettyPhoto instead of the slider. It will avoid cutting your images.

Umm, I’ve had a look on the ‘no-margin-for-errors’ site and I can’t work it out. Where do I use the PrettyPhoto code within the background slider code?

<div id="bg" class="background">
    <ul class="bg-gallery" data-delay="8">
        <li data-image="images/slides/get-in-touch.jpg"><span /></li>


Ah, you mean the background slider! Well if there is only one it won’t animate at all. You can style it with custom rules. So in your case you should add the following rules to your custom stylesheet:
.bg-gallery li span {
    background-size: contain;

The default value is “cover”, change it to “contain”.

I have problem :In menu as im having spanish page and want to add link for english after contact but doesent go…any help?

Link of page : http://goo.gl/AYxlF6

Thanks man..great help!!..

oh…n from English back to spanish will be same code or?!..

I suggest you to do two distinct folders: one for english and one for spanish. Switch between them whenever you want. You can easily forward the index page to one of them with php or an htaccess rule.

Hello, I purchased your template, beautiful .Avrei two questions for you, the site remains blocked in the main home also click the Go menu and sub-menu tittoli .I already tried to anchor but not funziona.Second question relating to copyright, I can leave I have to keep my name or even your thanks

You can remove the copyright. The site is based on AJAX and needs permissions to run properly. You should either test in on a webserver or enable your browser to do so.

ho visto che parli italiano , ma in che senso permessi ? io ho windows 7 e uso dreamweaver con crome

hello. I wanna send a variable so that when i click on “read more” button on blog.php it would send an id of that post to post.php. How can i do it?

Like any other php page. Append the variable to it:

yeah i know it in php, but i wanted to do it within your jquery script using load() function. I’ve read load() functions documentation but i cant apply it in your jquery script. Is it possible?

Hi there… still happy with this great template :)

But one Problem.. it works with Chrome (Version 43.0.2357.81 m) no more :-/

Any ideas?

Br Ralf

thx for the fast response… it´s always the “start-page (home) which is loading… maybe influenced by the audio in footer?

» http://www.supersonic-labs.de/

In FF & IE it works… and a didn´t changed anything the last 4 months?!

Found these in the console error log:
Uncaught TypeError: $(...).carousel is not a function
http://www.supersonic-labs.de/ Failed to load resource: net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

The original preview site works fine on my side. You might want to update the css and js folder just to keep sure you have the latest versions. There might be some custom script interfering, like the carousel one.

thx man.. you pointed me to the right direction.. i got:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^supersonic-labs\.de$ [NC] RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://www.supersonic-labs.de/$1 [R]

in my .htaccess.. this was the problem with chrome. Now (disable this lines) the template works with chrome.. but maybe google will not like that http://domain.com and http://www.domain.com is both available (not fowarded)...

Hello, I purchased this and it seems I’m having a bit of trouble adding in a bit of dynamic content into the page. When I added instagram into the bottom of the home page it works on first view but when I go to another page and back it seems to break the instagram and twitter feeds as the content isn’t reloading properly. I’ve also added a tumblr blog page and a google calendar page and I seem to be having similar problems where when I go to the page the content isn’t being loaded properly. Is there any suggestion to fix any of this? I would like to not remove ajax as I want the music to be playing throughout without having to be reloading on the blog and calendar pages.

Thanks a lot!

That looks like PHP to me. If you call it through AJAX it won’t execute, no wonder. You either need to include it in all pages and show them when needed or avoid AJAX for those pages.

ahh I see that is the only piece of coding that is written in PHP. How would I be able to for instance load the blog portion properly using Ajax?

the coding is currently the following:

<script type=”text/javascript”> function tumblr(resp) { var posts = resp.posts; $(’.blog .loading’).replaceWith(‘

    ‘); $ul = $(’.blog ul’); $li = $(’.blog ul li’); for (var i=0; i<posts.length; i++) { var p = posts[i]; var date = p[‘date’]; var title = p[‘regular-title’] || p[‘link-text’] || null; var body = p[‘regular-body’] || null; var img = p[‘regular-body’]; $ul.append(‘
  • date

  • ‘); $ul.append(‘


    p[‘url’]’” target=”_blank”>Read More…‘); } } </script>
<!----- TUMBLR BLOG.
change "movingmonterrey" to your username.
<script src="http://movingtomonterrey.tumblr.com/api/read/json?callback=tumblr&num=3" type="text/javascript">

And i’m not exactly sure what you mean by adding it into sections. Similarly I’m having the same kind of problems with twitter and google calendar. Would I download the Javascript files and directly stick that code someone inside of the flashedge min file or how would it work? Thanks a lot!

I’ll figure out a way to add instagram to the main page without using php for the meantime. Thanks a lot!

I have no idea what your code does. If you need to execute PHP files it needs to load itself into the browser to compile all the code. Best thing is you include it just in the page. This is for PHP. AJAX will likely load only chunk of that and won’t execute it on the server.

Your javascript libraries need also to be included in all pages. What you need to do is put the code that initializes the scripts you’d like to add inside the section function of my main js file. This is where it refreshes everything when an AJAX page is loaded.

We had purchased this theme and ran into one issue only appearing in Safari. When adding an iframe into the home.html template the net.flashedge.app.min.js script seems to block the frame from loading in completely. When I commented out the script the iframe loads in just fine. This issue does not come up in Chrome. Could you please advise what function in that script could be the issue?

It might be caused by one of the scrolling scripts. Keep sure you aren’t running any browser extension which might interfere. You might try to disable ajax for the pages which cannot be loaded properly.

I’ll attempt to reproduce the issue and see if there is a solution to it. Thanks for reporting.

Hello, for some time, the MP3 player does not work anymore. Do you have a solution?

What seems to be the issue? The preview works still fine to me.

Sorry, there is a bug in Safari Browser, in the other everything is ok ,-)