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Good morning: I realize it wasn’t built for this…but would this have any challenges that would foresee with adding in Buddypress? Supposedly the process to adapt a theme is simple. Your design is stunning…if it could tackle Buddypress as well you’d have the best social network out there!

HI, first of all I would like to tell you that you made a wonderful work with this theme. As a presale question in order to think about my appropriated theme , I would like to ask you if there is any possibility to have the content in two slides BUT both with last articles. I would like to have as a timeline the content in two columns and a sidebar. The sidebar is easy but the problem is about the content as a timeline. If there you made to be one category in each column, there is a problem. But, if I can show the last articles (one on the left, one one the right), this could be the perfect theme Best regards

@Bad-Cloud, any news?

Question before purchasing this theme: my hosting provider has upgraded to PHP 5.4: are there any (known) problems using this theme and this PHP version? Thanks!

Seams that the developer doesn’t offer support for simple questions. I have dubts about that he is the original author of this theme. Otherwise, he should jnow the anser.

joemkimbo Purchased

Hi. I purchased this theme recently…. It’s nice.

I would like to set this theme as like your demo site…

Could you send your dummy.xml file which use your demo site?

My e-mail address is joemkimbo@gmail.com


it`s responsive?

This theme is horrendously broken in 3.8. Is there any plans to make it compatible?


Hi, The theme is working OK on 3.8.1, maybe you didn’t install it properly. Can you provide a link so i can take a look? Thanks

Hi Mister Bad-Cloud,

Is that the theme is W3C? Is HTML5 and CSS3? It does not seem to be responsive. You stopped development in 2012, you think to continue to develop?

Drag & drop does not work on the demo, this is normal?

Thanks for your reply ;)

Hello, I would like to know please, if it’s possible to add the nice slide effect you put on some links on the links inside a post ? Instead of loading the post on another page and quit the hole interface.

Thank you,


Ok, I figured it out myself. I used class=”blog_more” in a div an put the link inside.

:D This theme is sincerely original, clean, tidy and nice. BUT it’s veeery slow (Firefox ask me to block the script !) on my 6 cores Phenom CPU + good GTX460 GPU :shocked: ! It’s not possible ! A good website should works on a PentiumIV with integrated GPU.

This theme is outdated…. so… why should it be fast?