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Hey ImanGM,

a small “request”, not a bug ;) I was wondering. I have to assign the Full width Slider template to get an image or slider working as a responsive header image. However, in the BLOG and in the CONTACT page I have to assign the blog and contact template. But this way I am not able to adjust the header or add a slider to the blog posts page or contact page. Is it possible to add some kind of option so I can “mix” full width sliders with these templates? Maybe I am just missing some setting ^^ In the contacts page I’d like to completely disable the header image/background for example… Just a thought ;) Thanks + keep up the great work!


Hello there,

Thank you for your suggestion. This is something that I’ve added to Ventus v2 :)

I’m not sure if I could release it in next few days but I’ll try my best to finish it as soon as possible…


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Important Note About WordPress 3.9

Dear clients, current version of Ventus and some other plugins (such as WPML and Visual Composer) are not compatible with WordPress 3.9.

I’m gonna release a quick update for it in this week but before the new update, please do not upgrade your websites to WordPress 3.9.

Thank you very much.