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We are having problems finding where to edit our homepage icons (website: simpledigitalmediaky.com) the icons are Get found, Find new, Stay connected, and lets talk.

Does something need to be updated to edit these, or where can we find these?

Please include kourtneyguarantee@gmail.com on this email.


-Kourtney Zirbel


vmk5 Purchased

Hello there!

I’ve one big question: How do I translate my website the easiest/fastest way? I’ve never done it before and I’m worried that most of the translation options aren’t compatible with page builder. My website is mainly based on page builder…

I’m really lost, so I’d appreciate it a lot of you could give me a suggestion or two.

Kind regards Vanessa


vmk5 Purchased

Can you please provide an answer?

Hi mate,

Looking at installing this on wordpress for my website – I have tried almost everything under the sun, and I simply cannot seem to install it correctly – please help!

How can I put links in the right of the copyright section?

Edit: Figure it out!

Figure it out!


svens89 Purchased


I bought the Vella Theme, because it really pleases me very much. Now I have some questions about the use.

My English is not so good, but I hope you know what I mean.

Namely, the following:

1. Is there an icon index with names for the Vella Theme? For if I would like to add an icon under Service in Page Builder, I do not know what icons are available and how they describe themselves.

2. Is it possible to change the font size and the font color somewhere?

3. Is there any documentation on the theme?

I thank you in advance for the effort and still want a nice week.

Many greetings

Sven Scheuerle

Hi, I have bought your theme and I love it. two questions: 1) how can I change the default font format and colour for the entire theme? 2)Can I change the font size for the website as well?

Hi, I have bought your theme and I love it. two questions: 1) how can I change the default font format and colour for the entire theme? 2)Can I change the font size for the website as well?


I originally bought Venda, which it seems is now Vella. I need to know about updating from the old version to the new one – What is the best way to do this without losing any of my content please? I have created several page formats within your page builder, so I am afraid of losing all of this. Can you please advise as to the best way to update it? Thank you.


Does your slide support slides with videos? Can i add background elements? Does it have the blog carousel slider with images on home page? I can see you have with no images?


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Hi, I have just purchased your theme and I can not find dummy content .xml file which I schould import into wordpress. Can you tell me where is this file located pls? Thanks


forgatn Purchased

I already found out how to do it.


forgatn Purchased

Hi, I need a quick help. Scrolling is not working on mobile devices… http://ahmad.works/vella/ I tried my site, your site and it is not working on Windows Phone 8.1 please help, how to ensure scrolling. It is hurry. Thanks

hey could you help? you should support

Hi, Ahmad!

Any chance we can get a Image Gallery on future versions?

I do not recommend buying this theme. It’s full of bugs (version 2.0) and no response from the author.

Serious issue going on with Aqua framework on Firefox, all other browsers are fine and display website fine – see for yourself – http://www.freshwateraccts.co.uk


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Featured Image does not display in Recent Posts page nor does it display on the post itself (single post). I’ve seen others ask about this problem but have not seen an answer.

Hi, so the last version of this theme was not compatible with the latest version of WordPress so my team updated the WP, which crashed the site.

Now that we’ve updated the theme, it has so many changes, we are putting in many, many hours updating the customization to the site because of the updates to the theme. How do you justify these updates? Its costing me a lot of my own money to fix my clients website.

I can only assume that other agencies that are using your theme are having the same trouble.

Please explain.

Is this what this community can expect from your other 4 themes that you are selling on Envato?

This is what my developer said about your Venda theme after he spent all day fixing it because of the updates you did to the theme:

“Hey, the site works now, but the theme is just horrible. The next WP update is probably going to crash everything again. We need to re do all the php classes in order to fix everything, and make the theme and wp fully compatible, which will take additional 6-7 hours”

So my question to you is, what are you going to do to fix this?

Hi sunsetmesa24, I discussed this with my team and decided to give the support back to Vella theme, we will go through two phases, first we will fix issues and make it compatible with latest Wordpress version, second we will start adding features and options to make it more modern and usable, you are welcome and contact us anytime to keep updated, you are welcome brother :)

Hello Ahmedworks, I bought the Vella -retina Theme.. but i am finding it hard to install the theme.. it keeps saying

” Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed. “

Please can you make a video tutorial on how to use the whole theme, starting from installation and how to use the slider as well.

Just like Marketica did on YouTube.

Please kindly respond to me, it really urgent.

Thanks in anticipation.