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Nice Work , Good Luck ;)

If i wanted to sell multiple domain names, would i have to have a copy of the entire package in every directory?

From a licence standpoint, yes. But…

...With a couple of PHP tweaks, you could set the system up so that it resides in a single directory and takes a variable for the domain name. Then program an if / then setup for the names and prices in the template.

Sounds more complicated than it is. Any quick PHP tutorial on receiving GET variables and some basic conditional programming should get you on your way.

For this to work, you’ll also have to set your domains up to redirect to the template directory. You’ll probably also want to add masking to complete the effect.

You probably should make a new scrpt based on this for domain portfolio owners.

Don/t forget to have a mass-import feature.

Thank you for the suggestion. What list format do you think people use most often to import domains?

.CSV or .txt. Most of domain registrars offer these file formats to export our domain lists.

Thanks, we’ll look into it and see what we can do.

What are the limitations by using the Regular License?

The details for the license are available here: http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular

The general idea is that if you purchase the template, it’s usable for a single website. You have full rights to modify the template, but it’s not for resale or inclusion into another template without the extended license.

Your template looks nice. Have been shopping for domain sale templates. Have bookmarked yours for future and may buy when the script has been updated to work with multiple domain sales for those with a domain portfolio.


Thanks! :)

Very nice work indeed;


Hello Author, Have you been able to implement the feature mentioned in the comment above here:


We need that feature so bad right now.

Something that, if we click the domains listed below, the prices changes and the domain name title header also changes to reflect the name. Very few would even worry about the URL after those dynamic changes.

Unfortunately, haven’t been able to implement this feature yet. Mainly since the template doesn’t have a database backing it. If we build a WordPress version, this feature would be easier to implement.

One more thing… for the Google Analytics, do I also have to copy paste the analytics codes from Google or the web property number is sufficient for the template to extract the data?

Which of the index file do we use for auto-updating the Google analytics. index.html or index.php? Thanks

You can copy and paste the entire snippet into the “index.html” file or just the ID code under the “Site-Config.php”. Note that you have to use all of the PHP files or the HTML file on your site, they are the same thing, but different formats.

I am getting Form Request Failed: parsererror / SyntaxError: Unexpected token < when I submit the form. I have added my email to the config too, please help.

I would need to see the source code to troubleshoot this. Unexpected token could mean that an option was turned on, but not configured (like form security settings) it could be a wayward character or even the server configuration.


Form Request Failed: error / Not Found

[22-Jan-2015 05:45:13 UTC] PHP Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/androist/public_html/Site-Mailer.php on line 71

mail( FORM_EMAIL, FORM_SUBJECT, $Message, $Headers );

This appears to be a server issue. The mail command has been disabled, perhaps for security or preference reasons. You will need to consult your server admin panel to see if you can re-enable this.

Alternately, you can choose not to use the contact form or replace it with a service hosted off server.