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Hi! How to active “new product” icon for selected products


New product badge settings can be changed from opencart admin > extensions > modules > control panel > layout, you need to set New product days interval and New product badge text clear speed cache might be necessary after the change.

How to set a new product days? I can’t found this settings. Can you take a short screenshot video please?

If you don’t have these settings then probably you don’t have a recent update, in this case you need to redownload the theme from download tabs and update theme files

Hello there again nicole_89. There is a problem with the Purchase key. I used it for a test site just to see if the theme is working with the domain : http;// that now does not exist anymore. So i ve tried to use the Purchase key on the original domain : http;// and that message appears : Please inform me if you need something. My username on envato is : cviproductions in case that you want to see the order. Thank you

Gladly for CVI Productions Athanasios Tsolis


I rested your purchase key, you can now use it on your live domain.

Dear Nicole

The theme is suitable for multistore?



Theme works with multistore the only settings that are global (the same for all stores) are the one from customize theme panel.

Dear Nicole

I just purchaged the theme and install it in my multistore but i get this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /home/beekeepi/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_view_theme_venice_template_common_header.tpl on line 25

Can you help? Regards

Dear Nicole

Thanks… I Check it with internet explorer and works fine,,, i have a problem with chrome…

Thank you very much

I checked on chrome and it’s showing, can you try clearing your browser cache? the button does not have any browser specific targeting/css another thing to check is subdomain (www or without www) make sure that both admin and frontend are on same subdomain (both have either www or not)

.....Thanks the problem solved (both admin and frontend should bee on same subdomain www)

Many Thanks

Hello, there’s a problem with the home slider in regard to video play.

Video in home slider is cut off by slider delay settings, which means that if I have Autoplay interval of 5 seconds then the video starts playing and after 5 seconds the next slide starts.

Any solution for this? Thank you!

Hi Nicole, my Mega Menu has disappeared on my website and when I click “Add new menu item” nothing happens…Only Opencart Categories Menu Type is working…Any suggestions please??

Nicole, our website is au. So I re-upload the whole admin folder via ftp and overwrite all the files, right?

Yes, it’s enough to overwrite all admin/ files, you might need to clear browser cache after the change so that the new js are loaded, if it still doesn’t work you can send me temporary access using this form

Thank you. It worked!

Hello there i have some questions about some modifications or improvements. Can you provide me with an email or send me an email @ to discuss them ? Its really urgent.


Thank your for your interest but unfortunately I’m not currently available for custom jobs.


Ive just installed this theme as it was described onto a OpenCart and I get this error if I click a Category or product page: Server error 500 – Can you help?

I have used Opencart it works- Ive spent all my day today setting up your script with this version of opencart. What you think can I stay with this version of opencart now?

The theme works fine with both 2.0.3 and 2.1.x you can keep this version.


In the error log I am getting this error: /public_html/shop/catalog/view/theme/venice/template/common/cart.tpl on line 42

thanks- look ok now

Interesting: In mozilla the whole website appears as it is in Maintenance mode. In admin at I switched this off but: - maintenance mode is on when I try looking the site in mozilla - also the site editor on the bottom does not appear - and the right hand side social widget is not dissapearing even if i disabled it in admin

does it keep a cache somewhere?

I have asked a fried to ave a look and on her PC in both in Chrome and in Mozilla the site shows as maintenance mode – at me, only in mozilla shows maintenance mode

oc has a bug that switches maintenance mode automatically after ocmod refresh, you need to set maintenace mode off, admin users don’t see the maintenance message.

Hello – As soon as I have cleared the cache the categories does not show up. ERROR 500. Should I use the previous update to fix this? if yes please resend the link as the above link expired. Please note I am using

OK – I managed to download the XML file. Did what youve said above and now it works. Hope this category_module_show_all.ocmod.xml work fine with my version of OC

I want to remove the DOCUMENTATION and the THEME FAQ links in admin but I cant find where it is. How can I remove these links?

The links are located in ocmods/admin_theme_menu.ocmod.xml you need to edit the ocmod and delete the links and then delete Nico – Admin theme integration from admin > extensions >modifications and reinstall the new ocmod.

The CUTSOMIZE THEME window from the bottom right does not dissapear when I log out. In the documentation it says that dissapears and only visible to admins who log in. It appears on the product and category pages.

I think this is caused by caching, the admin session cookie is still kept after logout, try to restart your browser or clear browser cache and see if the problem persists, let me know if the button is still visible.

Can you reset the association for my product import. We’re changing domain names from hn* to another domain name.


I reseted your purchase key, you can now use it on your new domain.


We have bought already Venice theme 1.5.6 but know we need to upgrade the 2.0 and please tell me know how to upgrade the new version


Please ask support questions from the account from which you made the purchase.

Hello I want to make the product quantities like 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 etc. so its increases by 0.5 and starts with 0.5, how can I do that? (as other ocmodc vqmods doesn workon this script)


Opencart has decimals for quantity you need to patch opencart and change db schema for this to work


Whenever I modify the MegaMenu 2, the subitems dissapear and lots of error appears, I have to always rebuild the menu items that has subitems, when I touch the Megamenu 2 modul.

See error below:

Notice: Undefined index: menu_type in /home/sites/ on line 83data-toggle=”dropdown” class=”dropdown-toggle”> Warning: key() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/sites/ on line 85 Notice: Undefined index: menu_type in /home/sites/ on line 91Notice: Undefined index: menu_type in /home/sites/ on line 179 Notice: Undefined index: menu_type in /home/sites/ on line 188 Notice: Undefined index: menu_type in /home/sites/ on line 223 Notice: Undefined index: menu_type in /home/sites/ on line 239

What opencart version are you using? do you have the latest theme update? if not please redownload the theme and update theme files with overwrite option in ftp, you can find update instructions here also clear browser cache after update to load the newly updated js files.

Another PROBLEM -and I think is a big one:

When customer orders a product and gets to the Single Checkout page, fills all the fields in the form, then clicks the CHECKOUT button on the bottom of the page, and this button turns into CONFIRM ORDER so clients has to click the button AGAIN to submit the order. Its very very confusing as normally we would think that when button pressed order is sent, but it actually pesses twice the button and nothing changes justthe text in the button. We first thought the orders are not coming through then figured it you have to press the button again. How can this be corrected? My client asked me to change this otherwise we have to drop the whole theme and worked so lot on it..

wait your response

FTP access does not work

Status:    Resolving address of ftp.h********
Status:    Connecting to
Status:    Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Status:    Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS.
Command:    USER nicole@h*************
Response:    331 Password required for nicole@h*************
Command:    PASS *********
Response:    530 Login failed. Please verify the username and password supplied, and that FTP has been unlocked. Check your control panel or contact support for more information.
Error:    Critical error: Could not connect to server

Hi Nicole – I have unlocked the FTP as it was locked due to inactivity. Please try it now. Thanks

Thanks for access, I fixed it.

Hello, I have problem with mega menu extension, I only need to show menu type – opencart categories, but it is not working properly. It did not recognize my changes with categories. If I remove or rename category , it still show old version of category, could you help me please? Thanks.


What opencart version are you using? can you try clearing speed cache from opencart admin > modules > speed cache?

Hello, thanks, it works :) , I use .