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Hi, I like all your theme. I’m running my opencart in Arabic. So can you make your theme work RTL? even if this well be paid option I’m seriously thinking about buying one of yours.. thanks. you can find the language selector in top header

amazing! its just pop up from the blue. it wasn’t there … any way. are you able to add more information with the: brand: product Code: availability: I’m selling kids books so I need author: artiest: language: .. so on .. and I tried (books mouduls) (authors moduls) and it is not working at all!

You can use brand option for authors and edit opencart language file to change brand text to author, to add other fields to products you can use an extension

Hey! I put last update on, and now checkout is crashed: Notice: Undefined index: customer_group_id in /home/**/public_html/index.php on line 198 and many more…

what to do?


What opencart version are you using? If it’s please use the latest version as it’s more stable.

Also make sure that all the files were overwritten on your server, I recommend using to upload files on ftp.

Another question. Made a layout – all products with nicocustomproducts… nicocustomproduct module allows to edit translations for both languages, settings…. When using different language, those titles still shows up in English.

Any tips?

The most common cause for this is incorrect language code set for the language pack, you can find the correct language code inside the main file from the language pack catalog/language/language/language.php

$_['code']                  = 'code';

And when using nicomegamenu, sometimes script does weird things, can’t change sub-cats, remove, if remove then all get deleted…

-I have multi-language, or more domains, so on one language – all pictures shows up for products, but when i flip in other domain – no pictures. and product missing

update: my bad, didn’t press checkbox

Hi Nicole, how do i remove the percentage on the image when i use special pricing, pls let me know asap


You can use


in the next update you can use the option from customize theme > options > products > sale badge changed file nico_theme_editor/

Hi Nicole, How would you suggest doing the following?

Home Page menu: All links do not collapse into sub-menus. Simply have Home, Shop, Blog, Contact (for example)

Shop Page menu: When on the shop page, the shop page menu item is active and therefore collapsed whereas none of the other menu links are.

Your shopping Nico-cart is perfect with one thing that would help. How difficult is it for the coupon/voucher to be put onto the checkout page and be able to just get rid of the view cart page?

The problem came when a customer goes to the checkout and can not find where to put the coupon/voucher in. I figured out a hack on our current page that solves it, but just was thinking of a true one page checkout…

See for how I hacked it, basically getting rid of the checkout button on the top cart and force the customer into the view cart page.

You are Amazing, Thank you much.

.....also, before this last update I was easily able to make #top fixed position, now it stopped working. Insight?

Thank you, voucher field for one page checkout will be added in a future update, currently I’m working on filter and social authentication modules for the next update.

To make top header is enough to add the following css

#top {
  position: fixed;
  width: 100%;
  z-index: 10;

Hi, i purchased your theme, and i have a problem, i cant change anything in Sequencejs Slider, if i upload image to replace one of slides, nothing changes on actual front page slider, even if i change text on the slides, nothing is happening on the page, i use opencart, i worked dozens times with opencart and different themes but right know im desperate and dont know where is the problem. Can you help me somehow ? thank you

EDIT: it works on home url after clicking logo: “” but not on just basic url “”

Thanks, i cleared cache and it fixed the problem :) But i have one more minor problem if you dont mind, when i upload image to that slider in resolution in which it should be (1024×768) the image is stretched and even bigger than my screen (this way i see like 200% zoomed image and i dont see bottom and left side), i had to make 1920×1080 images with content centered on right side to make it look as it “should” be. Is that bug?

Thanks again

This is a common problem with fullscreen sliders, unlike fixed sliders where the size is fixed the fullscreen slider must match the size of the screen and cover it, for this it enlarges the image and it cuts the corners (crop and resize) given various screen sizes (w/h ratio) is hard to choose an image size that fits all screens, the best way is to have more background and the content centered so that is visibile for all screen types.

Thank you :)

Hello Nicole, I am having an issue and am not very use to php. When I click on the “purchase now” button on my website nothing happens. I do not know how to fix this. You can find and example on this page.

Also I get this message when doing test checkouts

Notice: Undefined index: firstname in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 341Notice: Undefined index: lastname in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 342Notice: Undefined index: email in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 343Notice: Undefined index: telephone in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 344Notice: Undefined index: firstname in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 353Notice: Undefined index: lastname in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 354Notice: Undefined index: company in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 355Notice: Undefined index: address_1 in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 356Notice: Undefined index: firstname in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 409Notice: Undefined index: lastname in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 410Notice: Undefined index: company in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 411Notice: Undefined index: address_1 in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 412Notice: Undefined index: firstname in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2973Notice: Undefined index: lastname in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2974Notice: Undefined index: company in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2975Notice: Undefined index: address_1 in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2978Notice: Undefined index: address_2 in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2979Notice: Undefined index: city in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2980Notice: Undefined index: postcode in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2981Notice: Undefined index: zone in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2982Notice: Undefined index: country in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2984Notice: Undefined index: address_format in /home/thesmzaj/public_html/catalog/controller/checkout/nicocheckout.php on line 2986


These bugs were fixed in previous updates, please redownload the theme and update the files on your server.


iespoto Purchased


1) How to translate ABOUT in footer, next to TWITTER & FACEBOOK tab? In languages it shows up as “ABOUT” without translation. (footer.tpl 43.line – how to make it in both languages?)

2) How to add gallery?

3) On MEGAMENU, how could i add a space?


4) CUSTOM TAB is not being translated.

5) And in Contact form i have [BUTTON_MAP] and [BUTTON_SUBMIT], how could i manually fix this?

6) When getting twitter feed, some links from tweets shows out of div, and goes into facebook div…

Tell me how to manually fix this? Thanks.


About heading text translation will be available in the next update, the filed will be located in control panel module > social band just like about field.

To add an image gallery you can use the new image gallery module that was included in previous update.

To add spaces in megamenu you can add a new item with empty text or you can change menu items padding in css/style.css

I will check custom tab translation and fix it in the next update, map buttons from contact page were removed in previous update, changed file template/information/contact.tpl

Can you provide an url where twitter links goes out of the div?


iespoto Purchased

ooh man! thanks for reply! but i figured all out! that H3 where is about and about text, added few more updates, with BUTTON_MORE (like in there is tab “Translations” but there is no such for Button More) so i added there few translation tabs and outputed them with: $variable = nico_get_config(‘variable’); //gets from And

<?php if (isset($variable) && !empty($variable)) echo($variable); else echo 'Enter text';?>

Adding empty item makes everything go wrong, i used nth-last-child and marged them 220px from top…

And custom tab translation was easy, a lot of language requests, i just flipped the language code, and it suddenly worked in both languages.

And for twitter i just used wordwrap in css…

Btw i made one thing for myself – TEXT UNDER LOGO, and made it into, because i have two languages, and two slogans, so when users flip language, they also see different slogans.

+ added a padding-bottom:10px for sequencejs.css title, seemed odd without…

And made a gallery with your banner module + hacked it with colorbox, so when clicked on image, it opens up in colorbox.

Anyways, thanks a lot! Now everything is fine! :))


iespoto Purchased

btw, help me solve these problems:

When on iPad or mobile, can’t switch pictures, it’s not loading… and on mobile slider is hidden…

And one annoying problem – when browsing with ipad, and looking at product pictures, it goes away – is there any chance to fix picture position?


lewisone Purchased

Huge problem arose. On your one page cart, every time after a paypal pro charge is made it charges the customer twice, with two pp Billing numbers. I tried to do a hide button after click which works, but it still gets submitted twice. It’s for Thanks for your help.

You can use the default opencart checkout, you can switch from opencart admin > extensions > control panel > checkout > checkout


lewisone Purchased

Thanks for your help. You have an amazing theme here. I ended up going to the default tabbed checkout. Maybe with some playing around with it I can get your checkout to work in the future.

Thank you.


iespoto Purchased

Yeah! So i need to fix that iPad cloudzoom problem, like to fix images, and they are not loading after first click :<

And yeah, when i add empty spaces, on hover they are active, so they have background, but without background (removing from css) they looks weird, because on dropdowns they are white, and how to remove that white hover on empty menu items?

And how to make menu items resposible, because when you have a alot of options, social items are floating over menu.

What ipad version are you using? I made some tests and it’s working, make sure you are using the latest theme update.

It’s probably better to add the spaces with css padding by changing it in css/style.css

.navbar .dropdown-menu > li > a, .navbar .dropdown-menu > li > a:focus, .navbar .dropdown-menu > li > a:hover
  padding: 8px 20px;

You can decrease social icons z-index so they stay below menu items in css/theme.css line 107

  z-index: 2;

iespoto Purchased

could it be, that picture weight is too large? like it takes too long to load, because after time script starts to work… Maybe you know method how to turn off CloudZoom for mobile devices? Thanks

If it works after a while probably there is a script on the page that it takes longer to load and delays js execution, you can check this from developer tools > network in chrome or firebug, cloud zoom can’t be disabled for mobile, you can change cloud zoom with magic zoom from opencart admin > extensions > control panel > layout > Product page image gallery = popup

Iam not getting “customize menu” bar in admin panel . opencart Version


Customize theme button is visible on frontend after you login with admin user in opencart admin, make sure that both admin and frontend are on the same subdomain so they can share the same session (session cookie)

Hi. I’m having issues with the nico slider not displaying images properly with the latest version. Please contact me asap at Thanks.


You can send me temporary opencart access using this form and I will check why is not working.

Hi. I’ve sent the requested info to you. The slider itself works but it doesn’t display properly. Background image width and height are 1024×768 and the image width and height are set to 500 like your instructions say. The actual images I uploaded are 1024×768. This image displays the worst: acdc_dress.png and it’s slide #9. I think it’s CSS issues or a mis configuration in the admin area. I appreciate you looking into this to help me get it resolved for my client.


All fullscreen sliders work the same way, they englarge the image so that both width and height are bigger or equal with screen size then what is left is cut, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to cover the screen.

I recommend using images that have more background with the content centered so that even if the image is cut it will still make sense.

The only way to make the slider image fit perfectly on your screen is to set the image size to have the same aspect ratio or identical size to your screen resolution but there are many display resolutions with different aspect ratio and it will not work for all screens, you can check google analytics to see what display resolutions are more common between your visitors and set a slide image size that will make it look good on those resolutions.

Hi Nicole! Have a problem with a store location. When I’m trying to add more store location, it displays all added stores with an address, wich set in parental store (settings/store/general), and i can’t change it. Thank’s for the request.


What opencart version are you using, from where do you add more store locations and where do they display, contact page?


basyakoff Purchased

My opencart version is I have specified the address of main store in (admin/settings/store/general). Than I added more store locations with different addresses in (admin/Localisation/Store Location). Than I included added stores in (admin/settings/store/general). And when I’m going to the page “Contact Us”, all store addresses have the same address like in the main store. Please take a look “Our Stores”.

Hi Nicole

I’ve installed the theme and imported the data and all seems fine… except, any changes I make to the Mega Menu module doesn’t apply on the site (rename, remove, add etc.,). I’m saving after making the changes, but no joy.

I’m using the latest version of your theme under OC



A possible cause can be the page cache, please try to clear speed cache from opencart admin > extensions > modules > control panel > speed cache > clear speed cache.

Thanks for the fast reply. Clearing the speed cache has sorted it thank you.