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H there,

Trying to figure out how the toolbar is updated after an item is clicked and the AJAX call is completed. In template\eternal\ajaxfilter\ajax.phtml function sliderAjax(url) is called when an item is clicked/selected, but there doesn’t seem to be any code updating the toolbar items.

Using the limiter dropdown as the example, where is the code that updates the limiter dropdown select items post AJAX call?

I ask because I have moved the toolbar somewhere else on the page, and now it is firing the AJAX, but not getting updated after the call finished.

Thanks! :)

Hi, Will be show the tool bar by the following code: $('.category-products').append(data.productlist)

Yes, you’re right. Thanks for your help, your customer service is pretty good.


Hi, I have a problem with revolution slider. I created a slider that looks good only the first time it loads. You can see it in https://www.aguaembrujada.com. The correct order is: male, text, woman. but if you stay looking a long time from the second time out he occurs: woman, man, text.


When I checked your site, the revolution slider works fine.

What does not work?

When the slider ends restarts from the first. Then the order of appearance of the elements of each slider is incorrect. For example , in the first slider the order is boy, text, girl. But the second time it comes out is : girl, boy, text . With the second slider teapot is the same.


I am sorry it’s related with your code for slider.

This is not issue of our theme.

I hope you to check your code for slider.

Kind Regards


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Hi, Facebook probably change the code. facebook footer module, there were the “Share” no design, it looks bad, please see it http://solarbunny.eu/sk/, this should be put away


Where is “Share”?


inPlus Purchased

Hi SW, footer Facebook social module, I have set six friends and I have them there 7 + on top of the changes to the text “Be the first of your friends to like this,” and the Share that no design. see it http://solarbunny.eu/sk/


<button value=”1” class=”42ft _4jy0 _4jy3 _517h _51sy” type=”submit”> img sp_LcS63YhNFDA sx_8bdabe” />Share</button>

source code, thx


Could you send me ftp and admin information?

Kind Regards

I cant view the related products on my products page even after having added them to the product. Why so ?

How do I change the space between the logo image and top of the header box?

Please contact us through purchased account.

Hey, my name is Ricardo. I need fix the icons of toplinks of my site (http://moidecoisa.com.br), I’m attaching a print of problem. http://prntscr.com/7qjop7


I am in update our theme to fix this problem.

I hope you to wait until fix this problem.

Kind Regards


Jul 7, 2015, Magento is the released of new version (Includes: SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-5994, SUPEE-6285) Security Patches.

Can you please update the theme to Magento

Muhammad Yousuf.

Hello Muhammad.

Please try to use our theme in magento

It will work.

Kind Regards

The view cart page, doesn’t allow for an option to update the quantity. It allows you to change the quantity, but not update it after you change it.

add a product to cart and select ‘view cart’ on URL below


Did you purchase Venedor?

Yes, it is purchased through separate account for the company I am working for – I don’t have their account details

good mining. Is it possible to maintain the shopping cart in the menu as we move down the page? As happens with the block search.


You can customize template files to do it.

Best Regards

Can you explain me how can I do?


I am sorry I do not support for customization of our theme.

But I think you can edit header part to do it.

Kind Regards


Pre-purchase question…...

Your theme include with blog, newsletter popup like as venedor prestashop version?

No, it does not include.

Hi SW-Themes,

i buy your venedor-theme, and its realy great. I have only one Problem. On my One-Page-Checkout site is a Layout wrong. For the Payments, for example per Cash In Advance, the titles are about each other. If you want, i can send you a screenshot.

It’s style issue.

Please send me ftp and admin information.

Kind Regards

I have an issue with Safari and adding items to the cart.

When click add to cart button the ajax is called fine, and the response from server is fine and it populates the minicart with the correct information. However, on the next page load (refresh or go to cart etc), the cart appears completely empty.

This only happens on Safari, all other browsers are fine.

How can this be? The ajax is called fine, response is fine.


I also have a problem, only in Safari, when trying to create a new customer account. Instead of redirecting to the account area it redirects to the cookies page. Could the cart issue also be related to this?..

This is fixed by updating the cookie lifetime to 0.

Configuration > General > Web > Session Cookie Management > Cookie Lifetime

I am glad to hear you.


I am working with this theme for a company that purchased it. I asked this question previously with no answer…

The view cart page, doesn’t allow for an option to update the quantity. It allows you to change the quantity, but not update it after you change it.

add a product to cart and select ‘view cart’ on URL below


The CloudZoom extension does not seem to work very well. On a 1000px x 1000px image the zoom overlay is 400px x 560px and doesn’t look right.

Where could I download an update for it?

Hello. I am having trouble with this theme. The menu does not show up and it has been enabled under the mega-menu option. Also when ever i choose a 2 or 3 column layout the template gives an error on the front end. I have sent you an email with the information to our back end login.


I will check it.

Kind Regards

any update getting this working?

Hello. With the latest update on April 8, 2015 Version 1.6.3 you fixed;

Fixed shipping form issue in cart page. Fixed select box issue in safari browser.

I would like to only update the components / files that affect this items so that I don’t lose my heavy customisation.


Hi, Could you merge the files using the merge tool like http://www.araxis.com/merge/? Regards.

I did wish to avoid this method, but understood.


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Hi, the categories drop down is displaying behind the “search here” and “add to cart buttons”.... how can i make the category drop down appear on top of these?

Hello. If you have many categories, you need to customize theme.

Or you can reduce the number of categories.

Kind Regards

Hello, i was checking demo and i see that it does not look good on windows mobile (i have nokia lumia). My question is: is it compactable with windows mobile phones?

Yeah, fully compatible with.

Hi we have this bug where shipping options and state do not show up in chrome or firefox when in the shopping cart requesting a quote for shipping. site is www.air-innovations.tv

an update. looks like there might be a conflict within fonts being loaded between https and http but honestly I think its the way the css is written.


You need to customize css for them.

Please send me mail via profile page.

I will let you know how to customize.

Kind Regards

Sent you a message through the support section in here. Thank you


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Hello, i will uninstall The Template. Do you have a Documentation?

Sorry, we do not have such documentation.