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Hi, I consider purchasing this theme.I s it possible to resize the logo? If it is, what is the limit?


max – 940 px ;)

I bought this theme, can you provide psd for logo.


hello. i don’t have psd

Hi there, is there any way to removed the boxes in the footer, all I want is a logo and address, as the company don’t do any social media stuff.



yes sure, it is an html template ;)

Hello Responsive version soon ?


Not planning.

polymer Purchased

Great template.

I’m a bit lost as to how you made the bottom separator (one above the footer section. Black line at thee absolute bottom) 100% screen width.

I wish to make the separator under the main menu 100% screen width too. But I just can’t figure out the CSS .

Any help would be appreciated.


polymer Purchased

Figured it out. Stupidly forgot that the container class width restricts everything inside it to 940px.!

HI there! Does login/registration works on HTML version?


Hello. Nope, it is just an html.

Hi – I bought your theme and it works great. One thing, I cannot get the map in the contact section to work. I’ve look at previous comments and tried your suggestions but nothing worked. The address I need mapped is: 5109 Steeles Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9L 2Y8 Can you help?

Good news everyone

We move to a new and better level of support our customers. So we have just launched support forum.

Our support hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm (GMT+3). From the moment your support request is entered inside this forum we’re trying to answer your question within 24 hours.

Support Forum

i can’t get the portfolio to work, help plz

polymer Purchased


First of all. Great template.

I’m having an issue with the asyncslider.

I’m experiencing a flicker of the slide images loaded vertically before the asyncslider.js loads. them.

the flicker is short but annoying.

Can you offer any advice on how to eliminate this?


css_24 Purchased

Hi, We are trying to insert an image inside the table. However, we are facing an issue with the image loading in IE9. You can view the link below for the screenshot for your reference.


Kindly give us a solution at the earliest as we are running late on the project.

Thanks in advance.

Note: Have created a topic on your forum as well.


Try to set image width and height manualy with ”!important”

css_24 Purchased

Thank for the response. That worked.

Hey dude, is it possible to stop the jQuery-Slider at mouse over ? And if it’s possible, can you teach me how to do?

greetings cyrix

Compreio o modelo, mas esta quebrado no IE7 E IE8. Não carregar em tudo, com um erro de JS. A única coisa que eu vejo é a metade do “botão de compra” no canto superior direito.

I bought the model, but is broken in IE7 and IE8. Do not load at all, with a JS error. The only thing I see is half of the “buy button” in the upper right.