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Hi, i’m using the 1.6.3 versiĆ³n. Is possible to put Mini-Cart to Sticky Header? Thanks in advance.


You need to customize to put the mini cart to sticky header.

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Hello, I would like to show the MSRP price and “our price” with this theme?

Is this not possible to do with this theme?

In a previous comment you suggested the user to visit the below link but it is now dead. Do you have any other forums or suggestions in how to customise this to work?



I am sorry I do not support free service for customization work..

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How much is support for this to be done?

Please contact us through profile page for customization details. Attach your requirement again.


We’re on vocation at the moment, will be back in 2 weeks. We will check all tickets and reply immediately once we’re back from vocation.


Sorry for the inconvenience.
Regards, Smartwave Team

hi SW,

We found a bug in the ajax navigation in the category that has products at the same price. Ajax navigation has a blank value( in the price range area “from” and “to”). Join the url code ?min=&max=&ajax=1 and website totla crashes.


Please, how to fix it? ThankYou


I am sorry to respond lately.

I have never seen the problem like this so I am also not clear for it.

Could you let me access to your site to check?

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how can i disable the tabs, so that it does show like the default magento theme?


I am sorry to respond lately.

Could you let me clear what tabs you want to disable.

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myilmazz Purchased


I mean the tabs on the product page: description, short_description, reviews, tags etc. I want to show this like the default Magento template (without tabs).


You need to edit app/design/frontend/venedor/default/layout/local.xml file to remove tabs.

In this file you can see this block:

<block type=”catalog/product_view_tabs” name=”product.info.tabs” as=”info_tabs” template=”catalog/product/view/tabs.phtml” >...</block>

Please delete this block.

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Hello. Are the theme featured extensions compatible with the new patch ‘supee-6788’ update?


I am sorry I am in checking and make the update.

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rhutter Purchased

Hello, could you please include IWD_Onepagecheckout with latest version 4.1.3, because in the extenstion package it is an lod version 4.0.3.


http://newsmartwave.net/magento/venedor/pink/books/1tb-7200rpm.html I want to add under the article view more tabs as description . At the moment, the more detailed information appearing even in additonal information , but I would like for more points under a separate tab . is this possible? if yes how?

Please contact us through purchased account.

Here is the purchased account. http://newsmartwave.net/magento/venedor/pink/books/1tb-7200rpm.html I want to add under the article view more tabs as description . At the moment, the more detailed information appearing even in additonal information , but I would like for more points under a separate tab . is this possible? if yes how?

And the tabs should then be visible only when content is also in there. Is this possible? I need for different categories namely various tabs and to be just then always be displayed at the respective product category and not everywhere . Is this possible?

Yeah, customization is not free service. Thanks for your understand.

How expensive would it? can you write me a mail?


Please send mail via profile page.

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I need to make some changes to the theme, but dont want my changes to be overwritten if the theme has an update. How do I achieve this?


You can make the child theme of the venedor to do this.

Then you can do without changing venedor original source.

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ruslan79 Purchased

Hi, I am using the version 1.3.4. Great Theme mate! Is it possible to update it to the latest version please? Do you have any manual how to do it? After I updated my Magento to 1.9.2 version some functions of my store stopped working for example Slider etc. Thank you very much for great job and awesome support!


ruslan79 Purchased

Do I just upload the new version to my hosting website and replace all the old files?


If you upload all files, you may miss your custom works.

So before update, please backup all files and database.

Then please using compare tool to compare two version (1.3.4 and latest version) and then you can see which files and what codes are changed.

After then please update these files and codes.

If you customized theme to use, please keep changed code.

Kind Regards


polys_a Purchased

Hello are you planning to update the theme for magento v2.0?

We do not have certain plan at the moment.

But please note that you do not need to upgrade your store to Magento 2.0 right now. It is always recommended to wait some time to use latest version especially for this kind of 2.0 release. Running the latest release is fairly unpredictable. It usually takes many weeks for bugs in Magento to be identified and resolved in new releases. Also, soon after major release there are usually continous version updates so you should upgrade again.

Hi there! Unfortunately no reply on my last question. Thus i’ll give it a try via the comments. I have a problem with the product sliders (the blocks) on the homepage.

The home page gives no block / product sliders when I use the code that you specify (for example: {{block type = “venedor / product_list_bestseller” product_count = “6” is_grid = “1” template = “catalog / product / list / featured.phtml “}})

It just gives me an empty page. When i download and use the demo page, it gives me all other content, except the sliders. I’ve already check with new product dates and sales / discounts. They are set the rigth way.

Next to that; it seems that there is an issue with the sliders in combination wiht Chrome? I can’t use the pagination buttons, they do nothing?

What I try, nothing seems to work. I have the right CMS page selected, and also indicated the correct settings. Any idea what the problem might be? I have been provided you login credentials in the mail.

Kind regards!

Following up on my earlier message: it seems that i have a problem with all the ‘product sliders’ on all pages. Also the sliders for up- and cross selling are not visible.

Update 2: In the meanwhile i’ve got the product sliders for up-selling working on the catalog pages. The product slides / blocks at the home-page are still not visible. I’ve got the selection buttons for those blocks visible, but it does not show any products.

To rule out, any of the stated solutions or reasons like conflicting exteniosn I also have installed a complete new version. Also on a brand new, clean Magento installation the product blocks on the homepage are not working.

In this clean installation i’m also receiving this error: Notice: Undefined variable: block in /var/www/vhosts/bordenenzo.com/httpdocs/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Email/Template/Filter.php on line 187 of wich now also is ruled out that is realted to my own installation.

I’d like to have some support AND a fix on this ASAP, since i’m on a deadly schedule :(( One of the reason for buying a template (beside that the the desing of it rocks ;)) ) is to not have much work on it.

BTW. i’m using magento

Well in the meanwhile I figured out what the problem with the blocks is. Possibly other buyers will have the same problem / wil overlook the solution like me. It whas pretty simple afterwards and for you as author it would be a great ideaa to fix this / or notify your buyers for this. It almost made me return the theme…

When your blocks aren’t showing, you probably use like me. You have to allow the blocks then, since Magento has a new feature called blocks/permissions. There you need to add the blocks u want to use: (venedor/product_list_featured) & (venedor/product_list_bestseller). Place them at allowed and ‘voilla’.