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bronvdb Purchased

A big thank you to Templatesquare for all the support provided on the Venturex Wordpress theme!


thanks for the feedback :)

is it possible to have the header run on all pages


Yes, please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including this questions/problems, your site url and theme name.


Just purchased the Venturex Theme, is it ready to localize the theme?


how can i set the homepage as a page?

how can i add the blog as a page?

is there any documentation online for this theme??


naltrup Purchased

I see that WordPress 3.1.2 is available. I customized the theme using 3.1. Will I have any issues when/if I upgrade? Thanks.


I think there is no problem to update to latest version of wordpress 3.1.2 thanks

jaw23 Purchased

Great theme.

One question. It is possible to NOT have the name of the image pop up when you put your cursor over a home page image?

Where can I change that setting?

Many thanks.

I just re-downloaded a clean version of the theme and uploaded via the Dashboard as a zip. I got this error message:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description venturex-minimalist-business-wordpress-theme Stylesheet is missing. I then deleted the theme, unzipped it locally and manually FTP ’d it (Filezilla). Same error message. Any ideas? Running WP 3 .1.2. Thanks.

Never mind. I figured it out: Had uploaded several directories above the actual theme folder. Doh!


I’m glad you have found the solution :)

TinyLuce Purchased

Hi there,

I’m trying to use your documentation & tutorial pages, but not 1 link to your site or examples works!! :- (

“Firefox can’t find the file at /C:/DOCUME1/HP_ADM1/LOCALS1/Temp/Temporary Directory 4 for venturex-minimalist-business-wordpress-theme.zip/DOCUMENTATION/tutorials.html.”

Also this link results in “Firefox can’t find the file at /C:/DOCUME1/HP_ADM1/LOCALS1/Temp/Temporary Directory 7 for venturex-minimalist-business-wordpress-theme.zip/DOCUMENTATION/documentation.html#6.”

I tried to follow: Venturex WordPress Theme Theme Tutorials

Venturex WordPress Theme Theme Documentation

I tried to import the XML file, but using the WP import tool – it says it can only import WXR files.

Is the layout you advertise in your screenshots & demo custom?

Why wouldn’t I be able to easily duplicate this layout – I don’t understand?

This looks like such a straight forward theme – why much we jump through hoops like this?

I have added Portfolio pages, sliders, categories, pages posts.

I do not see anywhere how to make the slider work. I uploaded two images to the Slider – tab.

The slider is only showing 1 image.

Where’s the “Welcome” area as seen on the front page of your demo?

Why wouldn’t you make it simple with widgets or something so that I can easily duplicate your demo as other Authors do?

You state in your Documents to get info:

“If you want quick setup for your website, you can import our xml data sample that included in this ‘DOCUMENTATION/’ folder, here the step how to import sample data”

” Click ‘Tools >> Import’ then choose ‘Wordpress’. Then browse the xml sample data file. Click ‘Upload file and import’ Now you need to configure the theme menus and widgets.”

WordPress only imports WXR files.

Why would you only give me a “Sample” of what the theme could look like?

Why can’t you just make the theme have these widgets for the Home Page so I can quickly implement this theme?

That’s why we buy themes – so that it’s easy to get up and running.\

I’ve never seen a slider not work, as soon as images were uploaded.

What other hoops do I have to jump through?

I need my site to work like this one you mentioned before:


I want the Latest News & the area above that to be text widgets so I can pick what goes there – or something.

Please help me.

It looks like a great theme if I can get the darn thing to work.

TinyLuce Purchased

hello – when I upgraded to the latest WordPress – the header menu dropped down into my slider – hmmmmmmm

What is that?

TinyLuce Purchased


when I uploaded the latest WordPress – the slider started working – either that – or when I deactivated the Fancy Box.

I must have a plug-in called Form Manager http://www.campbellhoffman.com/form-manager/

I have to have it work with this theme.

When I try to activate it I get this:

Table ‘myhostloginname_wrdpdatabase.wp_fm_forms’ doesn’t exist

Have any ideas if that’s this theme causing that?



I see your email still in queue, we will reply tomorrow.


TinyLuce Purchased

I planned on buying 3 more of your themes – I hope to get this working quickly, so I can get the others.

If I can’t work your themes – is best to find out now rather than after I spent the $$.




We have reply your email 5 hours ago… please check your inbox…


TinyLuce Purchased


Wow, that opens a new can of worms.

Thanks a million.

Please check your e-mail as you forgot to include those links I needed.



Your welcome :)

We have reply again your email…


TinyLuce Purchased

How do you speed up the front page slider? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of & can’t find it.

Also, on the home page – where in the heck do you get to that content in the what would usually be the side bar area?

I love the theme – but I find it to be a bit quirky to work with.


TinyLuce Purchased

Never mind – I finally saw it. Sorry.

TinyLuce Purchased

But I still need to know: How do you speed up the front page slider? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of & can’t find it.


Hi all,

If you have purchased this theme and need support, please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

We will answer support request via email.


dawgster Purchased


I’m having trouble with the news pages The custom field are missing, so i can not add ‘category-include’ and the value ‘news’



check the Screen Options (upper right) to insure those modules are set to display.


dawgster Purchased

Thank you,

It’s so simple if you know it !!


How do I disable comments at the bottom of each page? Other than that everything is great, easy, and simple. I am sure the solutions is simple too… Thanks for you time.

notime00 Purchased

If you want to remove the HTML information at the bottom of the comments section only, go to the comments.php file in the theme and replace

<?php comment_form(); ?>

with this: <?php comment_form(array(‘comment_notes_after’ ?> ’’)); ?>

I am not the developer of this template, I am only offering a fix for the HTML , as I am still waiting for templatesquare to answer one of my questions!



Thanks for your help :)

We have process your email…