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Will there be any updates for this.


what update? You experienced any issue with theme?

If You asking about new features, then no, i don’t planing anything new.

I have encounter issues on the theme when it comes to the “Additional Images”, there are cases that the images disappears, I need to re-upload additional images again. What may cause this issues?


Don’t know, maybe you’ve deleted image from media library by mistake…

how do i control the visabilty of the “Related Products” and “You May Like” widgets?

right now they both appear on a specific product page and none of them on the main page.

how do i change that?

on the main page? You mean front/home page. You can use shortcode category for that.

I like this theme but don’t intent to use it for ecommerce – will I experience any problems or will it still behave as a normal wp theme would?

No, there shouldn’t be any problems. Theme works independent from woocommerce plugin.

I have a problem with the state select box in the checkout page.

Any idea what is wrong here?

redownload zip pack from theme forest, choose from vende >> scripts >> inits.js and upload/overwrite into your server, this should fix the problem.

I actually did this right before I posted here.

Sorry for the duplicate posts before, was some lag on my connection.

Will try again and report back.

Tried again and it’s fixed thank you.

Checkout form error notices do not seem to display properly. We are on WordPress 3.4.1 and Woocommerce When someone fails to fill a required field, they are taken to the top of the page where they see the link to register. I thought many times that guest registration was not working correctly. Then I discovered a warning triangle hidden behind the city. I actually had forgotten to fill in the email address field. The URL is

Thank you,


Paste this in the style.css:

.checkout .woocommerce_error {
    position: relative;
    padding-left: 75px;

.checkout .woocommerce_error li:before {
    content: "* ";
    color: red;

Now errors should be visible much better

Hi Developers I purchased the theme for a client of mine, after finishing all of the installations, uploading products and completing all pages, even after delivering the site to client, the theme has crashed twice and once i had to do all the website development from scratch. The hosting company says there is issue with theme, and once one of their team guy fixed the issue from stylesheet editing in phpadmin panel. now the site is down again and i am much stressed. they asked me run the following script in phpadmin , database

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ‘default’ WHERE option_name = ‘template’; UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ‘default’ WHERE option_name = ‘stylesheet’; UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ‘default’ WHERE option_name = ‘current_theme’;

and that didnt do anything and now i cant even login in into wpadmin now i have requested 7 days back backup to reinstate the site. please advice me if you understood what i am going through, i tried to find contact vende developers contact team, but i didnt find any clue.

“the theme has crashed twice”

What do you mean by crash? php error? layout breaks?

“guy fixed the issue from stylesheet editing in phpadmin panel”

What? how can You edit css style from php myadmin panel?

Once You bring default site to live, send me link to site please, with log&pass to your wp admin site (use form on my profile page)

Dear Synesthete Team I have emailed you the login details by using form on your profile page. thanks for your prompt reply and help. Regards

Sorry, but i cant do this page

How is the process? Please

It’s a simple archive page. It is created automaticaly if you got at least one portfolio post. click on breadcrumb portfolio, and you’ve got archive listing page with all pportfolio post.
Hello, on the product pages, all the product pictures are cut off the top. The thumbnails and catalog pictures are fine. But the product pics are always off. And it never wide its tall wise. Iv tried changing the resolutions from any ware to 600×600 and 1500×1500 (the actual image size) then regenerated thumbs and its still the same. Iv tried this 5 times with different resolutions and it always looks the same.

Hi, I have this problem in Description tab, the content of description in repeated if I want to fill in a description text. Apart repetition, a formating text occur. I try to remove <?php the_content(); ?> in mytheme//woocommerce/single-product/tabs/description.php and, of course, doing that will show entire description tab empty. How do I get rig of duplicate description?

Hi, I would like to point out first of all, that this is a great theme. Great work! :bigwink:

I have some issues to see the template correctly in IE (Internet Explorer, any version). Looks like is not loading the css correctly.

Here is the link to the store I applied the theme to:

Also I keep getting a pop up error, in chrome now and then in the product pages. I get the following error “problems while loading the big image”. I digged into the code and it looks like its something to do with the zoom javascript that comes with the theme…

Can you please help me? I’m stuck and don’t know what else to try.

I have disabled all plugins and tried all sorts but nothing seems to do the trick…

I await your avdice.

question My question, as in the picture. Help me please…

I don’t know how to move currency behind count number…


I have an urgent matter with my site From the main shop page or a product-category page, when you press add to cart the button is grayed out and the product is not added to the cart. There are time sensitive products for Christmas so this issue needs to be resolved yesterday. Thank you for your support.

WordPress 3.4.2 WooCommerce Vende 1.0

The issue was resolved by disabling ajax add to cart button.

The error is occuring due to a 301 redirect. Is there something in the theme that could be causing this? Please see Thank you for your support!

Are You using any additional plugins that generate ajax requests?

I’m sorry but it’s hard to say what causing this, i’m using same wp and woocommerce version, and it’s working fine…

Synesthete….not buying this theme….I like it, but this particular client wouldn’t. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that even though I’m not buying it, I REALLY REALLY REALLY like those css add-to-cart buttons you made. They are very creative for css buttons.

Thank You sir for appreciation :)

Hi great theme, but have a problem with crhome, y portfolio section, as you can see here


I didn’t notice that, it must occur during chrome update ;)

open style.css, find (line 1137):

.thumbnail article {
   position: relative;

delete float declaration, so end result should look like this:

.thumbnail article {
   position: relative;

If You cannot do this, send me log&pass to your wp site (through my profile page).

Great job. Thanks

Hello everyone! Parallel Questions: do you know where I can find nice backgrounds because the theme is too dark … I think it’s a shame :/


I’ve included also few light patterns…