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Love it! Bookmarked for my next ecommerce client! :)


Is it possible to change the colour of the buttons?

I also noticed on the demo that when you hover over one of the three options (10% discount, international orders or free returns) the webpage flickers.

1. Yes, you can see it here – (from 0:50)

2. Ckeck it once again, it shouldn’t flick anymore.

Very Nice work, Good Luck With Sales

Thank You

Nice one! Looking good on my mobile. Congrats :)

Thanks, some aspects (especially tables) were really hard to adjust for mobiles.

Great theme!

I have a few questions. Why is woocommerce popular? is it the best eCommerce wordpress option?

Can I have the option of “Notify me when item is back in stock”?

1. I don’t know if it’s the best ecommerce plugin for wordpress. I decided to create theme for this plugin because it’s ‘fresh’, easy to handle and made by respected company.

2. There is no “Notify me…” feature, but You can allow backorders on items with 0 stock quantity –


great theme! translate ready?, thanks

Not translated ;{


Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to have a sidebar on a single product page?

Hello, Yes it’s possible – live example link

Great! also would it be possible to have the home page more like a eCommerce page? with a grid of products and so on. If so that would be great. I love this theme style…

I’ve added just now some fetured products to homepage, You can also set shop page (with all products) as front/homepage.

Hey synesthete,

ist there a demo-contend file in the template?

Hi, sorry but sample data not included (for few reasons ;).

I am really interested in this theme but since I am not very familiar with eCommerce plugins or themes I have a few questions!

I can’t seem to find the registration page, is there going to be one? Is there a user Control Panel where the user can edit his information like Shipping Address, E-Mail, Name..etc.

What does woocommerce ready means? does it require extra charges or installation of a plugin? or does the theme comes with woocommerce installed and ready?

Does the theme offer extra eCommerce features that compliments woocommerce plugin?

Nice avatar btw :)

The easiest way to check all woocommerce features would be testing it live ;}

Grab any free themes (twenty eleven) and download woocommerce plugin, it’s free –

Hi ! Great theme !

I want to buy it but i need to know few things before.

How is it possible to customize the slider ?

Is it possible to add a call to action button ? Is it possible to shorten the slider and add a text on his side ?



slider options can be seen here –

or watch slider setup screencast –

Adding text (title&description) is possible, call to action and slider shortening unfortunately not.


I cannot seem to get the tabs to appear in the product pages, I have adjusted the theme options in settings and they still do not show, is there another place I should be activating them?

Is there any way to remove the logout link from the main navigation? I can’t seem to find it in the functions file.

NM Found it

woocommerce-functions.php line 171

<li class="logout"><a href="'. wp_logout_url(home_url()) .'">'.__('Logout', 'woocommerce').'</a></li>

Would be nice to nest this under one of the drop down menus instead of being displayed twice, once in the cart area and then again in the main nav.

Hi again,

You could remove logout link simply from from woocommerce settings panel.

If You have new questions, feel free open new thread ;}

Ok ! Is it possible to made the slider clickable ?

sure, check first and third slide

Can i translate the theme by my own ?

sorry but no, theme doesnt include translation features (po/mo)

Hi there!

Is there a demo content we can install as i am finding it impossible to set up your theme. Im also sure that this would increase your sales because it would be quicker to install.

Thank you.


no there is no demo content.

What part of theme is “impossible” to setup?

Thank You

How can i customize the cart ?

For example i dont want the searchbox and want a bigger cart.

Can you help me for that ?

Can you send me log&pass to your wp site (through my profile page) ?

New screencasts added –

If you want You can download dummy_data.xml, it’s created by woocommerce creators and located inside woocommerce plugin folder.

Be aware importing this data may take more than 5 minutes, it will create 45 products

How do you get rid of the sidebar on the shop page?

Exclude (Hide on selected) every widget from displaying on shop page by:

- paste url of your shop page with star on the end – for example*

- check all archives option

Is their any homepage settings? I want to place some products on the homepage?

When You create any products there is a checkbox ‘Enable this option to feature this product’ check it, on homepage you can use ‘Featured products’ shortcode –

You can also use ‘Recent Products’ or ‘Products by category slug’, or just set your shop page as frontpage (Settings>>Reading)

Hey synesthete,

how can I change the small green color under the Buttons?

Please help!


please open var.php, delete everything and paste code from here –

Thank You