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Hallo Osetin,

this is one of the most beautiful themes I’ve found here! Such a great work! Can’t wait for the WP version and your new entries. And I love the illustrations as well. Are you the author? Outstanding!

Thank you and the best wishes, E.

Thank you for your kind words :)

Do you plan to update the html version with isotope, as in the wordpress version?

The wordpress version is mosto refined, but I want to implement the htmp in Craft.

Hi there, yep I am going to add more features after I update to Bootstrap 3

Good. Any planning?

You plan to update this theme to Bootstrap 3?

Hi, maybe in January, still not sure because a lot of people are looking for Bootstrap 2.3

You can’t always older versions, Bootstrap 3 is AMAZING. When i buy this i did see that you used BS but i didn’t think it was 2 and now after i got it i saw is 2. Please port it to 3. I will re buy it if you do that.

what need to be done in order to use this template in Joomla?

Hi, unfortunately I am not a Joomla developer so I don’t know.

Beautiful work. I noticed the “Email” textbox did not align left when I resized browser to 320px wide. I grabbed the CSS file from your site and it fixed the issue. I can dig through and find out what the difference is but thought I would first check to see if you have a formatted CSS file you can make available? The one from your site has been compressed. Thanks

Hi there, send me a direct message so I can send you updated css file.

Hi Osetin, I sent two direct messages. Did you receive? Thanks

Hi friend, yep I did, will take care of them first thing monday morning!!

hello, you have this version with a contact form work? Regards

Hi, this is an HTML template, to connect the contact form you will have to use something like php or Ruby on Rails language, here is an example of implementation: http://www.phpeasystep.com/phptu/8.html

I just bought this theme and I was wondering where the css for the white version is? It doesn’t appear to be in the files I downloaded.

Hi, weird, but you can send me a direct email to tamik@soziev.com so I can reply you with a white version files.

Thanks so much for the quick response!

You are very welcome.

Osetin is amazingly responsive, and his work is beautiful! He quickly responded to a request of mine. I would highly recommend him and this theme to anyone.

I see the preview website is on Rails. Do you have site templates for Rails?

No it’s an HTML template.

Is there a way to add sub-menu’s to the main menu? I see “dropdown-submenu elements in the css files, but I don’t see those items represented in the main menu.

Thanks. dp

Yep, just place those inside of the “li” list items


Nice work here! I purchased sometime ago so I am not sure if this has been discussed or fixed – an issue in Safari. Whenever someone visits our site using iPad (safari) the top menu does not appear. Everything else seems ok, but the the top nav menu.

Pls advise.

Can you email me your site url to tamik@soziev.com so I can take a look.

Works great! Thank you very much for your help!

You are very welcome ;)

When do you expect to launch the bootstrap 3 version?

We have a Wordpress version available in Bootstrap 3 (http://themeforest.net/item/venera-responsive-multipurpose-theme/5297805) . We decided not to build HTML version in Bootstrap 3 because Bootstrap 2 supports older browsers, and some people prefer it to 3rd.

Thank you for the quick response. Your wordpress version looks good too.

Hello This template is so amazing. I purchased this template and sent a question to your email. It’s about the Traditional Chinese font looks like garbled. Plz answer me , thank you.

Hi We bought this theme and having lot of issue with integrating with Bootstrap 3. Could you please let me know the best way to make it compatible with Bootstrap 3?

Hi, this template is for bootstrap 2 as it says in the description. A lot of people prefer older bootstrap version because it supports old browsers even IE6

Now the menu has to click on it to view the sub menu. Can you tell me where I should change if I just want on mouse instead on click to view the sub menu?


And how to make the footer always at the bottom of the page/screen?

Hi, Tamik!

I’ve purchased this theme along with the Mars. Unfortunately, my programmer says that the included font doesn’t support the Cyrillic encoding.

Could you suggest a solution for this problem please?


Hi, it uses google fonts, you can just ask your programmer to replace a font with the one that does, google has an extensive library of fonts that do support cyrillic encoding: https://www.google.com/fonts

Yeah, this is what my developer recommended either. I just thought, maybe you have already done this earlier. Thank you anyway, the template is awesome! :-)

Hi! Thank you for the update, but how can I get the new white colour theme? I tried to re-download the template, but there’s no new theme.

email me at tamik@soziev.com please

i bought your template in the past and now see you have blue and white version. can you send me a link to download them?

My email is rickyandnary@gmail.com


Just download them via theme forest.

Hi Osetin. Just bought the template the other day, but there is no white theme included in the zip file when I downloaded the file. I’ll send you an email. Thanks.

Just replied